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AI-Designed Floral Artwork

Posted on September 27th, 2022

A few new digital tools have just launched to let people create images from just text. The websites like DALL-E  and Midjourney use artificial intelligence (AI) to create never-before-seen pictures built completely by computers. 

We decided to re-imagine the floral bouquet and dozen roses in some familiar styles.  Enjoy our AI-generated flowers! 

We are taking ideas for new floral arrangements in the comments, so please make suggestions for ones you would like to see!


Lego Flower Bouquet

Stuffed Animal Flower Bouquet

Pablo Picasso Dozen Roses


Pop Art Dozen Roses


Salvador Dali Dozen Roses



Mondrian Dozen Roses


MC Escher Dozen Roses


Graffiti Roses

Graffiti Roses


AI can make beautiful images, but there is no substitute for real flowers. Still we love flowers in art of all kinds. Send us your ideas in the comments below for more AI generated art in different styles – we will pick the best ones and add here! 


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