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  1. Some may say “Well that’s business.” However, FTD, Teleflora & 1800flowers have been operating lately with unconscionable, unfair business practices. They are using their members money (thru their ridiculous fees) to buy weapons (Media, web, drop-shipping & now funeral business) to destroy them (the retail florists). It is unbelievable!! Shame on them… Who do these wire services think they are the Government?!?!!

  2. Wayne A says:

    Has anyone checked out the web site called FUNERALHOMES.COM? THey post a special “buy flowers now” button next to the funeral home information for all funeral homes across the country. It seems that most of the links on the buttons for any number of cities across the country link to a “company” called Town and Country Florist based in Millford Connecticut. Check out your city’s link and see how far your local orders are traveling before they come right back to you after running through that company and then the wire service… it seems to be a Teleflora hosted site. I contacted and spoke with the COO at and he gave me a lame excuse that anyone can pay for the advertising on his site and he stated that he is not affiliated with Town and Country. I told him that Town and Country was pulling local orders from around the country… taking their cut and sending the order to the wire service… taking their cut and then sending the order back to a local florist who then fills the order. His response was that he does not do unethical things in business and could unwind the relationship with Town and Country at any time if other florists would like to participate by paying for the ad on his site.
    I will be interested to see how many florists check out their local market on this site and find that their local orders are going out of state before coming back to them through wire services.

  3. Wow…it’s way past time for us florists to tell the likes of ftd to stop taking local business away from local florists. It is hard enough to make ends meet in this industry as it is.

  4. I would almost say it is because now we get even more squeezed by the Wire Service. I was very uphappy when I read this article.

  5. cliff says:

    Sounds like it’s time for a “TEA PARTY ” for Florists…

  6. john says:

    How is this good for the customer? Adding additional layers of TOTALLY unnecessary expense and for what?
    To pad the pockets of a basic hijack of legitimate business? PLEASE! I will NEVER use an FTD florist again!

  7. Hillsvale Flowers says:

    This looks great – has anyone out there tried this?

  8. Michelle's Florist says:

    I’m not personally using Teleflora — I’m an FTD affiliate — but I could just as easily see them doing this. I agree this is more monopoly behavior from the wire services.

  9. Good article.. No surprise.. They’re crooks!!!

  10. Sandy says:

    This is why it is best to just go through local florists! When we opened we were going to go with teleflora but changed our minds before anything got rolling and haven’t regretted it one day!

  11. ray says:

    it’s the big guy bully syndrome… why do they do it….? because we let them!!!

  12. Jack Johnson says:

    I disagree with the article. I am a teleflora florist and have been for many years. They offer terrific products and services and my business has been build, in substantial part, b/c of Teleflora. Sure they make money, and they should. That’s why we are all in business. The new guide has allowed me to sell bigger and nicer arrangements, too, so I have already made up for the cost. I hope you publish this so readers can see the other side to the story.

    1. NOOT ALFORD says:


  13. Thanks for the great info Bill! Keep it comming!

  14. Shelley says:

    Great info. Free is always a bonus for sure. Just surfing the net and looking for sites to add your store info onto (make sure they are repuable) is also a good way to get exposure.
    thanks for the infor.

  15. Mark G says:

    I think some of the secret of promoting your florist website is just to be out there on Facebook every day posting and engaging with customers.

  16. Buds Flowers says:

    Thanks for publishing this – good article!

  17. Molly Taylor says:

    The public has to be more educated as to online flower providers,and order gathers. I think whenever the opportunity arises that we can give a program to organizations describing what is going on, and how little of the money they have spent actually goes towards the flowers I think they would be shocked. Thank you for sharing this story, we can’t sit back idly and be quiet.

  18. Brenda says:

    I think FTD charges a monthly fee for their directory. I wouldn’t be surprised if they charge for their next guide. We just dropped FTD, will be dropping Teleflora soon. No brainer, after deducting the wire service charges and the costs of the arrangement and delivery, the few dollars left over just isn’t worth it, I’m working to keep them in business while we bearly make it. Think I will stick with direct orders, at least I know I get to keep about 35% more than a wire in.

    1. Portia B. says:

      Did you follow through with dropping TF? We are currently looking into doing so but the task seems daunting. If you wouldn’t mind, would you let me know how it all worked out? We as well are tired of them making more money off of our work and product that we are!

  19. Chicago's Best Florist says:

    This is a great idea — I’m going to re-send this to my florist friends in my area!

  20. Someone has suggested that I insert into every boquet that leaves the shop this Valentine’s a coupon voucher of some sort expiring within a 2 week period to get new customers. I’m going to give it a try.

  21. Melissa says:

    Ohhh she has great taste! LOL

  22. Wendy says:

    Good thinking. Definitely outside the florist “box”!

  23. Evan Owens, Springfield Floral says:

    Agree with Wendy, it is a gutsy idea, but you cannot deny it is cool – I would go see it if a shop had one in town, so it stands to reason, that shop might as well be my own. We usually just advertise 10% discount coupons in the local paper for Easter.

  24. Hallo – The bigest mistake is by the florist( in this case Town B florist )-I live in town A order by florist in town A a BQ for € 100 to send to receiver in town B.Florist in town B deliver the the BQ – Feetback to payer in town A is nul, florist B not even a pictutere of the given BQ )start value of € 100
    An email with attachment of the picture Bq value approx € 100 is a small service and can promote the name of florist B

    best regards
    Hanns Versteeven

  25. I have just written my letter to cancel Teleflora membership. I am a new shop that opened 3 years ago-at the start of the economy declining. I have worked extremely hard and can no longer afford to put money in Teleflora’s pocket and not my own! The new quide was the icing on the cake. We offer gorgeous , reasonably priced designs and pride ourselves on personal relationships with customers-Teleflora negates all of those core values. It’s time to give customers the value and personal service they deserve and to reward the florists , not Teleflora.

  26. Jackie says:

    Wow – amazing! Thanks for this!!

  27. LouAnn says:

    Thank you for posting these facebook pages of the wire services. As a florist for the past 39 years, I am embarrassed to be a member of Teleflora and will be canceling my membership. I have felt for the past few years that the wire services are a detriment to the integrity of the flower business by their promises to deliver the world ….same day delivery… no second choices and all for 29.99.Their frenzy to capture as many orders as possible without letting the customers know the limitations of the florists is the epitomy of greed. They undersell the product, over promise the expectations of the customer, and set the florist up for failure. It is time for florists to develop their own websites and educate the public to use a search engine to find “flowers delivered in ……” and urge them to talk directly to the local florist in the town where they want the flowers delivered. Wire services are no longer needed in the age of free long distance and the internet.

  28. Buds Flowers says:

    Wow – this was hugely helpful. Thank you very much for posting!

  29. Muli says:

    Thank you so much Bill !!! Very useful !!!

  30. Narendra Khanna says:

    Really helpful. Thanks a lot.

  31. melanie says:

    Hi Bill always looking to improve my business, thanks for the imput.

    Mel Petite fleur

  32. Doug Munro says:

    Great video, really helps put the whole social media question in perspective. Has given me much food for thought

    Thank You

  33. David Ghent says:

    Thanks,I am successfully I think paying for a service,but this helps too !

  34. Tina says:

    Thanks, I am currently on a learning curve and this is very helpful.

  35. Cyndi says:

    Thanks Bill! One of the items to look out for in submitting site to engines you have provided is they do have some heavy sales tactics! After you submit a month later Yelp! will call wanting you to pay for being on their site, ignore this!!! Tell them you don’t have the advertising funds, etc. They will not take your site off, it’s how they make money! Another site that will call is CitySearch and Sprint.
    Hope this helps,

  36. Jennifer William says:

    I just tried Yext – it’s a great free tool. I was able to scan my site and found I was only listed on less than half of the sites.

    There are a lot of options to pay them for marketing services. Do you think this is a good idea?

  37. BOSS says:

    The technological solution is already available. The key is to get the independent technology companies to work together for their florist customers benefit rather than fight amongst themselves.

    I have spoken with 4 different ones, all willing to “talk”… time will tell…

    Thanks for blogging with Ryan…

  38. Educate… Most customer think they are ordering off a florist. I had a few that I called by mistake, when they gave their phone number for the customers phone number. When I called to make a delivery and say I am chesterland floral. They say that is not the florists I called. OK!!!! ANother thing to look into is PFS, which is up and running and looking real good for us florists. It is only for us the florist. Thanks Kathy

  39. Evan Owens, Springfield Floral says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mike Finnaca’s quote. Keep the updates coming – we couldn’t make it out there, but we’re all behind you guys!

  40. Rick says:

    I have a huge problem with wire services pitting shops against shops for “advertising” deals. Find-a-florist is a great example of how Teleflora had a great product that worked well for both the consumer and the florist. Now it is just a revenue generating machine for TF and the florist and the consumer get screwed.

  41. City Florist says:

    Florists need to recognize that wire services are not their partner but a competitor. Every order should be scrutinized as a single business unit ie does it make sense to do it or are we willing to do it just because a wire service is giving us over a certain qty of orders? Fiscal responsibility and feasibility of an order must be taken into account to survive and prosper.

  42. City Florist says:

    if Wire service does not ful fill their prime goal of providing us with quality orders, then why we have them. Dump them and focus on our own online order collection systems.

  43. woshea says:

    Of the 140+ florists in attendance, 90+ have volunteered to be on action committees!

  44. Hello found this info on the florists of facebook page & wondered if the point of sale system was available seperately & if it was available in Australia?

    Kind Regards

  45. Very interesting.



  46. Energy says:

    Grear info – Many thanks. Working on my website now and can;t wait to add this.

  47. Jodi says:

    Hi, i run new port richey florist and wanted to thankyou for the free backgrounds. do you have any tulip backgrounds?

  48. Larissa Sivy says:

    Thank you a lot for showing the beautiful designs,/flower’s art work/.I can feel emotions .

    Best wishes.

  49. mandare fiori says:

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Florist Shop says:

    Thank you! amazing insight!

  51. Great info, Thanks
    I could use more information on a Receipt machine compatible with your POS

  52. Thank you for all the great advise. As usual it is always a big help and a great reminder of the things that can make our life easier as a florist.

  53. Great tips, I’ll use them for my company WeBloom Flowers in Amsterdam.
    Thank you for the post.
    Does anybody send YOU roses?
    I hope so,

  54. Diane O'Rourke says:

    If you need to hire some extra holiday delivery drivers, consider your local fire dept., police, mailman, taxi drivers — people who know the local streets well, and often know short-cuts and easier ways to map out routes. Also, college students and retirees are often looking for ways to make extra money, part time. — put postings up in senior centers and colleges.

  55. That was a very big help, thanks!

  56. Great tips, thanks. If it can be done in advance, it must be done in advance.

    We are looking forward to a good one this year – 1 more designer and 1 more delivery driver than last year which was our biggest ever Valentine’s Day. Two weeks to go and we are ready – bring it on!

  57. Thanks for the reminders, you cannot prepare enough. Keep breathing, manage by walking around, and stay happy, its not about us, its about each and every wonderful customer…

  58. Chase says:

    This is all great info! I’ve been in biz for 7 years now and the main thing I would have liked to know is to NEVER be a member of any wire service ever. I was only a member of Teleflora for 6 months but it was 6 months of loss. Thanks for all the other great advice though!!

    1. James Lang says:

      hi chase i was wondering if you could answer me a few questions i live in a small town 3,200 people we once had a flower shop 3 dif times as of right now we dont have one so im askin if you started from the bottom meaning did you have your own building did you buy one and start from there as its like ok i got 35,000 i want to open and start a flower shop any suggestions for me id greatfully appreciate them i know how to fix arrangements im a wiz at glowing plants from cuttins and seeds as well in my home ive got like 200 plants vary in sizes ive gwon from cuttings from friends etc

  59. Silvia Maino says:

    I agree with the last comment, Teleflora is an expensive wire service and I feel like I’m working for them and not myself! I also bought their POS system and I feel like I’m now stuck with them since they own the software and they would be the only ones to service my system. What did I get myself into ?

