Floranext’s Website Autopilot Program

Website-automationLove having a gorgeous website but unable to update it for each holiday/season? 

Not to worry, Floranext has initiated the Floranext Website autopilot program. For just an additional $10 a month with your website package and opted into our Autopilot Program, our Website Success Team will take care of the following changes on your Site:

Banners – Banner(s) shown on your front page are always up to date with the current holiday or season.

Product Catagories –  The correct product categories are shown for the current holiday or season

Front Page Products – Products shown on the Front Page will reflect the current Holiday or Season. 

Top Bar Notice – The message at the top of your website is appropriate to the holiday/season.


We will prepare the website for the following major floral holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

After major floral holidays, we will update your website to the current season – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.

If you have any further questions or wish to opt-in for Floranext’s Website Autopilot program for just an additional $10 a month, please fill out the form below!