United States National Florist Organizations

Below, you will find a list of florist organizations that are located across the United States. We hope this will be useful for those who want to join an organization to network with colleagues, gain information on floral industry news and customer trends, tools, advice and much more.

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American Hort: OFA and ALNA Consolidated [email protected] 614-884-1139

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) 410-752-3318

American Orchid Society [email protected] 305-740-2010

American Rose Society [email protected] 800-637-6534

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers [email protected] 440-774-2887

Central Allied Florist 601-636-9461 ~ 800-626-9461

Chesapeake Floral Association

Holiday & Decorative Association 214-742-2747

Hometown Florist Association (HFA) 410-208-0579 ~ 410-749-5142

International Floral Distributors (IFD) [email protected] 765-973-9600

Master Florists Association [email protected] 415-298-1943

Master Florists Association [email protected] 415-298-1943

National Alliance of Floral Associations [email protected] 512-834-0361

National Florist Association 585-265-3370

Northwest Florists’ Association [email protected] 425-778-6162

OFA-An Association of Floriculture Professionals (Ohio) [email protected] 573-442-0418

Real Local Florists [email protected] 888-531-3012

Retail Florist Association (RFA) formerly ETFA 888-419-1515

Society Of American Florists (SAF) [email protected] 800-336-4743

South Plains Professional Florists’ Association 806-748-8929

Southern Retail Florists’ Association 864-244-7093

Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association [email protected] 410-573-0400

World Flower Council [email protected] 954-444-6445