    1. Max Gruber says:

      Hi Silvia,
      Unfortunately we realized what you have gotten yourself into. It happens to a lot of florists. We found that we were paying about $8000/yr fees just to keep DOVE because we could not cut the wire service and only keep DOVE. After some serious consideration we decided to cut from Teleflora and use a popular web based POS and cant be happier. It is up to you to decide when to cut your losses.

      Your cant make money with TF or 1800F so dump TF. At lease with 1800F you can work the system. Only take orders that are greater than $60 and if less ask for a price increase. $60 is the typical make money point. Since 1800F punishes you for handling more orders/month figure out what your sales to cost ratio is and track the number of orders. If you get close to that point stop taking orders. Remember you make money handling a few higher priced orders rather than a bunch of low value orders.

      Good luck

      1. Andrea M Dalessio says:

        Can I ask what POS system you do use?
        Thank you

      2. Phoebe says:

        Hi Max

        what is the ” popular web based POS” that you are using??? I would love to know!

  60. Bernice Klassen says:

    One of the biggest things I learnt while buying for 230 stores was the art of the”tipping point” that fine line where the vendor will reduce costs of product and you can make money. As an example…one question I learnt to ask was” what quantity do I need to purchase to bring down the cost?” or if I purchase 150 instead of 100, what is the difference in my cost? learning to work on a projected profit. Example: I want to make a profit of “X $s” If my cost is “Y” how much do I have to charge to make that profit?( Keeping in mind a % for shrink /dumpage… hope that makes sense!

    1. chris says:


  61. I was a member of Teleflora for a very short time….very bad experience, although I did not get talked into their POS. system. I am a member of Flowershopnetwork and have been extremely happy.

    1. Julie says:

      Hi, I have been Wondering about flowershopnetwork.
      How many orders you get a month?I don’t know anyone who has this, any info would be great …thanks so much, julie

  62. Raquel says:

    We have been with teleflora for 6 months. The only reason we signed up is because we got a free 3 moth trial. At first we dealt with the fact we kept only 73% of our order value because of their “commission”. Then the membership fee started 150 a month and well we said okay still they keep a lot of money but we still have some for us. Now they are at their full fee potential
    Orders Received………………………………………………………..1,408.55CR
    Membership Services………………………………………………………149.95
    Stems and Bunches…………………………………………………………21.29
    Teleflora Products……………………………………………………….170.24
    Teleflora Technologies®…………………………………………………..140.82
    Dove and Member Directory Advertising………………………………………102.50
    Other Member Services…………………………………………………….121.32
    Amount Due You………………………………………………………….$649.86CR

    As you can see from our 1409 after they took their commission they filled us with fees and from our orders that valued almost 2000 we only get 650 this month…wow they just stole that much under our noses. If you are thinking of a wire service be ready to pay a hefty fine. Lets just say we are done after this statement

    1. Kenny says:

      You forgot the extra payroll/taxes needed to fill the orders. Add that into the equation and you get even less. Those baster got in touch with my wife and scared her into paying for the stupid book. I told them to go to …..
      By the way Jack Johnson he probably works for TF, it’s called the internet, how many customers come in and look at your books. Most are older who have a hearth attack when they see the prices of their cut and pasted pictures. Do you think they are pictures of actual arrangements, yea right get glasses. I would like to know where they pay their spray roses.

  63. Morris Price says:

    We have recently put a slideshow on our Florist site and we love it! They really catch your eye!

  64. The Zip Code lookup is AWESOME!!! Very Easy, Very Fast, Great Enhancement

  65. We are searching for a web designer that can create a unique look and still understands what is needed for a working floral website. We want to be able to show case our wedding work as well as other areas such as unique sympathy offerings we can provide. Assistance with quality design and display are crucial to the website.

  66. I am a florist for change!

  67. Paula Davis says:

    I am trying to be an independent florist free of dependence on wire services

  68. Christi says:

    Great post! Very informative…

  69. Lili says:

    It’s funny, I realized it after being in business for only 3 months and using the wire services them for only 3 months. I contacted the president of the company and demanded to be released from obligation of continuing.

    The retail florists need to form a consumer advocacy group alerting the public to steer clear of these order gatherers (and how to recognize them) and we should try to get federal or state legislation passed against the wire companies and order gatherers to remain in business.

    1. Max Gruber says:

      Absolutely! Do everything you can to tell our friends family and strangers to stay away from TF / FTD and 1800F. These vampires don’t care about the consumer like you do. Work on your customer base and put the wire services last. If an order is delivered late put a note in the order explaining the problem and to use their local florist.


      1. Myriam says:

        I was considering connecting with a wire service like FTD/ 1800F, so I am grateful to have read all of your advice. I will steer clear of such services. Thank you for sharing this information.

      2. GJW says:

        I Couldn’t agree with these posts more! If all of the flower shops would just drop Ftd, Teleflora and 1800 flowers, all of the order gathering sites would go under and flower shops would take their business back and find much success! I’ve had nothing but problems with these services. Back in June of last year I processed over $2000 worth of orders for FTD and my check was $506. That finally did it for me even though I wasn’t real happy with them to begin with. If shop owners/ managers would carefully look over their statements, they would be blown away at all the fees. Unfortunately, I’ve spoken with several shops that don’t check their statements. Since I dropped Ftd, my online orders have quadrupled.

    2. Jodie says:

      That is my thought also….. years ago our AFS REP explained sending out orders made $$$$$ 20% of sale, wire out fee and a$3.00 rebate. So on $100.00 order you make $20. + wire out fee$10. + 3.00 = $33.00 for not much effort. So order gathers jumped on this great deal. So win win for gathers and Teleflora ( AFS ) plus the receiving florist is charged a dove fee. As the filling florist you start with a negative $23.00. Which in some cases, already starts for a complaint from consumer, because the filling florist is already working on a smaller budget and Teleflora is promoting the product about $15 to $20 less so my point being……it’s backward. The receiving florist should get a bonus for filling the order. NOW AS FAR AS GETTING TOGETHER AS A GROUP WOULD BE AWESOME! ON STATE OR NATIONAL LEVEL. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR INDUSTRY BACK! Have y’all checked out the reviews for Teleflora.! The orde gathers are killing us. Some customers are deciding not to send flowers because of the bad customer se vice. Of Teleflora and the order gathers.

  70. jb says:

    How much is the website?

  71. Thank you for the Pinterest info.

    I would love to see or try your software for wedding/event proposals.

    Thank you.

  72. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this
    article! It’s the little changes that make the most important changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  73. It’s really helpful to have a website no matter what type of business you are in. The internet has been a very useful tool for information and resources. It has been a very competetive world as well so if you want to attract people to check out your website, you should find ways that can attract people like the ones featured here.

  74. jeong says:

    good for us!!

  75. glen says:

    we would like to add google analytics to our website.

  76. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful article!

  77. Cameron Brown says:

    Thanks for the great article, it really helped me set up Google Analytics for my sales.

  78. Toni Davey says:

    Great article. Lets hope though that the weather improves I know this awful rain is slowing trade at the moment people buy flowers more when the sun shines……

  79. Very helpful information, thanks for posting!

  80. In the blogging history, i never seen this kind of help to customer. most of them will give them as an additional charge/ they will think its an unncesary to share with customer about google analytics. Floranext you are awesome. you gave a useful tutorial about google analytics to user(not only for your user) 🙂 keep going

  81. David says:

    Of course, prevention is better than cure, so it is best to give your customers at least what they paid for and more if you can in the first place. Then you will not need to deal with problems like this. But, when they do happen the best thing is to do everything in your power to make it right. That way you may be able to turn it around and make your complainer a loyal shopper.

  82. Sabrina says:

    I want my site Mobil friendly

  83. Flori says:

    Excelent ideea and usefull, thanx!

  84. Please forward me a free trial of your software program as well as your pricing structure. I just deciding if I am going to sign back up with Teleflora but would like to see what else is available.

    Thank you!!


  85. ALDORA Coe says:

    THANKS I am looking forward to adding this to my website

  86. Bob Hatcher says:

    Having a dedicated spot to shoot your flowers in is a must. To have the area ready for a great design, is so important, because you probably have to send the flowers out the door in the next 30 seconds. Great advice.

  87. olivia says:

    I love love love Floranext! But, yes isn’t there always a but??? I would really like to see a product search on the website. Or is there and I missed it? Some customers have mentioned it as well. So, any possibility of that happening any time soon?
    Thank you!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Olivia – All Floranext websites will have the ‘Advanced Search’ on the bottom navigation. Some themes will also have a Search box in the top right (try the Floranext or Orchid theme to see).

  88. Angela says:

    Thank you! I’m just starting out so help like this is marvellous. 🙂 xx

  89. Toko Bunga says:

    im flower arrangger, thanks for this briliant tips how to take flowers picture..

  90. We plan on doing all the above suggestions plus we are hitting the local garage sales for christmas trees and wreaths to redo and use the christmas trees for wreaths and garland at chirstmnas time.

  91. amber says:

    Great post! I love using my iphone for floral photos because it compensates for when my hands are shaky, and I can use a variety of subtle filters on apps that can help show off particular colors and shapes of each arrangement. I second Bob’s comment above! Because of my dedicated photo space (an aged, natural gray wood wall) I’ve made many a last minute arrangement, and been able to capture their beauty in seconds before they fly out the door!

  92. Good Advice. Shared it on F&C Thanks.


  93. Maya says:

    Seems to be interested, i also have .florist. Hope it works as well.

  94. Was using Teleflora Dove pos and am no longer a member of TF – dropped couple years ago but still using the Dove order/entry and it crashed so cannot get any records etc. off. I have it backed up but because the computer will not run Dove now cannot get the backup files. Any suggestions.

  95. Rick Canale says:

    spot on the importance of outdoor and digital display. We sell pumpkins here just for the show outside. We bring in a few hundred pumpkins and sell them close to cost. A few hundred dollars for 6 weeks of outdoor display where we get most of our $ back.

  96. Wm says:

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every day.

    It’s always interesting to read articles from other
    writers and practice something from other websites.

  97. Something else important is to show ” seasonal” rather than Thanksgiving or Christmas items.. ex..give people wreaths that can start as a fall wreath and be changed or added to to become specific for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They will love the fact that you are being considerate of their spending and tell others. Also tell about related pieces that would “go” with their purchase to be used elsewhere in the house or together for greater impact. Always inquire as to if there is someone who they would like something delivered to so as to make things easier for them. It is also a good idea to let them know of special flowers or items you will be getting in in the future…and get a phone number or e-mail to contact them when whatever they are interested in arrives…but you must be sure to follow up! Quality and service is what it is all about!!! That is what will keep customers coming back to you even though the box stores may be more convenient. Good luck…and let the customer know why a local florist is better than most other options. Betsy Grafe Grafe Studio Floral Artists…Chattanooga, Tn

  98. patty sosa says:

    great information, articles and ideas. thanks, patty

  99. Hi there, to raise the profile of my “by appointment floral studio” I donate gift certificates to non-profit organizations such as the local cat rescues. I have donated a floral design workshop for 5 people to help out with a fundraiser for a young man who had a short time to live and I have also worked with the graduating students of the Event program at the local College by donating all the floral decor for their final event (I supplied the decor for an entire Masquerade Ball with the proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation)! If I have to return to a wedding venue to pick up the rented vases incl. the floral decor, I usually donate the floral decor to a local retirement home. Love seeing the happy faces when I walk in the door with all the flowers! There are many ways to do good and still promote your store. Being part of the community is very important to me as a local business owner!

  100. Patricia says:

    We donate 10% of all funeral flowers to local charity. To date we have donated €10.000 to Milford Hospice. Now we are on a mission to support Milford Hospice as its so important in peoples lives. Pieta house a marvellous organisation working in the dreadfully sad area of suicide and also with Bumbleance . the national children’s ambulance service, bringing our little darlings who are terminally ill to hospital. These ambulance are decked out with children’s toys, DVDs and games. To bring joy on these sad trips.
    Ring O Roses is Limericks premier florist living and appreciating the local community.

