Florist SEO – On Page SEO

Florist SEO - On Page SEO

Website SEO Info – Make sure your website is organized and coded to be search engine friendly (this is one of the things Floranext is really good at!):

This is something that is internal to your website. In other words, it should be built into your website – make sure your website provider offers these!

– Unique page names – this is the name of the page on the top of your browser. Every page should be different.
– Unique, descriptive URLs – your website URLs should look like not
– Keywords – built into every page of your website should be a unique, descriptive search engine keywords
– Cross-link sites – if you have multiple websites, put links to all of them in the footer of your websites. Example if you own and, put the link to the brooklyn site on the manhattan site and vice versa. Make sure your website provider lets you edit your footer text.
– Sitemap – a listing of all the pages on your site in XML format

Backlinks and Social media are external to your site and you be working to promote these. Things that are internal to your website like keywords and sitemap are offered by your website provider – make sure you’re getting these from your florist website provider!


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