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Florists for Change – Wire Service Presentations

Posted on October 5th, 2011
Florists for Change - Wire Services

Teleflora Chairman Tom Butler

FFC gave the wire services a chance to engage with the audience, respond, and answer questions.

Bloomnet Presentation – Gino Marotta, Director of National Sales

– Their model – Shops that use more pay more, shops that use less, pay less. “Support legislation deceptive advertising. Have not had a fee increase in 3 years. ”

– Declined affiliate membership – because of ambiguity of membership. Legal council says when you’re public, you can’t make an agreement without Board approval

– How to support national ad campaign – not a clear answer. Could create fee for members, but don’t like that idea. Or could partner by offering discounts to member of FFC and put that towards FFC.

Teleflora Presentation – Tom Butler, Chairman and others

– Teleflora is a technology company: 5,000 POS users, 7,500 Credit Card users, 11,000 web users, 15,000 Dove

– TF believes it is pro-local – $3 million spend on Superbowl ad anti-boxed flowers.

– Reducing the split to 90/10 — it’s a challenge because then other companies who don’t agree will pick up the extra orders from order gatherers. It will be bad for Teleflora members because it will reduce the number of incoming orders.


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