  101. Alphonse says:

    Awesome post.

  102. Ha says:

    Hi I would like to know how much does it cost to open a flower shop in Canberra ? I do not know you are in Australia or another country



  103. Shaylynn says:

    Great ideas here guys! Any ideas on how to alert the general public about the wire services? I try to educate everyone I come in contact with, especially my customers. I want to put something on youtube but not sure if that is effective or not… any ideas???

  104. Georgia says:

    thank you for your advice

  105. Rick Canale says:

    these tips are great. celebrating poinsettia day should be embraced by our industry.

  106. jason york says:

    I am a florist and was a member with Teleflora. This company charged me for an “ad” that I didnt authorize..charged me for zip codes I dont deliver to and tacked on additional fee’s that NOBODY could expain to me what they were for. In the end they demanded more than $3000 dollars or would ruin my credit. They are liars, theives and whores and I caution anyone reading this to run from this company or get SCREWED like I did. I have since heard many similar stories like mine. I have learned to research a company before doing business when them. Btw FTD is honorable and professional but I didnt get enough orders to justify membership but at least they didn’t STEAL from me.

    1. Tom says:

      Very interesting. I am dealing with the same “ad(s)” that were never authorized. They will not provide any documentation what so ever. No one will do anything except defend the 110.00 per city ads for 4 cities! I finally stated emailing to her what I could In writing. Even with them contradicting themselves they will not budge.
      I am in the process of a final demand before I have to seek action for the money they have indeed stolen from me. They deducted from my clearinghouse credits. So it’s bit something I can dispute with a credit source, but simply stole money that belongs to me.
      I am curious any information you might still provide. Thanks in advance.

  107. Cynthia says:

    After working at many flower shops nationwide and as a sales rep for a floral wholesaler I have found many great PLUS’ for florists to make it in this industry. Be modern, clean, unique. Offer excellent customer service. Even if you have to hire staff that is just for customer service/sales. Organization is key. The best shops I’ve worked in or sold to were not with any wire service and they specialized in something… weddings, events, funeral work…etc.

  108. All the points listed above are rather very important for business and customers point of view. however I would like to highlight a point of having a variety. there should be customized orders as per customer’s taste.
    thanks for sharing.

  109. Deeann says:

    Tele hosts our site in dropping them March 1 looking for a new site manager

  110. Deeann says:

    Need a change asap

  111. I have a flower shop and some of this tips helped me to increase my profit ! Thank you !

  112. Niki Vaught says:

    Great tips, another bit of good advice don’t OVER staff, having too many inexperienced people can be harder than not having enough…having to stop what you are doing to help them defeats the purpose, and adds to your stress. all while taking away from the much needed profit and productivity 🙂 Sharing from experience

  113. I have a small flower shop and I am slightly computer illiterate. I need help as inexpensively as possible.

  114. Lorena says:

    double check your orders so your vendor/grower/wholesaler will have all the flowers you need and the correct shipping date.

  115. Trying to use this google web master tool but it is telling me that it can not verify my site. Would you please look into this so that I may be able to use this tool. I am not able to have access to where the html tag is suppose to go. Thank you for taking care of this for me.
    Cindy Scroggins

  116. Pandharinath says:

    Very informative ideas to plan coming V day Business.

  117. Cindy says:

    I just signed up for Teleflora, but only through email & sending in an application for them. They are suppose to come here and put Dove on my computer in two days. They sent me all the books , the guide, etc, and a few cases of product (for signing up) I’m probably in too far now to pull out arent I?

    1. Julie Ann says:

      There’s always a grace period for cancellation. The grace period usually starts when you received the products which in Teleflora case, its their book. I have been a member of Teleflora for 6weeks now and received my first cheque with them. I only received $117 out of the $500worth orders I did for the billing period. That’s without the monthly payment yet because we asked for 6months free membership with them. Imagine how much money I will be receiving if I still have to pay monthly membership? Out of that $117 I received from Teleflora, I paid courier charges plus the materials. Lost of money. With FTD, I have been a member for 7months now. Unfortunately, I locked myself in with them for one year. I received a cheque with them worth $800 after doing orders worth $3000+. FTD charges $1.75 upon receiving an order whether you accept it or no. Another $1.75 when you reject it & sent delivery confirmation. A penalty of $2.75 for late delivery confirmation. All orders must be rejected within 2 hours or you will be penalized monetary. Any member florist can forward you orders 24hours/day 7days a week so you need to suspend your system. And then there’s another fee of $1.75 per suspension the system just so you wont get penalized in case somebody sent you an order while you are closed. And then another $1.75 for resuming the system. So you get yourself out while you can & dont lock yourself into contract with them. You will regret it.

  118. Kerry says:

    Great tips It would help if you checked out the different holiday days in the different countries you run your programs with to help them be more efficient as we dont all share the same holidays as America.

  119. Shazia Soni says:

    what is the costs on have my florist on pinterest

  120. jenny says:

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  121. Brenda Smith says:

    I am opening a flower shop what are some good companies to buy from.. Trying to decide what to have In my shop.

    1. Belevia Carter says:

      I’m from Mississippi and I want to started my own flower shop . Where should I get my flowers from .

  122. Ariel says:

    Hello, My Name is Ariel and I just happened by a few of your articles and have found them quite inspiring. My family has owned a flower shop in Barberton, Ohio since the early 1920’s. My father and aunt now run the shop and i used to work a bench myself, from age five to now 31. I still go in once in a while. Would love for it to be a full time gig once my dad retires. He wants it too. I have noticed alot of the changes you mentioned and loved that i knew what you were talking about in the good days. My dad speaks of it often. I am affraid we are rather old fashioned in our thinking, and new ideas are recieved quite slowly by management (my dad and aunt). Any how, I hope i can put some of your advice into practice, i am rather hopeful. Thank you for the inspiration. Pray for my success.Ariel Fuller
    Caines Flowers
    Barberton, ohio 44203

  123. Vicki says:

    Thank-you for these tips. I am in the tentative stages of thinking about starting a florist is my small seaside town in NSW, Australia. Amongst all the number crunching and words of doom and gloom from my accountant I had lost touch with the reason why I wanted to do it in the first place – to offer something to my community and bring joy to others. This is worth way more than profit on a spreadsheet..

  124. El says:

    I’m a high school student who wants to be a florist once I graduate high school . What education will I need to become a florist ? Should I attend my high schools vocational program for Horticulture? and another question, kind of random, Would a BioScience Degree be helpful to me at all?

    1. Mary says:

      I am currently opening my own floral shop. I took Floral Design in High School and Floral Design in college level, also horiculture it all helped me a lot to get where I am at now. If you are trying to be a florist working under someone those skills should be enough to get you going. If you want to open your own business I suggest you work part time while you learn the business and then jump into full time. It takes time to get your name out there. I started at age 16 my own part time business i am 27 now and can officially say I know enough about the industry to open my own. I was able to get my Bachelors in Agriculture and now my MBA i collected a lot of soft skills in the workforce that has helped me which is what I recommend. Hope this helps good luck!

      1. Aviana says:

        This comment is super helpful! I’m also about to start college and am planning on completing a bachelor’s degree with a horticulture major and a minor in business. I’ve been really worried that the horticulture major won’t prove to be very helpful in someday owning my own floral business, but seeing that someone went a similar route is comforting!

        1. Bek says:

          Horticulture is a brilliant starting point , I also studied floriculture and business, also check your local area for floristry classes, raid your friends and families garden and start practicing!

      2. fatima says:

        I’m thinking of opening my own flower-shop.I love flowers and I have kind of talent in designing flowers … but I have no experience in this field . can you help me with your own experiences and information? I appreciate

        1. Ellie says:

          Hi did you open flower shop ?if yes could you recommend me what should I do becouse Iam very interested to have flower shop

          1. Susan says:

            How did you make out with your Flower Shop idea ?

      3. Elham says:

        Hi I want to open the flower shop Iam very interested to have it but I don’t know how to do it ,I want to know can I take some corses ?

    2. Maryann says:

      A marketing degree or associate would be very helpful

  125. Teresa Hayes says:

    Thank you for the great tips!

  126. Rhonda says:

    Very interesting information for a’ consumer’ like me! I will vent that I recently ordered from an online suite that I THOUGHT was local and when I called them and spoke personally about when they were located they were very vague and obviously were NOT local! I was very disappointed! The online business lied about who they were. Now I know better! Thanks for posting this information.

  127. Yvette says:

    Thanks for all the good advice.. I only been in business for 1 month & I’m trying to figure out how to boost my sales. I’ll also like to know what other items I can sell that customers buy on impulse. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  128. Tim Hardin says:

    My family has owned/operated a floral business for over 50 years… and in rural western Pennsylvania has manage to remain profitable despite many competitors going out of business. The value of having grown up learning and understanding the business is invaluable. By trade, I’m an accountant and I continue to look for growth opportunities and what’s unique about the floral business is that most are independent or family owned which makes striking back or campaigning against big national online wire services. There must be local, state and regional floral associations… why do they not launch a marketing campaign. We all know the “Pork is the new white meat” campaign or “Got Milk”… these aren’t companies, they’re industry. I would propose a united front supporting only FTD and I bet FTD would pay for the campaign. It’s not just wire services that’s eroded floral business… it Walmart and your local grocer. We know those flowers aren’t fresh… but the public doesn’t. I would go so far as to track vendors… they either support the florists or Walmart but NOT both. I’m quite serious about taking over the business and grow it. Am I delusional?

  129. Cindy: if you check your contract I believe you have 30 days to cancel everything. Please review all the emails you have received from them.. Wish you the best of luck!

  130. Shane says:

    I would Like to get one of these beacons for my flower shop!

  131. Carol Ayala says:

    I have been in business since 1986. With today’s technology, we don’t need the wire companies. We do not make any $$$. We are only servicing the “order gatherers”. If we stop being members of all wire companies, we can slowly regain our customers and start making money. For 29 years I have been a wire member and it’s frightening to let go of any of them but when you finally do… direct your attention to your business, your customers, your creations. WE DO NOT NEED THE WIRE COMPANIES. We always have flower shop to flower shop orders!!!

    1. Kenny says:

      So so simple, but from talking to other florist, they feel that the order gathers would just open their own shops or outfit a local shop and pass their orders along to that shop. I tried to find a law firm to file a class action suite. I didn’t have any luck. I also feel shop local shops are favored over others, which allow them no worries. Plus now they are marketing to funeral homes, giving them custom web sites. Total rip-off, the funeral home gets a cut the order gather gets a cut, and the customer gets ripped off.

  132. I would tell all the newbies to the flower word.It’s not as it seems,it’s bad as it look’s,so be aware!!!911,I’ve found after 20 yr’s in business,ask questions,I had teleflora ,I eliminated the dove system because I wasn’t getting any orders.My orders were coming from Avas Flowers,They only work with you on orders if you have 1 of the 3 wire services.The best credit machine service that I’ve found is Groupon Merchant Services-they done charge you until you get up to $5000 before they start charging,you also can link up with American Express thru them.The best greenery place is Fern Trust-cheapest I’ve found,Fresh Flowers Direct Farms,Tammy is the best.Stay away from 1800flowers,Ftd,Teleflora if you have them give you orders over the phone.No free website,no dove .For the florist that just signed with teleflora for the dove,,cancel it ,don’t let them install it.If you don’t want to join them,change your bank account and keep moving!!!

  133. Betty says:

    It seems my funeral business has dropped drastically over the last eight years. One of my competitors seems to get the lion’s share of the business. I am at a loss as to what marketing/advertising to do to get more of the sympathy business. Open for suggestions…

    1. K says:

      The funeral business is an old boy’s club. Literally start sending things to the funeral homes. Offer them a kickback. Grease some palms.

  134. Branko says:

    Nice text and inspiring thanks..

  135. Allison says:

    I purchased a Flower Shop in Pine Colorado, from a lady that was retiring. Part of the Sale was a list of Customers in the area to market to. Big Mistake. Those customers were no longer in the area and half the name were other florists. Make sure you focus on cashflow, not on customer lists.

