Florist Organizations

Below, you will find a list of florist organizations that are located in the United States and Internationally. We hope this will be useful for those who want to join an organization to network with colleagues, gain information on floral industry news and customer trends, tools, advice and much more.

United States National Organizations

| United States National Organizations |

State Organizations

| Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kentucky | Louisiana | | Maine| Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | | Nevada| New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | | Tennessee | Texas | Utah Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin |

International Organizations

| International | Australia | Belgium | Canada | Germany | Holland | Italy | | France | New Zealand | Switzerland | United Kingdom |


United States National Organizations

American Hort: OFA and ALNA Consolidated [email protected] 614-884-1139

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) 410-752-3318

American Orchid Society [email protected] 305-740-2010

American Rose Society [email protected] 800-637-6534

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers [email protected] 440-774-2887

Central Allied Florist 601-636-9461 ~ 800-626-9461

Chesapeake Floral Association

Holiday & Decorative Association 214-742-2747

Hometown Florist Association (HFA) 410-208-0579 ~ 410-749-5142

International Floral Distributors (IFD) [email protected] 765-973-9600

Master Florists Association [email protected] 415-298-1943

Master Florists Association [email protected] 415-298-1943

National Alliance of Floral Associations [email protected] 512-834-0361

National Florist Association 585-265-3370

Northwest Florists’ Association [email protected] 425-778-6162

OFA-An Association of Floriculture Professionals (Ohio) [email protected] 573-442-0418

Real Local Florists [email protected] 888-531-3012

Retail Florist Association (RFA) formerly ETFA 888-419-1515

Society Of American Florists (SAF) [email protected] 800-336-4743

South Plains Professional Florists’ Association 806-748-8929

Southern Retail Florists’ Association 864-244-7093

Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association [email protected] 410-573-0400

World Flower Council [email protected] 954-444-6445

State Organizations

Alabama State Florist Organizations

Alabama State Florist Association [email protected] 334-272-0961

Alaska State Florist Organizations

Alaska State Florist Association 907-333-6908

Arizona State Florist Organizations

Arizona State Florist Association [email protected]  – [email protected] 520-742-1409 ~ 480-732-0091 ~ 866.567.4399

Arkansas State Florist Organizations

Arkansas State Florist Association [email protected] 501-354-1160

California State Florist Organizations

California State Florists Association [email protected] 916-448-5266

Los Angeles Flower District Association 213- 627-3696

Original Los Angeles Flower Market of the American Florists Exchange 213-622-1966 ~ 213-622-0796

San Diego County Flower & Plant [email protected] 760-431-2572

Southern California Flower Growers, Inc. 213-627-2482

Colorado State Florist Organizations

Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association [email protected] 800-748-3744 ~ 303-427-8132

Floral Association of the Rockies (FAR) [email protected] 303-280-7141

Connecticut State Florist Organizations

Connecticut Florist Association [email protected] 203-268-9000

Florida State Florist Organizations

Florida State Florist Association (FSFA) [email protected] 1-866-900-FSFA

Georgia State Florist Organizations

Georgia State Florist Association [email protected] 912-384-7288

Hawaii State Florist Organizations

Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association [email protected] 912-384-7288

Idaho State Florist Organizations

Idaho State Florist Association 208-232-5476

Illinois State Florist Organizations

Illinois State Florist Association [email protected] 773-540-2173

Indiana State Florist Organizations

Indiana State Florist Association 317-996-2241

Iowa State Florist Organizations

Society Of Iowa Florists and Growers 712-848-3251

Iowa Florists’ Association [email protected] 319-936-6160

Kansas State Florist Organizations

Kansas State Florist Association [email protected]

Kentucky State Florist Organizations

Kentucky Florist Association, inc [email protected] 502-426-6030 ~ 859-331-7673

Louisiana State Florist Organizations

Louisiana State Florist Association [email protected]

Maine State Florist Organizations

Maine State Florists’ and Growers’ Association [email protected] 207-723-9016

Massachusetts State Florist Organizations

Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association [email protected] 781-275-4811

