Floranext Feature Request Guide

Feature Request Guide

This guide is here to help you understand how we keep track of feature requests as well as how to submit new ones.


Submit A Request

Click on the “New Topic” Tab and submit your request!

Please provide as much detail as you can on how this feature should work and how it would improve your daily process of working with the Floranext Software. Please feel free to also provide images.

Once a request is submitted, any status made on this request will send an email to you in regards to the status. 

Search A Request

Looking for a specific request? Search in the “Share Your Feedback” with the request you are looking for.

Vote on Feature Requests

Like a feature request already listed? Simply click on the vote button to cast your vote for the feature request you support.

How We Decide On New Features

We want Floranext to be your florist business solution. Sometimes this means not working on one thing so we can work on something else that is beneficial to Floranext. Deciding what’s important isn’t easy. Here’s how we do it:

    • Review the ideas submitted as a feature request (see below) This allows us to identify common themes and areas that need improvement
    • Review customer communication that raises common themes and excellent ideas to the team. 
    • We have an internal Floranext Development board that we use to discuss features among the team.
    • Floranext meet regularly to discuss the overall direction of Floranext and what features will help move us in the right direction. 

We want to be careful to add the right features to Floranext that are beneficial to all shops so that it remains a product that you love. 


Reviewing Of Submitted Requests

Floranext will review all submitted feature requests and merge any duplicates and place them in the correct category.

Once a request has reached 50 votes, the request will be then forward over to the Floranext product team for discussion.

Please note: If a request reaches 50 votes does not 100% Guarantee the feature will be created.

The status of the request will be marked as ” In Discussion” once it reaches 50 votes. 

If Product team approves the request the status will be marked as “In Progress” and a rough ETA will be listed.

If the request is not approved, the status will be marked as “Declined” and the reason for its decline.

Once the feature has been created, a status on the request will be marked as “Completed.”

Floranext will announce this feature’s available in our Floranext customer emails. 


The idea you have may not exist in Floranext, but there might be a workaround out there already. Floranext Product Team will notify you if work around is available.