    I joined FTD 3 months free. BIG MISTAKE. It is difficult to confirm a delivery from the top of a mountain where there is no cell service. Cancelled with them and still continued to threat with bills for late confirmations etc. USE FSN they are wonderful and help you with your marketing. My shop closed after 1 year. I was blinded by the wire services and the seller! My mistake. Learned from it. I did love the work but made no money doing it. Wire service ultimately killed the business.

  136. I would like a floral app please. Please call me so I can start this asap.

  137. Nelson says:

    This information is goal. I’m in the process of opening up my own flower shop in Miami Fl and it’s great to have a list of things you need to know I order to run the shop. It’s useful rather than going at it with a blind eye. Thanks!

  138. Anju Bhasin says:

    I want to know more about this software

  139. Su says:

    With your point of sale product – How are the credit card charges handled? What percentage and other charges are deducted ? Would you handle PCI compliant charges?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Su – Floranext is flexible when it comes to credit card processing. You can continue using your own provider or we can give you a referral to our partner company who provides credit card processing services if you’re in the market. Floranext doesn’t charge any per-order fees or percentages.

      Let us know if you’d like to schedule a demo!

  140. Giovana Correia says:

    Wow! So much great information for starting a florist shop. My sister loves flowers and wants to become a florist, so I will definitely be letting her know about this.

  141. I have been using these–thanks for sharing! These are great!!

  142. Debra Benitez says:

    Love the ideas. One I learned in one shop I worked was for funeral arrangements. When stem breaks are too short (like daisies for instance), they would get a stem cut from another flower like a Gerbera or another daisy stem and stick the short stem into it to create a longer stem. Saves on flower waste and only done on funeral arrangements. At first, I was not excited about the idea, but it does help and the flowers still last well through the funeral.

  143. Kwiaciarnia says:

    I really love this ideas too! Thank you for sharing this with us! I will use some of them in my work tommorow.

  144. Love your banners! You have such stylish designs!

  145. Joey Riso says:

    I couldn’t agree less. The “Top 10” you propose are what may be found in any grocery store or Walmart.
    For retail florists to survive, we need to offer customers the varieties which are not as readily available, are not cheap, and are of superior quality.
    Your selections are (with a few exceptions) a dive to the bottom.

  146. Sadie says:

    I think the most important flowers in your store depend on your clientele. In our store our main staples are garden roses, regular roses, green hydrangea, clematis, germinis, dutch lilies, hypericum berries, thistle, stock, snapdragons and sweet William. I like to believe that if we show our customers a higher end product that still lasts and is beautiful we can differentiate ourselves from the local supermarkets etc.
    Every flower is special, but some flowers you can purchase everywhere and others only at your local florist.

  147. It’s a good top 10, but in Spain is necesary to include Gysophillas like filler flower and in the top of the flowers Gladiolus and Tulips.

  148. Shawn says:

    Trade out the snapdragons for liatris and solidago, and trade out the matsumoto asters for white hydrangeas and you’ve got our list…snapdragons don’t have the vase life we need, and the asters are two expensive for the “bang” they offer in an arrangement, otherwise you’ve described our cooler to a “T”!

  149. MayaFlowers says:

    i did not get any benefit for using .florist so shifted to normal .com brand. Its very confusing to choose from .florist domain.

  150. Pamela says:

    You are right on. I graduated from Michigan State Univ. Floriculture. 1964. This is my 37 the year in Phoenix Az. LoLobe my business more each. Day. Lucky. Me

  151. ANNE GUNS says:


    I wish all my collegae a loth of succes !

  152. Ladonna says:

    Thank you so much for these great reminders!!! Appreciated!

  153. Daman says:

    Great advice. Surely we shall apply these to our flower shops.

  154. Carol Fuller says:

    Great article! I was happy to see where we have implemented some of these ideas and find some new solutions to places where we need improvement! Love the LATTE and safe word idea! I think I will put that on the front desk!

  155. Rhonda says:

    Nice job! Beautiful selection.

  156. Laura Rankin says:

    Another important point is that Starbucks is very concerned with where they get there product and sustainability. Support your local growers!

  157. Marco groot says:

    I am missing “must haves” as hydrangeas, tulups, daffodils, hyacints, ranunculus, anemones, likac, viburnum. Just to name a few.

  158. Linda T says:

    Great Help! Thanks so much ! Amazing!!! 🙂 Thumb UP!!

  159. Linda T says:

    Cool !! Need this to reflect the comparsion of the past and present during the daily….that would be helpful for my website… going to add this to it asap. 🙂 Thumb Up!!

  160. Nice Floral website,Its very helpful for us

  161. Vincent Del Basso says:

    Just wanted to make a corrections on the website regarding the year of the NYC blizzard, since that was the week I met my wife. The year was 1983 not 1978 as indicated here:

    When the blizzard of 1978 was bearing down on New York City, Mayor Koch announced it to be Valentine’s Week! This was a win-win for everyone.

  162. I’m interested in a POS System / floral software etc

  163. Don Moore says:

    We are currently let FTD host our website. We want out! Would be interested to see if your company might be an option for us.

    1. Val says:

      I don’t blame you for wanting out of your current website. We formerly had the FTD website which had some things we really liked and others we did not. We switched our website to one set up for us by websystems. Check it out. We are currently changing the images from FTD to other images through Floranext (which we are very happy to be a part of) and SAF and our own images. FTD is a “High End” floral company which is not affordable for many florists. We started looking at our profit/order and found we could not justify the cost. We are considering a change to a floranext website as we have their pos system now. This POS system is much more affordable.

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    Great advice! Glad to say our shop is 6 for 6.

  167. Tony Richardson says:

    Thanks for writing this informative and encouraging blog. It’s certainly true that florists have some trial and error in front of them when it comes to planning their business, finding floral displays and refrigerated cases, and financing the endeavor, but the end result seems worth it. Great post!

  168. These are some great tips for all year round. Periodic spring cleaning to organize floral coolers and spruce up your displays is a must, and it’s a great way to draw in potential customers.

  169. very informative, Thanks!

  170. Kathryn says:

    My favourite is Bohemiam. Great description love it!

  171. Love all these color trends! Thanks for the article…

  172. Karin says:

    I’m considering buying a Floral business that has been around for 25 years. The last eight years it was owned by a new person. What would be some important questions for me to ask and get anwers for?

    1. Mike says:

      It wouldn’t happen to be in Schaumburg, IL would it?

  173. Joan says:

    Thank you for that well written info on flowers. I’m a student studying floristry and appreciate any knowledge you can give in floristry to help me with my course. Thanks Joan

  174. Lyn Ford says:

    Get organized, organization can make the difference on how many extra employee you hire and extra ,longer hours you put in. Effects the bottom dollar!

  175. KENT says:

    Hello this is great but can it be broken down by colored parts of the world
    rather than a whole in general.

    Id like to see what in my own state like Florida orange area on the map is doing
    or other colors of the map.

    Thanks, Knet

  176. Jordan says:

    I’m an Elwood, IN florist and I found this very helpful!

  177. Kay says:

    Thanks for the info! Ya’ll do a good job with my website. I would like to make sure it is mobile optimized and also add some more to the wedding page!

  178. Inquiring says:

    I have been thinking about opening a small business working put of my house. I am really passes about flowers and would love to start this side of business, but I am not sure what to do. Can someone please provide me some information? Where should I start, what Do I need to know?

  179. Onlinefloristuae21 says:

    Wow!!! beautiful flowers …you have great choice of flowers :).

  180. Kent says:

    Hello good read but if i put pictures on my website like that i’d lose most of my customers sad to say.
    I can see using the head lines but with a picture don’t think so.

  181. Beata Kaas says:

    Great photos! Love the concept! Couldn’t agree more, it’s time to bring sexy back into the flower world. Thank you for sharing!

  182. Love this idea: make only 3 or 4, your choice, designs that can be done in a production mode.
    Never thought about it as a production mode when the holidays hit. Guess it is a good idea to have a couple of set designs to mass produce. Thank you.

  183. Rhonda Wood says:

    These photos brought a smile to everyone at the shop!!
    Thanks for brightening our day Floranext!!

  184. These are so cute especially the one with tulips and pom!

    1. Sara says:

      I agree with Cyndi!! Adorbs ??

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  188. Emily says:

    Simple and useful information! I would say that here you can find list of tips not for florists who are beginning but also for simple people who likes to have flowers at home)) Thank you for sharing knowledge!

  189. To straighten those tulips that are light sensitive,try a little alcohol in the bucket, can be vodka or rubbing . Seems to work.

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Great Tip – didn’t
      know that one thanks 🙂

  190. We have more problems out of lillies than anything. Do you have any processing tips? BTW, all of that was GREAT information!

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Kyle Prichard –
      Thank you for your question- here is my processing tips for lilies and hopefully other florist can share theirs as well. 🙂

      Most important thing with lilies is that you cut the stem on 45 angle and remove pollen ( the pollen can eat away at the delicate flower do not allow pollen to touch petals). Keep them away from any sunlight. Lilies need fresh water so changing the water regularly is very important.

      Calla lilies cut them 1 inch off the bottom. Best if you place them in lukewarm water you do not have to fill the water line high keep around 2 to 4 inches high. Callas love water so add water and food to your callas daily. Lastly make sure your callas are in your cooler with temperature of 33-35F.

      1. Cristo says:

        Hey guys! What temperature do you have for the whole cooler? I keep lilies, tulips, peonies etc in same cooler! What do you suggest?? cheers!! Cristo

        1. Idalina Floranext says:

          Hi Cristo-

          Ideally you will want to set your floral cooler between 34 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit I would not recommend going above 38 degrees Fahrenheit and never below 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

          1. Suzi Smith says:

            Hi, the temp you are giving for the floral cooler, doesn’t make sense to me, and I am wondering why? My flora-cool fridge, in the shop is set at 8-10 c which is way higher than yours. It was set by the company upon installation.

          2. Idalina Floranext says:

            Hi Suzi –

            Keeping your floral cooler between 8-10 celsius is higher then what is generally recommended for floral coolers.
            The ideal floral cooler temperature is between 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit and not above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature is only one facet of a great floral cooler, humidity and air flow is also very important.

            If your floral cooler is working for you at the current temperature then I would say best to keep it this way. It is very hard to judge as I do not have the make or model of your floral cooler, or the floral stems you generally store in your floral cooler.

            However again as a general rule of thumb we recommend 34- 36 Fahrenheit and never above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

            If you would like to give me your floral cooler make and model I can further research as to why the company is recommending a higher temperature.

            Hope this helps!

  191. How can we become a Pokestop ?? I read you have to be one of those before you can buy lures?? Any advise would be great.
    Thank You

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Harts Florist –

      You are correct you must be a Pokestop in order to purchase Lures. Pokestops are predetermined and at this time it is very difficult to become one if you are not already. Some businesses have had success becoming a PokeStop by submitting a request for a new PokeStop here This works mostly for smaller cities however worth a try for every business.

      I’m thinking in time this will change and businesses will have the option of adding themselves as PokeStops – fingers crossed. 🙂

  192. Bernice Klassen says:

    It is my understanding that removing thorns from rose stems is like creating an open wound,making the stem more susceptible to bacteria growth, so the fewer thorns you can get away with removing, the better. To me, the absolute most important parts if flower longevity are cleanliness, and I mean laboratory clean with special disenfectant, never ever bleach, and a product like quick dip or something similar that, when first cut in your shop,allows quick hydration of the product. Also reprocessing all flowers every three days with sterilized buckets and fresh water solution, measured correctly for a proper ph balance is imperative. We need to be reminded that, much as we love our artistic talents, to our consumer ,expectation of longevity of product it still #1 in their books and actual creativity is number four or five in their priority.

  193. Great information!!!!

  194. Very interesting!!!

    1. Winnie van Heerden says:

      Love this article!

  195. Martin Bell says:

    Great Tips. Other way to get people in to your shop is also by letting them allow to order flowers online. Once I met a flower shop Danisa Flowers Shop in US. They offer around 800 different varieties of bulk flowers like Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangeas, Carnations, Baby’s breath, Mini Callas, Calla Lily etc. They also offers bulk fresh and long lasting flowers at really discounted rates.

