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Yes! That’s correct, by signing up for Floranext’s New Delivery manager, you get to use these amazing features FREE by April 30th.

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Floranext’s Delivery Manager Features:


  • Instant address Search – Search recipient addresses based on Google maps.
  • Delivery Calendar – Keep track of all your orders, deliveries and proposals all in one Calendar
  • Delivery Driver app – Using google maps via smartphone allows using turn by turn directions!
  • Send Photo – Attach a photo of the arrangement to send to the customer who ordered
  • Route with Google Maps – Move delivery stops around to customize delivery routes for convenience. 
  • Google Reviews – Delivery confirmation emails that allow customers to leave google reviews about your business. 
  • Live Delivery Status Updates – Using a Smartphone, Drivers can update the delivery status in real time!
  • And So Much More!


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Opt-In Terms

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Customer will get to use these features till April 30th, 2019 for Free
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