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Wedding Floral Survey 2022 – The Results!

Posted on August 3rd, 2022


Floranext would like to say thank you to all the respondents who participated in our annual wedding floral survey. As always, this questionnaire provided us with illuminating results that allowed us to learn about current trends that florists should be aware of.

If you’re just starting out or trying to grow your floral business, you are probably setting your sights on weddings as your main business source. But how do your marketing efforts stack up against successful florists?

We polled a group of successful flower shop owners on their marketing efforts for weddings in 2022. The majority already have marketing strategies implemented to attract more couples who are getting married. 

Here’s everything we learned from them that might be helpful as you grow your business.


Key Floral Trends – Wedding Floral 2022

Here are the top key floral trends of wedding florals:

Stay active on social media 

According to a survey we recently conducted, almost 72% of florists said they use social media as one of their strategies for marketing their services, specifically for weddings

The more popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook used to be the primary spot for florists to go – but Tik Tok is becoming a hot spot for flower arrangement videos and floral professionals.

Target for fall weddings

Summer has been the prime-time wedding season for decades, with winter and spring always coming in last. But the enticing colors of fall are causing “peak wedding season” to shift. 

40% of florists noted fall as their most active season for weddings, compared to summer, which only 36% of florists named as their busiest time of year. 

Spreading the word all the time

69% of florists said having a good reputation and referral trend is how they get business for weddings

There is so much power in relying on previously satisfied customers giving your name to their friends who are getting married next. Some even specifically noted that they successfully use referral programs. Others mentioned they get most of their business through being a preferred vendor for venues.

Most florists don’t spend big on wedding marketing

With social media offering low-cost advertising options and many florists relying on referrals and word of mouth, it’s very possible to keep your marketing costs down all year long. 

84% of florists indicated that they don’t spend more than $3,000 on marketing for weddings per year, while only 8% spent more than $5,000. Moreover, the majority spent under $1,000. 


Florist Wedding Floral Survey Results 

What Type Of Florist Are You?


Average number of weddings


What season is favorite


Marketing efforts

Marketing most helpful

Marketing Spent


wedding packages


Couples spend


Thank you for reading the Floranext Wedding Floral Survey for 2022. We are committed to bringing flower shops the best information and tips to run their floral business. Click here to learn more about our florist software and how you can upgrade your florist website or floral point of sale

Survey based on data from 137 florists (75% in the United States, 8% in Canada, 17% International). 


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