  196. Loved this article!

  197. Today’s trend of just picked garden flowers comes from the 1920’s when Constance Spry made this style popular, she said it was the most natural form of arranging. She would use great branches of blossom even sometimes using vegetables. If you analyse the design style, the form usually takes on a lazy Hogarth curve, often using a discord colour way to break the form at some point, with no visible focal point and cross lines. It is purely a design about the botanicals used.

  198. Rizzo Leung says:

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  199. Beautiful blog and thanks for your continued inspiration for the love of flowers and the arts.

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  201. Aren’t these the cutest things ever? We’re pretty sure that any girl will be happy to get a basket of flowers from the horse in the first picture! 🙂

  202. what do you do when all of your local funeral homes
    own their on florist shops…….13 funeral home have one florist owned by the group
    and there is a national chain in central florida that does nothing but sympathy work out
    of a warehouse and sell funeral pieces wholesale to funeral homes?????

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Harry-
      Unfortunately in this insistent there really is nothing you can do to persuade the funeral director to recommend services to your floral business.

      That being said there are always customers that do not rely on the funeral homes recommendations and seek out local florist in the area. In order to gain theses customers make your sympathy arrangements pristine and eye catching.

      One important tip is that guests do over analyze the floral work at a funeral home. Make sure yours stand out to receive word of month referrals . Have a clear card message with your shop name , address and phone number.

      Hope this helps!

  203. Elisha says:

    Great ideas that are easy implement. Thanks for the great article!

  204. Hello!

    Just want to say that your advice on florists and funeral homes were very helpful!

    Thank you very much,


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    I’m interested in the floral software!
    Thank you

  206. There are a whole bunch of negatives and positives about wire services. Your older several generation 3 shop towns are negative, the shops starting in suburbs being built with over 500 shops in a metro city are positive of having wire services. First, you have to decide what type of town you are located in. Second, you need to do some local research of the area as far as what generation is living in the area, what level price point are the homes in the area, what is the income level? (type of vehicles says alot!) Third , what type of industry is in the area? (hospital district, energy , technology districts, malls, quaint shops/restaurants, skyscrapers, etc.) If millennials are heavy in area, they are constantly in iphone mode, you will find 1 out of 100 walk in your shop, they love ordering everything on that phone! so wire service will be great for you…they do order flowers or 1st time flower buyers believe it or not! Younger baby boomers (1964-1954) Buy around 5 times a year. They love googling ….they will either come to your shop or order on line from your website, if you are not near them forget them coming in to see you, they will just order online from blinking lights (WS). Very rarely will older boomers (70’s-80′ year olds) order over the internet, they will call or come to you with walkers right around Christmas & Easter. If you do decide to get WS, only put biz card in envelope and strickly follow the recipe book on every order!!! Always ask for a delivery, if they cancel order you didn’t need the stress anyways…Right in holiday area they will give you delivery. Oh! One last important tip…DO NOT FILL BELOW YOUR SET MINIMUM, if you do you will start to loose money! Good Luck in your decision for your business!

  207. Elisha Hodge says:

    Great breakdown for those who want to know how the services work.

  208. Russ says:

    In terms of what percent the filling florist get’s to keep, it’s actually less than the 80% listed in this article. All the major wire services FTD, Teleflora and BloomNet pay 20% to the sending florist and keep 7-10% for themselves (clearing house fee). They also charge a per order transmission fee of about $2.

    So Total paid to local florist at the end of the month $49.99 x 70% = $34.99 – $2 Transmission Fee = $32.99

    Our shop only has 1 wire service (FTD) and we do a good amount of volume with them. That being said we have to be careful during major holidays not to over extend ourselves on wire orders and end up having to turn away full paying customers.

    We try to keep wire services at no more than 10-15% of our total sales (we recently quit bloom net in order to reduce our wire sales as a percent to total.

    On the Pro Side, it helps to keep us busy when we may otherwise be slow and helps me keep additional designers on staff.

    On the negative side, The “order collectors” such as AVAS, Wesley Berry, Etc… most of these people don’t know the difference between a Hydrangea and a Spray Daisy, we find that they often charge the customer much MUCH more than they send to us. You need to document exactly what you put in every arrangement because the photo’s on their websites often are over value or have all the flowers shown on the front of the arrangement…. so the customer is expecting a much larger arrangement than what they will receive and when they complain you need to be able to provide documentation to the wire service that you filled the arrangement to value and/or recipe.

    Finally, if you do FTD and REJECT a lot of orders (or any orders for that matter), understand that you are being charged that $2 per order transmision fee even on the orders that you reject. When you get your statement each month, call customer service and ask them to refund the transmission fee for cancelled and rejected orders and they will put a credit on your next statement. This saves me about $70 per month and during valentines and mother’s day it’s $200+ as we REJECT a LOT of orders.

  209. I cant stand the wire service…all they do is suck u dry.They come in and sign you up..then when the billing comes..they get absent minded.They also don’t tell you about all the fee’s that come after the trial periods. They lie so much…they believe they are telling the truth.Stay away from the shark infested waters.Beware…!!!

  210. Jade Brunet says:

    It is interesting to learn about the necessities of opening up a flower shop. I did not know that flowers needed to be trimmed every three days if not sold. Another good idea for someone starting a flower shop would be to have a passion for flowers and to know about them on a deeper level than other people.

  211. Very nice post.
    Thank you for sharing tips for Top 10 Flowers For Your Flower Shop.

  212. Victor West says:

    I think of a wire service as a tool. Like a hammer or electric drill. Depending on your needs determines what tool you need. Do you need a black and decker corded drill for $19.99 that has limited functionality or a Makita brushless 20volt comercial grade costing $399.99?

    If used properly they can help you make $ if not then will drain you dry. You should not to look at a wire service to bring you business via wire ins. That is how they sell it but not what you should rely on. We belong for the website. Marketing, technology and ability to send orders out of our delivery area. I do not have time or the expertise to manage our website and technology pays for itself. Remember you only need one good hammer to drive a nail.

  213. Eric says:

    We purchased our shop 2-1/2 years ago and we were legacy FTD and TF. I looked at the numbers from FTD and it was literally a break-even situation. We terminated our contract and suddenly we were the “mostimportantfloristintheworld”. Uh, bye-bye.

    TF is next. We run in circles to purchase product, make arrangements and deliveries, and at the end of the day, we get approx. 50% of the gross sale. Add in COGS and overhead, and the only people making money are the DOGS and TF. Just one example – why on Earth do I have to pay $1.75 ever time TF graces me with a received order?

    We’ve gotten wire down to 12-14% of our gross sales, so when we do give ’em the boot, we expect topline sales to drop, but the bottom line to increase because of reduced COGS and overhead.

    Expense control.

  214. Steve Wilson says:

    If you belong to a wire service…and especially one that you process your credit cards through…be sure to monitor your fees and expenses every quarter to be sure you are getting a fair shake. What happened to my company over many years is that I found that while initially clearing my credit cards through the wire service in the early years went from being a smart move to a not-so-smart idea. Over time, we recognized that more and more folks were ordering online and/or calling distant flower shops themselves. This caused our wire-out business to slump over time as more and more people were making the call themselves. We also recognized that more and more folks were using credit cards rather than in-house accounts since they get reward miles or points.

    With a popular wire service out there now, the credit cards are offered with 0% clearing fee UP TO your sending dollar-volume. What happens after you hit your threshold? Those clearing fees become extremely expensive, and any savings are quickly (and quietly) eaten up. So for us….our clearing fees skyrocketed with less outgoing orders…and with more cards to clear. I did the math…and found that my regular bank offered their merchant services for far less (by 1.5%) than what I was paying the wire service. And besides, I was paying the wire service close to $2,000 a month just to clear my cards…and it wasn’t hard to determine that it was a losing deal. With my regular bank, I also negotiated my 6.5% business loan down to 4.29% with the promise of moving my merchant account over to them. Not only do I save a nominal $100 in annual administrative fees, but my clearing fees are greatly reduced for each charge, and I save a huge bundle on business loan interest. Your merchant account is a huge asset. Use it to your best advantage. If you clear your cards through a wire service, offer it to your bank…and use it as leverage!

    Now on to the service. Here we were paying all those fees…membership, advertising, this fee, that fee…etc…all for business that gets you 70% of your delivered order. Understand that the best run shops are lucky to realize and clear a 10% overall profit after taxes. You see the problem… Why would anyone want to pay out 30% of their business when they don’t even clear that much profit…and that’s just on the commissions…not including all the fees….and paying more for the credit card clearing than they have to! It was a no-brainer for us to opt out of wire services.

    Now on to exiting the service. If you decide to quit the wire services, read and understand the terms and steps that have to be understood and taken. In the wire service we were in, it called for notification to exit…and that it must be received by a certain date to be sure you are excluded from the next directory…or you are held liable for all directory expenses for the life of that particular directory….usually three months. Such as was in my case, I missed the deadline by a week or so…so I had to live up to the terms. The terms state that you are held ONLY to those expenses related to the directory….the directory fee and advertising fees…NOT those fees associated with credit cards (unless you keep the program for the remaining time), membership, quality control, etc. These examples are not directory expenses. The wire service issued our final bill…and it came to nearly $2,000.00. I quickly noticed that we were being billed for ALL expenses for the entire three months because we were in the directory. After several letters and phone calls, I finally got the wire service to live up to their own written terms (found in the small foreign directory) that we be charged ONLY for directory fees….and my final bill was reduced from $2,000 to $220.00. They argued…but was to no avail because I was just pointing out their own terms… Don’t let them push you around.

  215. Jesus says:

    Ftd also has partnerships with funeral homes. Ftd approaches the funeral homes telling the funeral homes to refer phone calls from loved ones wanting to send flowers to a particular funeral, to their website (FTD) anyone that visits these funeral home websites are constantly reminded how and where to order flowers…i.e. FTD also the funeral home has to have a florist to fill their own orders for say casket sprays etc. the funeral home then goes to their florist and says that in order for us to continue to do business with you, you have to be a member of FTD.

    The fees that florists pay to be a member is hefty. The membership a florist has with FTD is rarely beneficial, in fact it taxes a small business florist more, keeping them from making any real profit and barely scraping by. Do not order from FTD order directly from a local florist you want to send flowers to, in turn you save money and get a better floral display and save the florists

  216. Melinda Crisman says:

    To straighten the stems on tulips you can also add a penny to the water it helps them to perk up. We use this at the shop I work at.

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    I really like the idea of a Flower Design Classes/Workshops and Classes for kids!

    Best regards,

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    As time allows, I’ll visit our local 2nd hand stores for vases. Quite often there are multiples of the same vase which comes in handy for wedding work.

    This is my first time visiting your site and I’ll be back!

  226. Bloom Magic says:

    Promise same day delivery
    Be unique – source only locally, or use different packaging such as recycled paper, or hat boxes
    Instagram + Local celebs
    Online store and coupons

    Just some ideas which we’ve found work well 🙂

    1. Geeta Samuel says:

      Thank You for these Tips 🙂

    2. Shellie says:

      what type of offers/coupons do you suggest for attracting new customers for the month of December? Thank you

  227. Elisha says:

    I didn’t realize Yelp was so influential. Thanks for the info!

  228. Lynn Malone says:

    Aside from increasing SEO, I haven’t found Facebook or Google My Business to be the top drivers of my floral business. Facebook seems limited to one’s immediate circle, whereas Yelp is by far where we get the most calls and website visits from all over the country.
    Though I don’t use it enough, Instagram seems to be an amazing tool for some of the really BIG florists too. A great way to get your work noticed.. I notice that many of them get called all over the place to do weddings and events because people stumble upon them there and see beautiful images. Pinterest too.

    1. Nicki Argo says:

      I was wondering about linked in. I have a personal account. Do you think that it’s important to have a business profile?

      1. Idalina Floranext says:

        Hi Nick-

        Although you may not see a huge increase in sales at your flower shop by having a LinkedIn business account. There are so many reasons why you absolutely should sign up for LinkedIn.

