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Florists for Change – The Proposal

Posted on August 17th, 2011

The morning discussion focused on some key principles and positive solutions to help the floral industry:

The Proposal

Action 1: Strive to focus on the consumer
– Build value convenience, lyoatly
– Offer and promote an unconditional 100% satisfaciton guarantee
– Legistlate DOGs (deceptive order gatherer) out

Action 2: Create a “Buy local flowers” national campaign
– “Got Milk”, “Happy Cows California Cheese”

Action 3: Consider non-profit, F2F direct order mechanism
– Sell your products at your prices and dedlivery fee
– You pay me a commission baed on my cost+ profit
– Don’t fill unprofitable incoming orders


Florists for Change – The Proposal for Change

“When the consumer loses, we lose. When the consumer wins we win.” – Mike Fiannaca

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2 thoughts on “Florists for Change – The Proposal”

  1. Evan Owens, Springfield Floral says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mike Finnaca’s quote. Keep the updates coming – we couldn’t make it out there, but we’re all behind you guys!

  2. City Florist says:

    if Wire service does not ful fill their prime goal of providing us with quality orders, then why we have them. Dump them and focus on our own online order collection systems.

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