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Florist, is Google About to Ruin Your Mother’s Day?

Posted on April 28th, 2020

Do you know Google My Business may be saying your Flower Shop is closed right now?

Florists have been closed in many US states. Many flower shops have marked their business Temporarily Closed following Google’s guidance. 

Beware – if you plan to offer delivery for Mother’s Day make sure to change this well in advance of Mother’s Day. Google is running on limited staff and is not re-activating profiles quickly. 

google maps closed florist

Step 1: Update Your Google My Business Profile

Update your florist Google My Business profile so you don’t appear closed!  

If you plan to operate for Mother’s Day Delivery, here’s how to update your profile. Click to Info > Re-Open Your Business (bottom right).  

Flower shop openStep 2: Contact Google 

Our profile update was STILL PENDING with Google 3 days after we made this change request. We reached out to them using the Support option. We posted on the Community support in the end and got quick feedback from a Product Expert within 2 hours. 

contact google

Only after we sent them a message via the Community did we get a reply: 

email google florist

We hope these instructions were helpful! Good luck, stay safe, and have a successful Mother’s Day! 

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2 thoughts on “Florist, is Google About to Ruin Your Mother’s Day?”

  1. Thanks – great information and very helpful! I changed my hours manually right away to reflect our situation so I haven’t had this happen – I think the main thing is to log in, make updates and that let’s them know you’re active. Also, if your posting on google my business, it communicates that too.

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