        Social media communities are building blocks to your business rankings and visibility, here are a few reasons why LinkedIn is important for your floral business.

        • Your business page will give you more exposure then your competitors.
        • Potential customers can follow your business.
        • LinkedIn business pages allow customers to recommend you.

        Having a LinkedIn business page creates great business exposure thus building your floral business social media presence.

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  232. Breanne says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for all your time to share these great tips! I became an independent florist this year and am working towards …. well my ultimate goal is to have my own shop! But I have a question that I would so appreciate some input on. Right now- I have a few trusted vendors I get my flowers from… but it isn’t the flower market where most florists go. I have some local shops who know what I do and we have a nice report. So when I get orders,…I shop for them one by one as they come in… so right now I am trying to figure out when a customer gives me their budget… what is a common breakdown of what goes to flowers &supplies what goes for my time/design… aka my profit? I have played with some different ways to do it. I have 6 orders coming for thanksgiving and I want to make sure I make some money while #1 is giving my customers amazing arrangements!!! But I can’t move forward without something to show for my work 🙂 Can someone share their best breakdown for me? I would be so appreciative

  233. Carnations are the best flowers for expressing all the feelings. Each colour of the flower represents a different feeling and emotion.

  234. Lisa Miller says:

    I am not sure if it is true for all states but we can not sell any food products , including water, without having ADA compliant bathrooms. A store up the street from me got caught selling water and candy it ended up costing thousands for their remodel.

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    Yes just to give you an idea of easy breakdown.for hard good supplies used /vases etc add total of these materials and multiply by 2or 3 depending on what your market area will bear .. then take the cost of all of your florals and multiply that by four or five also depending on what the market will bear in your area I usually do very well with this formula

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    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. We have to do everything in our power to get people to buy from their local florist. Good luck to everyone this Valentine’s DAy!

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    How to diplomatically deal with customers Who complain about the price increase and also mention things such as where they can get the roses cheaper?

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      What a great topic you just mentioned Lina!

      There may always be a few customers who disagree with the price increase during holidays, and thus state “I can get this cheaper somewhere else” these customers are generally looking for some kind of discount or price match.

      Although always good business practice to keep customers at your store and for those general few it could be possible to accommodate them.
      That said most patrons understand the nature of the business and sometimes you just cannot accommodate price match or discounts, this is perfectly OK, with high Valentine’s Day flower and supply costs, you must not ever give things away.

      Running a floral business is no small feat, explaining to the customer that you kept your prices as low as you could considering the high cost you paid for your merchandise is an excellent way to explain the price increase.

      I’m very curious to see how other fellow florists would handle a customers price complaints.

      Thank you for bringing this up.

  251. Idalina
    as usual, your suggestions and comments are very good!
    Thank you to help us with new ideas, new concepts and new ways to organize our business (and with a plus – new vision about the segment).

    Deerfield Florist

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Arnaldo-

      Thank you for the great compliments. 🙂

      Floranext strives on providing exceptional service to our florists. It is with the help of all our florists that our blogs are such a success.

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    Selling flowers at high seasons like the Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day are like booking a vacation during the summer time or Holidays. Flowers are the same and nothing a florist can do about it. When we put this fact in the equation, most customers will accept that but of course, some might look for alternatives. Trying not to lose a customer, some small discounts might apply depending on the size of the order. Hope this helps!

  253. Hello Ida!
    I love your Blogs! Thank you for the tips. I am learning so much.
    I am excited about my new website thanks for your patience!

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      Hi Janice –
      Thank you so much! 🙂

      It’s with all the great florists feedback that our blogs are possible.

  254. I would love to start a mini floral business, do you think I would do well in Orlando florida?

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Yasmin-

      When opening your flower shop business location can be very important.
      I myself am not from Orlando, Florida,
      However below are some things to consider when opening a flower shop in a specific location.

      Traffic – Is this a heavy area with lots of foot traffic?
      Parking – Is their ample parking?
      Competition – Are you close to your competitor?
      Other Businesses – Are you located by other businesses who get foot traffic?
      Curb Appeal- Is your business store front attractive and appealing?

      Although all the above is not necessarily required it is a good place to start, I also advice reaching out to florists in your area for their advice.

      I would love to hear feedback on this topic from fellow florists in the Orlando, Florida area.

      1. Stephanie Braun says:


        I’ve been debating this for quite some time now and I too am in the Orlando area! I think one of the things we lack is a place where people can come by and buy flowers that you can’t get at supermarket.


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    1. Idalina Floranext says:

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      I will call you today and review with you. 🙂

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    I saw a post regarding FTD and how they’re not really responsible for the erosion of the floral TRADE. Yes the grocery stores and Walmart have done some damage… As a matter fact lots of damage. Just looking to help many companies FTD owns they bought out sherries berries they have a gift website they have apps and The biggest competition that FTD has against the flower shops that they take money from for membership, is ProFlowers. FT owns ProFlowers and they’ve cut into the market that there florists work for. I think that’s a punch in the gut! I dropped Ftd Credit steer I was supposed to get my last check at the end of January, according to one of their telephone operators. I’ve called twice and I was told no it’s going to take 120 days and then I was told it was going to take 2 to 3 months and then finally my Rep emailed me and said “no it’ll be four months .” Avoid the wire services at all costs. It is not beneficial to you whatsoever.

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      Visitors to your website will gravitate more to photos, however I generally like a balance of both.
      To keep the interest going it is great to have many photos placed in galleries.

      Most importantly you do need approximately 2000 words to make your website vital for SEO. Placing content strategically throughout the website is key in ranking well on Search Engines.

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.

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      Errors & Omissions insurance -PLI is great to have.

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    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi AMG-

      This is a great question thank you for asking!:)

      Posting an image on Facebook that is not yours could be a direct violation of someones copyright.

      Facebook has a terms of service for such image posting

      Posting an image on Facebook that is copyrighted most likely will not result in a copyright troll constant hassle for monitory damages.

      However keep in mind that they can sue if they wish to defend their license. So please post with cation.

      On your website it is never advisable to post any images other than the ones you own or your website hosting company provides to you.

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    1. Kayla says:

      I am a current owner of a flower shop in Florida, and you would actually be surprised on how many people DO go out of their way to find great quality flowers with a professionally beautiful design! My business thrives in our area! I would agree, however, that it would be even better to have the ability to be mobile! Especially with the current conditions resulting from COVID. Even still, people LOVE coming to the shop to purchase flowers. 2020 was actually my MOST productive year in 15 years of owning this location!

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    Best wishes to all of you.
    Susan Johnson

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    1. Angela Davis says:

      Oh my gosh, I would LOVE a flower arrangement with a real hummingbird on top! 😀

  286. Just too funny (although it isn’t funny ha ha sometimes…)

    “Do these take water ?” has to be my favorite.

    Thanks for posting!

  287. Devin says:

    Us: We need a phone number for delivery
    Client: Why?
    Us: Because we think it’s in a gated community 45 minutes away, and the guard will not let us through without prior authorization.
    Client: Oh, yeah, it is in a gated community.
    Us: Okay, can you get us their number?
    Client: I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so no.
    Us: Then we can’t take it.
    Client: Okay then here’s the number for delivery. (gives us phone number)
    Time passes. We’re ready to take the arrangement, so we call the “recipient”.
    Client: Do you need anything else?
    The client has given us an alternate cell for themselves instead of their recipient’s actual phone number. Since apparently the surprise is more important than their recipient actually receiving anything.

  288. Tamar Green says:

    About our shop cat: “Is that his real hair?”

  289. Rebekah says:

    Flowers are pretty pointless these days – they don’t have a scent. You’ve killed them all! You’re just selling bouquets of death!

  290. arlee barr says:

    “When i pulled the flowers out of the vase when it was delivered, i got water everywhere! Why didn’t you tell me they were going to be delivered in water?”

  291. Elderly customer shuffles in on a walking frame.
    ‘Do you sell pudding bags?’
    Me ‘Sorry, no we are a flower shop’
    ‘And they tell you to buy local!’

  292. Kelly says:

    Said to me recently by a bride; I need flowers for 30 reception tables. 2 types roses, peonies & greens in 6 inch squares. 12 roses in each. I can get the roses thru costco for $1000. Can you do it all for the same? “Sure lady, I’ll throw the rest in for free…”

    1. Carie says:

      I get that all the time too! Except Sam’s s the store they quote instead of Costco.

  293. Valerie says:

    If I buy flowers from the grocery store can you just arrange them for me for free? I did pay for the flowers already.

    1. Anna says:

      I would ask them, “if you went and bought a couple of steaks at Walmart and took them to a nice restaurant and asked them to cook them up for free, do you think they would do it?” People are so unbelievably freaking stupid. It makes me crazy.

  294. 17. Can you make an arrangement with resistant fresh flowers, so it will last forever?

  295. Joy says:

    My answer to number 8.”so do we so please enjoy your flowers for the moment ” or ” flowers last longer than a dinner or chocolates and font put on extra weight “4

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    I have one more
    I want a big bouquet for $30
    How much will that cost ?
    Must get this at least twice a week

  297. Customer looking for Clematis Vine asks “Do you have any Clamydia?”.

  298. Mikayla says:

    “How many petals are in that?”
    Is a question I get asked several times a week for our bag of petals (advertised with 30 rose heads)

  299. Told to one of our designers in preparing a centerpiece for someone’s dining room..”Make what ever you like, but don’t use yellow, red or blue..and don’t use Daisies, Carnations, or those stinky Lilies, I don’t like Hydrangeas I find they die quickly, nothing tall, but don’t make it too short, no branches and nothing that looks like wild flowers, oh and yes, orange will not work with my decor it that room. I don’t really like anything Exotic or that Japanese style, but I leave it to you to make whatever you like. I am not fussy about it…whatever you think is nice”.

  300. Recipient opening door- “Oh! you get to deliver flowers all day?? What a fun job!”
    Tiffany: <smiles…thinking….If you only knew, the traffic I dealt with to get here, I'm like the UPS man!

  301. Mike says:

    Customer looking at a plant and asking “Is that all it does?”

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    “I would like to spend $60.00, how many flowers will there be?”

    “I bought this plant 3months ago” (it was actually 9months)
    “I’m moving, have no use for this plant, can you take it and give me a discount on another purchase (meanwhile it’s half dead with bugs)

  303. Kali says:

    Got a phone call that all of the flowers were already dying in their bouquet even though she was watering them regularly. I looked up the order and informed her that the arrangement was made of silks so they couldn’t possibly be dying. She still didn’t believe me after I told her this. I just wonder how many times she watered that fake arrangement!

    1. Jess says:

      This made me snort with laughter!!

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    Great article. I own a small flower shop in Battle Creek, MI and it always seems like these holidays sneak up much faster than we can prepare for them. List like these help by giving a small sanity check if nothing else. Thanks.

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    *Around Christmas time*
    “Can you make this arrangement more…nutcracker-y?”

  306. Thank you for a great article, I am a super organized person , so I was anxious to get some more tips for keeping on top of things! I own a Floral & Gift Boutique in Ashland Ohio.

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    Thank you for the articles!


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    If you need flowers for Mother,s Day tell us.

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    Thanks for a great read. I just opened my doors officially March 18th in Wrangell Alaska. There hasn’t been a shop on this island for over 10 years, so I’m educating an entire community in the art of flowers. It’s overwhelming being a business owner but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I was nervous at first the ‘need’ wasn’t there, but I’m past that- having to order more flowers mid week! The customer satisfaction is gratifying.

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    I own flower shop in Boston for a little bit more than 2 years now and I just joined TF recently because of the free trial period. I have been receiving good orders ranging from $95 to $300 so far (Haven’t received my first check though) I’m not sure if this is something I should be cautioned. Based on comments above, this doesn’t seem to be a good opportunity at all. I’m wondering if I should stop now? Any advises will be much appreciated.
    Thank you,

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  322. while this idea resonates, a florist cannot forget that people want our flowers and extras should only be sold as add-ons and not compromise the shop’s core business.

