Floranext Basic Proposals – Retiring October 15, 2020

As a small business, we sometimes have to make hard choices. As we continuously innovate our products based on client feedback, we see the need to retire our 10-year-old Floranext Basic Proposals to focus on the next generation of Advanced Wedding Proposals. 

If you have enjoyed the current Basic Proposals,

what can you do? 

Upgrade today to our Advanced Proposals for only $29.99/mo (with Floranext Website or Point of Sale). 


Upgrade to Floranext Advanced Proposals

Advanced Proposal Features

  • iPad App – Industry First Proposal App, work on your proposals on the go
  • Shopping Lists – Save money, plan ahead & buy just the right amount
  • Profit Calculator – Easily find the right markup every time
  • Inspiration Pages – Sell more wedding with beautiful, visual proposals 
  • Payment Schedule – Email your bills & get paid online right away

Available for only $29.99/mo (with Floranext website or point of sale).

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