Floranext Onboarding

Part 1. Credit Card Processing

Do you want to keep your current credit card processor?

Do you want to request a quote from our partner, Heartland Payment Systems?

Do you want to process credit cards outside of the Floranext POS and solely on an app (like Square) or on a credit card terminal?

We’re here to review these options and help you choose what’s right for your shop.


2. POS + Website Settings

Find the Welcome Letter Email and click ‘POS Admin’ to login.

[_] ** Complete Settings

Go to ‘Store Settings’ to find the 8 sections below and complete. Click each step for instructions.

*1.Store Info

2.Manage Tax

3.Delivery Calender

4.Delivery Charges

5.Manage Logo

6.Social Media

7.Wire Service Settings  

8.POS Settings

General POS Setup Information


Part 3. POS Setup Appointment

When all computers connected to the internet and all printers are installed on computers, schedule your POS Setup Appointment.  Plan on this taking about 20 mins per computer.

To expedite the install, please have the following beforehand:

-All computers need to be connected to the internet

-All printers should be installed on computers they will be used from

-Install the free Google Chrome Browser on all computers by going to google.com/chrome

-Install Join Me on all computers (go to joinme.com and click Start Meeting)

[_]  **POS Setup Appointment – Call or Email to Schedule

[_] Floranext Configures Browser, Printers & Reviews POS Settings


Part 4. POS Customer & House Account Transfer (optional):

Files must be in Excel Data Only (.xls) or Comma Separated Value (.csv) format.

Let us know which POS you are exporting from and we can send instructions.

Needs to be done towards the end of the onboarding process so we can import the most recent data.

[_] ** Export Customer List and Balances then Email Files as Attachment to Floranext

[_] Floranext Imports Data (can take up to 3 business days)


Part 5.  Website Address

If Teleflora, FTD or other service provider owns your domain, we can help you get it transferred into your name.  Ask us how!

[_]  **Confirm Website Address

[_]  **Send Registrar Login Info to Floranext


Part 6.  Edit Preview Website

In the Admin, go to ‘Products’ to adjust catalog or go to ‘Website’ to edit the design

[_]  **Adjust Product Catalog as needed

[_]  **Customize theme, background and banners


How to use checklist:

The checklist includes all setup steps, the items with **asterisks are your responsibility, we will handle the rest.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The Floranext Onboarding Team

415-906-2850 x 3


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