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    That’s why I love the floral business. It touches people’s lives. We meet people and get the privilege of being a part of special events and moments in time.

  333. Thanks for the great tips for buying flowers for Valentine’s Day. It’s good to know that colored roses are cheaper than red ones. I normally buy my wife red roses, but maybe I’ll change that up this year.

  334. Cheryl Bakin says:

    I was hired as an after-school high school helper during my junior year in high school. Because of the values instilled in my by my Dad, I knew that I had to be on time, and do my very best each day. I walked to the flower shop, which was inside the first Indoor shopping mall in the Pittsburgh area.

    My boss was an older lady who was impressed that I showed each day on time, and tried to do and get done everything she assigned me to do. She kept me on after the Christmas holiday, and began to teach me things. Bow making for instance. The botanical as well as the common names of flowers as well as plants. And many other items large and small.

    She instilled in me (or maybe brought out in me) a love for the beauty of flowers, and a desire to help others realize their dreams thru weddings, pretty everyday bouquets, and funerals. She taught me that education was very important, and to try to think out of the box.

    After leaving the flower business at age 19, and going to work for corporate America for the next 20 years, I still kept my hand in the flower business, and attempted to gain all the education — both flower and business — that I could. In 1987, I bought my flower shop. October, 2017 will record a 30 year milestone of shop ownership.

    That early training as well as the fulfillment of my own dream of owning my own business has helped me to mentor other people and get them onto a path where they can fulfill their dreams. Sometimes it is thru educational opportunities; Sometimes thru mentoring and being a good listener; sometimes it is being a trainer…….or just a role model.

    In all cases, I try to always remember what my Dad and my first flower shop boss taught me……..”Kindness never goes out of fashion. Lead by example. Listen to all comments and critics. Be hardworking in all areas of your life, and you will succeed. And finally, Love conquers All”.

  335. Tarah says:

    My Grandmother and her garden.
    Every summer at Gramma’s house all my life has been full of ‘Purdy Flowers’ – as she pronounces it. Not a single corner of her yard is without a flowerbed and there are always hummingbirds and songbirds from dawn till dusk.
    Every summer has always lead up to fair time. Gramma has competed in the local fairs for decades. I must add that Gramma almost always takes home Grand Champion prizes in every department she enters; crochet, canned goods, baked goods, photography, poultry, rabbits, goats, potted plants, vegetables, and my very favorites… cut flowers and floral arrangements! (she competes in the expert division)
    I just loved going out in the morning the day the flowers had to be entered and searching for the prettiest most uniform blossoms of each variety, cutting them in threes (for the holy trinity she said) and filling her kitchen with every kind of flower you could imagine surviving in Montana.
    We filled jars and cups by the dozens with special cut flower elixir she made with soda pop, picked the best of every category for the cut flower division and prepared them for fair.
    Then the fun part, bouquet making! All of the flowers left that had been cut that morning (Gramma calls them the ‘reject flowers’) went into our bouquets, we got to use the pretty little vases she keeps in her curio cabinet for these.
    Every year Gramma would set aside a beautiful old Victorian boot shaped porcelain vase, I’d always make a monochromatic arrangement with it in pink just specifically so I can put her chenille flowers in to cascade down the side of the boot. One of Gramma’s favorite flowers is a petunia so there are always plenty in any pink or purple, double or single. We’d always make an ‘arrangement in white’ in her milk glass and hobnob vases, a great place for lots and lots of her adorable feverfew flowers! We had so much fun making our little bouquets, its always a day full of laughter!
    By far my fondest summer memories are during fair time with Gramma ; spending the day playing with flowers and eating the ‘reject cookies’ that didn’t make the cut for fair.
    She is my hero, my favorite person in the whole world, such an inspiration in every way in every part of my life. My little shop features many of her handcrafted treasures from her crochet work and beaded jewelry to her fresh baked goodies, and her canned jams and pickles (everyone loves these pickles!)
    The biggest drawback to my shop ironically, is that for the last handful of years since I opened I haven’t been out at my Gramma’s making bouquets in her kitchen for the fair…. So, I want to thank you for your putting this survey in your newsletter. I needed to remember why I wanted a shop in the first place, who’s garden started this. I think I’ll make a bouquet and take it to my Gramma’s and get our fair schedule set for this summer.

  336. Laura says:

    Customer: could I get a bouquet please
    Me: yes of course, what price range were you thinking of?
    Customer: ooh I like something pretty for around 5€ please is this enough?
    Me: thinking ermmm no, then saying, our prices start from 15€ and go to whatever you would like.
    Customer: oh right well it’s only for a thank you gift for a friend and I don’t want to spend that much.

    Wow you must really like your friend hahah x

  337. Lisa Broyles says:

    Thank you for sharing. I love what I do. Sometimes it’s nice to hear that what we do makes a difference. Very refreshing.

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    Its confusing for me the floral cooler, Can anyone advice me how to do.

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  341. I like the idea to find a florist that connects personally with each individual customer. I really want to surprise my wife for her upcoming birthday to make her day a little more special. I definitely think that I should send her some flowers that could help to show how much I care.

  342. Great tips. It’s difficult to combat the online giants, but getting people into your flower shop helps establish that relationship that will keep them coming back. Plus it inspires word of mouth which is the best local business promotion. And it’s free!

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  344. Very good info. Thanks for sharing. We are in the second year of running our flower shop in Battle Creek, MI. Everything mentioned above is extremely important. We are currently working on the ‘sound’ portion. It’s looking like it’ll be a water feature at this point.

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  347. It is interesting to learn about the necessities of opening up a flower shop. I did not know that flowers needed to be trimmed every three days if not sold. Another good idea for someone starting a flower shop would be to have a passion for flowers and to know about them on a deeper level than other people.

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  350. Great tips. We’re trying many of these at our flower shop. Hoping to gain more local business and cut the wire service.

    1. De la fleur flowers and events says:

      We cut all wire services at the beginning of this year and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We buy less flowers and only work with the locals, where you make the most money. Well worth the move and every flower shop should do away with the wire services… it ends up costing you even more money in the future. The tips were very helpful. Actually doing a lot of them already since it’s been summer time.

  351. Lyn says:

    Here is another good too, I grow many of my summer flowers in a garden by my shop. They are beautiful but if you need some flowers you can always find some in the garden. The are free and grow back every year. My garden is designed to flowers that I can use.

  352. Lisa Miller says:

    With the weather so hot in Arizona this is actually when we have the time to refresh and remodel our shop. I like it to be ready for fall brides coming in. I just finished a new room for children with movies, games and more. While brides or parents come in to order flowers for weddings and funerals the children are nearby but not bored.

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    Hello! As a relatively new florist I am wondering about books. Do you have books of your work you leave at a funeral home? Do you have trade books that you leave? Are there prices on the books? If you leave books of your own work how did you get them made?

  355. What do they do to daffodils and sweet williams as they are not in water when I buy them. Regards

  356. Why do daffodils and sweet williams do not have water when I buy them

    1. Christine P. says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      I don’t know about dianthus, but daffodils store wonderfully kept dry and horizontal out of water in a flower cooler. Once cut, they tend to be quite short lived.

  357. Very interestring article. Helpful tips. 🙂

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  369. Lisa Miller says:

    My shop must be either ahead or behind. I haven`t had a wedding want a flower crown in over a year and I do a lot of weddings. Last October alone we had 40 weddings and no flower crowns.

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the great feedback! 🙂

      Wondering what in your flower shop is most requested for weddings?

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    She is an agricultural engeneer and I am a lawyer still this is a very helpful website.

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  376. Greg says:

    Don’t ever use ice cubes on your orchid plant…when was the last time it rained ice in the jungle? Better to dunk into Luke warm water and fertilize every third time. You run the risk of freezing the roots of these beauties!

  377. Elsie Carter says:

    when handling floral foam take care not to touch your eyes as it causes hours of great distress if a tiny ammount gets in your eye and no ammount of flushing will remove it straightway

  378. Thanks Idalina, for your awesome tips!

  379. Irma Wilson says:

    Put few drops of bleach in the water of fresh floral arrangements; it helps to keep bacteria out.
    And thanks for the above tips….

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      What a great question and one I forgot to mention! Thank you! 🙂

      Signing up for Google My Business is FREE – there is no cost.

  381. Lea says:

    Hello and thank you for your emails. I was just wondering if the google business listing is a worldwide listing. I am having so much trouble getting help in this field. I have a google listing but three gmail accounts! I dont know how that happened. I have listed my current google listing with the Petals website but am creating my own new website as the one I am currently using is so old and terrible. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Regards,Lea. Flowers on Q

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Lea-

      I understand your frustrations and see this happen many times.

      Google My Business is specific to location, you will see the Local search listing in the particular location keyword typed in search.

      Every location worldwide has access to verify their business with Google My Business.

      In order to correct your website link on Google My Business to the website you want customers to see you must log in to the correct gmail account.

      Once you are in the correct gmail account changing information is very easy.

      If you do not have access to this gmail account then you will need to take further steps in contacting Google about the issue.

      Let me know if this helps!

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    sending flowers with funeral home saying in lieu flowers and kids not wearing corsages
    and do it yourself weddings it is hard to keep a shop well staffed and prepare for fresh business that propels you to grow and expand and keep cash flow going

  384. Carol Fuller says:

    This is a major Pet Peeve of mine and has been since that phrase was first used YEARS ago. It SO harmful to our industry and has cut our funeral business tremendously. Talking with our local funeral directors does not seem to have any effect. Perhaps getting a petition together and presenting it to the Funeral Directors Convention would be more appropriate. I honestly don’t think the Funeral Directors realize the impact those words have on our businesses, but would love to see a change made that would enable us to conduct our business without their interference.

    1. Brett says:

      I never send flowers… Bottom line is that donating money to a good cause is more comforting to many than flowers that will just die. I get the phrasenin lieau of flowers hurts the flower business.. But when someone says in lieau of flowers they mean just that. They want the money youd spend on flowers to go to something else. This article is shady as h*ll trying to say it really means buy flowers and contribute to the persons cause. Id rather find a cure for a disease or pets get rescued any day than get flowers and i think thats the trend among younger generations. Trends change and some businesses have to shrink or change their model to accomodate. The phrase isnt hurting your business its customers wishes. The phrase is just a reflection.

  385. steve says:

    mourning is spelled mourning

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  386. James says:

    Make Contribution to :

  387. Cory Michaelson says:

    As a funeral director and owner of a flower shop I will tell you that it is typically not the funeral director initiating that message. For years my staff has guided families on the importance of allowing individuals and businesses to grieve publicly by sending flowers with their name proudly displayed on the card for others to see. We try to have families understand that other people outside the immediate family also have to grieve and for many, the public display of grief and support shown in floral arrangements, is how they put meaning to their grief and in so doing diminish their own grief. For us, it is not about the financial impact, it is about meeting the needs of many different people. When we do that, the business follows and takes care of itself. A petition to funeral directors or blaming funeral directors is only going to drive a wedge between two businesses that rely on each other. Please think deeper about what is really going on and how to help families understand the purpose and value of flowers and that it is not a waste or a shame to see money spent on them.

    1. Marie says:

      Thank you, Cory. As a florist I was put-off by this article.

      Funerals, weddings, new babies, grad parties, and all other events are emotional times. We, in the floral industry, must remember that we are providing a service to express emotions. If people chose not to send flowers, so be it. If someone wants to send flowers, wonderful. If someone would rather people send $300 to a charity, why is that a bad thing? Don’t make this about profiting on someone’s loss. It’s very cold-hearted. When making and delivering Memorial and funeral arrangements you’re providing a service that most people would rather never have to deal with. Don’t make it harder than it is by acting like you’re the victim.

      1. Carol says:

        Unfortunately funeral directors are steering the bereaved families in this direction (at least in our area) so that they do not have to deal with floral deliveries. I am happy to see that you are so prosperous, however funeral business has been the backbone of the floral industry for many years. This article is not about cutting out the charities – it IS about NOT cutting out the florists. When the public sees “in lieu of flowers” in the obituary, many assume no flowers are not wanted, and are astonished when they get to the funeral to find how bleak it is without them. Flowers at a funeral show the love and respect of a person’s community for the deceased. There is a place for both charities AND flowers but the point of the article is NEITHER should be excluded.

