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Blooms & Trivia: Elevating the Fun in Your Florist Shop

Posted on April 9th, 2024


Welcome to our blooming oasis where petals meet puzzles, and fun flourishes amidst the fragrance of fresh flowers!

Let’s explore how infusing some trivia fun into your flower shop can cultivate joy among employees and customers alike, while also blooming sales and promotions!

Floral Trivia Questions (with Answers):

Here are some floral trivia questions, with answers, to help you get started! 

Question: Which flower is commonly associated with love and passion?
Answer: Rose

Question: What flower symbolizes friendship and loyalty?
Answer: Yellow tulip

Question: What is the name of the floral art arrangement in Japan?
Answer: Ikebana

Question: What flower is often given as a sign of apology or remorse?
Answer: Hyacinth

Question: Which flower represents new beginnings and is often seen in bridal bouquets?
Answer: Lily of the Valley

Question: Were Tulips used as a currency in the Netherlands?
Answer: Yes, At the height of “Tulip Mania,” one tulip bulb could be sold for enough guilders (Dutch currency) to purchase a large home.

Question: What is the national flower of Japan?
Answer: Cherry blossom (Sakura)

Question: What are 5 of the most famous paintings in the world that showcase floral?

  • “Sunflowers” (1888) by Vincent van Gogh.
  • “Water Lilies” (1914-1926) by Claude Monet. 
  • “Irises” (1889) by Vincent van Gogh.
  • “The Birth of Venus” (1484-1486) by Sandro Botticelli. 
  • “The Water Lily Pond” (1899) by Claude Monet.

Question: Which flower is the birth flower for January?
Answer: Carnation

Question:  Which flower is commonly known as the “Queen of the Night” due to its blooming at night?
Answer:  Night-blooming cereus

Question: What flower represents purity and is commonly used in wedding ceremonies?
Answer: Lily

Question: Which flower’s name comes from the Greek word for “wind”?
Answer:  Anemone

Question: What flower is commonly known for its healing properties in herbal medicine and is often used in skincare products?
Answer: Calendula (Marigold)

Why Floral Trivia?

Engagement Blossoms: Trivia adds an element of interactivity, turning a regular visit to your shop into a memorable experience. It engages both staff and customers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Educational Bouquets: While customers wait or browse, trivia provides an opportunity to educate them about various flowers, their origins, symbolism, and care tips. It enhances their appreciation for the artistry behind each arrangement.

Promotion in Bloom: Trivia games can be linked to promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs, enticing customers to return for more floral fun and purchases.

Brand Building: By infusing your shop with a fun and educational atmosphere, you distinguish your brand as not just a place to buy flowers but also a hub of knowledge and enjoyment.


Ways to Implement Floral Trivia:

Trivia Tuesdays: Dedicate one day of the week to floral trivia. Encourage customers to participate by offering small discounts or freebies to those who answer correctly.

Social Media Challenges: Post trivia questions on your shop’s social media platforms and encourage followers to comment with their answers. Offer a special discount to those who engage with the post.

In-Store Quizzes: Display trivia questions throughout your shop for customers to answer while they browse. Offer a prize to those who complete the quiz correctly.

Employee Training: Incorporate floral trivia into employee training sessions to educate staff about different flowers and enhance their product knowledge. This can also serve as a team-building exercise.

Seasonal Themes: Tailor your trivia questions to match seasonal blooms or upcoming holidays for added relevance and excitement.

Infusing your flower shop with the charm of floral trivia not only adds a touch of fun but also cultivates a deeper connection between your brand and your customers.

So, let the petals of knowledge bloom and watch your shop flourish in both joy and sales!


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