Massachusetts Professional Florists Association

Michigan State Florist Organizations

Michigan Floral Association [email protected] 517-575-0110

Minnesota State Florist Organizations

Minnesota State Florists’ Association [email protected] 612-724-3606

Mississippi State Florist Organizations

Mississippi State Florist Association 601-477-8381

 Missouri State Florist Organizations

Missouri State Florists Association 913-648-8192

Ozark Florist Association [email protected] 800-333-8580

Montana State Florist Organizations

Montana State Florist Association 406-452-6489

Nebraska State Florist Organizations

Nebraska Florists Society [email protected] 402-421-2613

Nevada State Florist Organizations

North Nevada Florists Association 775-323-8951

New Hampshire State Organizations

New Hampshire State Florists Association [email protected] 603-738-5691

New Jersey State Florist Organizations

New Jersey State Florists Association 908-876-1850

New Mexico Florist Organizations

New Mexico State Florists Association 505-265-1019

New York State Florist Organizations

Flower Market Association of NYC (212) 675-4533

New York Floral Association [email protected] (518) 250-6244

Niagra International Association Of Florists [email protected] 716-867-2285

North Carolina State Florist Oranizations

North Carolina State Florists Association [email protected] 336-498-7661

North Dakota Florist Organizations

North Dakota Florist Associations [email protected] 701-251-2030

Ohio State Florist Organizations

Ohio Florists Association 614-487-1117

Oklahoma State Florist Organizations

Oklahoma State Florist Association [email protected] 918-352-3906

Oregon State Florist Organizations

Oregon State Florist Association

Rhode Island State Florist Organizations

Rhode Island Retail Florists Association 401-294-9015

South Carolina State Florist Organizations

South Carolina Florist Associations [email protected] 864-360-6006

South Dakota State Florist Organizations

South Dakota Florists Association [email protected]

Tennessee State Florist Organizations

Tennessee State Florist Association [email protected] 423-942-1419

Texas State Florist Organizations

Allied Florists Of Houston [email protected]

Texas State Florists Association [email protected] 512-834-0361

West Texas New Mexico Florists Associaton [email protected] 800-753-1142

Utah State Florist Organizations

Utah Professional Florists Association [email protected]

Virginia State Florist Organizations

Central Virginia Florists Association 804-378-0700

Virginia Professional Florists Association 540-862-4143

Washington  State Florist Organizations

Central Virginia Florists Association 804-378-0700

Virginia Professional Florists Association 540-862-4143

Wisconsin State Florist Organizations

Wisconsin Florists Association 262-251-6010

Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists Association [email protected] 517-253-7730

International Florist Organizations

FLORINT: The International Florist Association [email protected]

Australia Florist Organizations

The Flower Association of Queensland (FAQI) [email protected] 61 7 3821 3350

Flowers Victoria [email protected] (03) 9207 5621

New South Wales Floral Art Society (NSWFAS) [email protected]

Professional Florists Association of New South Wales

Western Australia Floral Art Society [email protected]


Belgium Florist Organizations

Royal Union of Belgian Florists (RUBF) [email protected]

Union Fleurs: International Flower Trade Association [email protected] 32 2 231 06 38

Canada Florist Organizations

Flowers Canada


Germany Florist Organizations

Fachverband Deutscher Floristen: German Florist Association [email protected] (0209) 95877-0

Holland Florist Organizations

European Floral Suppliers Association [email protected] 31 (0) 6 12 37 52 70

World Floral Expo [email protected] 31 (20) 662-2482

Italy Florist Organizations

Federazione Nazionale Fioristi (Federfiori) [email protected] 0381/70800 – 70811

France Florist Organizations

Fédération Française des Artisans Fleuristes [email protected] 01 40 40 25 00

New Zealand Florist Organizations

New Zealand Professional Florists Inc. [email protected]

Switzerland Florist Organizations

Schweizerischer Floristenverband: Swiss Floral Association [email protected] 41 44 751 81 81

United Kingdom Florist Organizations

Flowers & Plants Association [email protected] 0844 453 5600

Institute of Professional Florists (IPF) [email protected]