  388. James says:

    This should make the difference to family and friends that want to sent Flowers to a Funeral when it is appropriate to do so Flowers should not be Eliminated from a Service do to and
    illness or accident that takes the Life of a Family Member.

  389. James says:

    At My Mothers Service We received Flowers and in the card it would say a donation was made to the American Cancer Society in Eve’s Name. That message with the Flowers meant
    so much to Us. I believe that People that inclined to donate Money will do so it don’t have
    to take away from in service to a Love One

  390. Those words let people not want to send flowers. In Jamaica I find that some Funeral Homes are having their in house florists and so give a complete package with everything. Thus cutting out florists altogether.

  391. Rhonda says:

    When my mother passed we used the phase “In Lieu Flowers” not because we didn’t want to receive flowers but because she was only 44 and very active in many activities in our small town. We still received many arrangements but they were smaller and included a donation as well, this kept the small funeral home from being to overwhelmed with flowers even though it was full. This is how it should still be.

  392. Lyn says:

    Yes, this has hurt our businesses as well, put so has, gravesite funerals,memorial service and the one day visitation, service. It also sends a message that it doesn’t pay to send flowers because it’s a very simple service. The funeral service have changed for us as the funeral directors. This is not also the only area that floral has taken a hit.

  393. Lyn says:

    Yes, this has hurt our businesses as well, put so has, gravesite funerals,memorial service and the one day visitation, service. It also sends a message that it doesn’t pay to send flowers because it’s a very simple service. The funeral service have changed for us as well as the funeral directors businesse.This is not also the only area that floral has taken a hit.

  394. Brian says:

    When my Mother passed the funeral asked me how to handle in lieu. My answer was Please State Contributions may be made to The Loves & Fishes Food Pantry. This allowed a choice as how to handle the situation. in lieu of really states Don’t send flowers. I also disagree with the above statement, I believe ILO is initiated by the funeral director, we know how upset and unsure a grieving family member is. Do you really think the first thing on their mind is in lieu of flowers, please! Having helped set up flowers in a funeral home I know how such work it is. But that comes with the job. I Think if we really want to change Funeral Directors minds a petition won’t do it. But did you know that in the Catholic Church every member is given the right to be waked in church. Taking a chunk out of the funeral directors income by limiting the Charge for Room Rental Might make them realize how much they are costing us.

  395. fay says:

    The way I understood this In lieu of flowers was supposed to be originally for presidents, celebrities, high profile people, where huge amounts of flowers ended up and these parties being unable to handle the volume. So this opened the door for all other organizations to get on the band wagon, heart, cancer etc, and this finally dwindled down to the average joe,
    people who didnt want the bother of handling the flowers from the church to graveside or home if a funeral home wasnt involved doing this job.
    the added beauty of sympathy flower arrangements is there to offer comfort to the visitor and also pay tribute to the deceased

    1. Brett says:

      The “average joe” as you phrase it probably realized hey thats a really good idea… Why not put the money wasted on flowers to good use. I dont think they use the phrase to copy high profile people thats ridiculous. Besides flowers have never comforted me. Especially not once living flowers that have been killed and made into a wreath and way overpriced. Id much rather look at live ones in a park.

  396. Here is a very simple solution. Simply say “In addition to Flowers”

  397. Janette Tadique says:

    I’m a florist from the Philippines. This is very helpful.
    Thank you!

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    I’m interested in floral software

  400. Heather says:

    Location is definitely a huge factor in opening a flower shop. As with any business, if it’s not centrally located, you’re not going to see a lot of clientele. Thanks for sharing!

  401. Steven says:

    I hate the phrase as well…. but in the same call to end this phrase must be accompanied with a call to florists to create consistent quality creative designs and charge the prices they need to to do such designs. Otherwise.. if we are sending the same quality as can be purchased at the local grocery store.. what’s the point?

  402. Scott says:

    We get “Do you sell flowers?” all the time, and when I’m delivering bridal bouquets to a hotel I am always asked by people if they are for a wedding. Once in an elevator delivering a bridal bouquet to a bride a man asked me if someone was getting married. I replied “No there is a funeral service taking place in room 1203 and these are for in the deceased hands.” The look on his face was priceless as the elevator door opened and I walked out.

  403. Celia says:

    Is the delivery charge negotiable???

    Me: well yes if you would like to come pick it up.


  404. Emily says:

    I consider it important to take into account the size of the vase; it´s indispensable that they are large enough to prevent the flowers from piling up and receiving all the necessary light. Also another home tip that I use frequently, is to add some aspirin pads to the water of the flowers, this allows them to last longer.

  405. Patti says:

    The problem isn’t with the phrase “in lieu of”, the problem is with people’s understanding of the phrase. “In lieu of” sounds all fancy and important. That’s what happens to phrases that are French/Latin in origin. I mean, hors d’ouvres sound more impressive than appetizers or finger food? The truth is the phrase “in lieu of” just means instead of, or in place of. It is simply a suggestion, not a command! But many people see the phrase “in lieu of flowers” and think that flowers are not wanted. The truth is, flower still need to have a presence at the service. I’ve known several people who fear there will be no flowers at the service they are planning – just donations made to a charity or organization the person wants to recognize. Instead of accepting “in lieu of flowers” as a death sentence, use your selling skills and turn it around to in lieu of donations, send flowers!

  406. Teresa says:

    In September of 2015, I bought a small flower shop and it had FTD, Bloomnet and Teleflora. It had the Dove system and credit card. They threatened to shut it off if I didn’t sign a paper immediately. I signed it and assumed the previous owner’s loan with them on the Dove system. They had a rep to come and he signed me for things I had never heard of. I was new and had no idea. They took out 20% of all my credit card orders and 5 times in 2016 they took out the whole 100%. I didn’t know what was going on until V D when they took out 20% and we were not taking any wire orders or from our website. I called and found out that they had it set up to take 20%. I told them that I didn’t want that and asked for the guy who was my rep. Come to find out, he was fired right after he had signed me up and never was told. In June, they took out 100% for 2 weeks and I called then went in person all the way down to AR to talk to them. The guy found over $1,200 in charges that I should never have been charged. They have done it to me again when I thought they had changed it to where all I would have were the Dove and website. I am about to have to close the doors because of Teleflora. I have called them and they said they would keep doing it until I agree that they can take 20% of my credit cards again. I have about had a nervous breakdown and haven’t been able to function because of this greedy company. Now the rep that they put me with will not return my calls. How do I get my web address from them and get them terminated so I could go with you?

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Teresa-

      Lets discuss this further via a phone call please feel free to reach me at (415)906-2850 x 723 or at

  407. BREANNE says:

    Hello! All of these trends look amazing… Can we have permission to share this blog on our Social Media?

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Absolutely, you may post our blog link on social media. 🙂

  408. When working with woody stemmed blossoms such as lilacs, magnolia, peach and cherry blossom, forsythia, camellias, peonies, etc that grow on shrubs or trees, lay the ends of the stems out on a sturdy wood surface and split them open with a hammer before placing in water.

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    And if I stay with ftd and just do FTD membership only, I want my website somewhere else… this way I can use some of there photos until I can make some of my own arrangements to use.
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  426. I’m the third generation, joining my mom and grandmother in 1981. Two years ago, my daughter left her job because she wanted to join the family. My father is the full time delivery person, and my son-in-love fills in now and then. Well my sister has no desire to join us, she does help out with every holiday. We are a very fortunate family!

  427. Carol Fuller says:

    I know that I certainly enjoyed this article. It centered on the cold hard facts of what it is like to run a flower shop and the many obstacles you face. I also loved hearing about the past generations and seeing their pictures made it even more interesting! Great going – hope to see more articles like this one in the future!

    1. It was great to see that bridal party picture from the 80s lol

  428. Bob Peck says:

    Established in 1913, my Grandfather along with his father began Peck’s Flowers. My Dad grew up in the business (that’s when we grew most of our own flowers) and later took over. I too grew up in the business and wanted to see the Peck name and business continue. I officially took it over in the mid 80’s and I am now 63 and it’s still running strong. It has been in the same location for about 100 years. The building itself could tell stories…. like the bulb cellar that I dug out as a boy to time the blooming of bulb plants. It’s nice to see businesses like ours going strong. So, you can say this is a Fourth Generation, 104 year old flower shop. We are proudly a Floranext user.

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Simply amazing – flower shop business that is still going after 104 years! 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      This got me – lol

  432. sandie says:

    A message I had one Valentines from a guy to his girlfriend – Roses are red, violets are blue, what’s growing in my pants, is just for you

  433. Generally, we use to write message whatever customer wants to their lovable ones. But recently one of my customers told me to write some message on my fiance for her birthday than I wrote “May your birthday be as bright, cheery and full of life as these fragrant blooms”

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  435. Shelby says:

    Does anyone on this forum have tips for a newly grad looking to open or buy a flower shop? What can I expect when borrowing, how much to borrow, and in general just where to start first? I have a business idea but I am not business-based, I have a degree in Plant Science so I may be business challenged AT FIRST!

    Any advice is much appreciated

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    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Yes you may Lisa 🙂

  455. They are taking parts of our names and reusing it, for instance Flower Delivery Express, and customers think this is us. I have 2 negative reviews on google, from customers that did not know who they ordered from, so they slapped the negative against us, and google will not do anything. We are Flower Express USA, not even close, but I have had regular customers of ours say I just ordered from you last week, I do not have an order them. What next??

  456. I do not have an order for them.

  457. Just keep asking for more and more money. It will force them to either give you more money or cancel the order. The customer will be frustrated and find that it’s not that convenient to order with them and will cancel the order (and hopefully go to you directly). Most the time they do give more money and the jokes on them. You make more and that’s all that matters. Especially holidays, put a high minimum (like $75 plus) and don’t even bat an eye. They are at your mercy and if we can get other real florist on board, that will be one way to put a hurting on them. Also, don’t be afraid to give them a hard time either when they send messages. During the holidays I usually put “florist design only” on substitution request and it will require them to call their customer and ask for substitutions. Again making it annoying for the customer, and hopefully realize that they are just order gatherers, not real florist. I used to feel stuck and that I relied on these companies, yes and no. They are a necessary evil at times, but honestly since I raised my minimums and keep asking for more money, I’ve made a lot more, and annoy them a lot more, which makes me happy. 🙂 Work on your website and compete with theirs, do more incentives and especially google ads

    1. Sabrina says:

      I do the same thing I ask for the most I can get! They get a little snippy during Valentines they whated roses for 75.00 bucks I said NO MINE ARE 100 plus all the add ones and they threaten me and said take it out leave it!!! Lol I said No, have the time I think they are on crack

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    We have annoyed Ava’s Flowers so much in the past by asking for extra money, for things they were charging their customer for, that they actually blocked us from their website!
    We always ask for more money from order takers, we are in business to make money for us not them.
    We have also had customers tell us that they have ordered from us recently or that they are on our website while on the phone with us – nope, they’re on an order taker website so we quickly explain that they are much better off on a local florist website than the one they are on. When talking about florist websites and Google to people I always tell them to ignore the top ads (and why) and tell the to scroll down to the map that shows real local shops and to choose from there. I also tell them to look for a local address and/or phone number.

  460. Karla says:

    I started asking order gathers for name, address and phone number of their customer. just like we do with our customers, this really stumped them, they had to call us back about five to get us all that. Don;t think they were happy. And will start asking for more money too!

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    We have even opened up a passage way between the 2 shops so customers can walk between one and the other.
    It’s been good for the staff (to have more staff around) and it’s made the shop more lively.
    This way one spouse can look at hardware, while the other one shops for flowers!

    1. Maggie Sturgill says:

      That’s an awesome idea! Targeting the couple is very smart.

  473. Annie says:

    Google Map is a much more reliable tool to find genuine florists rather than oragnic search. Both customers and florists should learn to use the Map and order directly from local florists – “florist near ”

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