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On FTD’s Recent News

Posted on March 28th, 2019

FTD lawyers contacted Floranext on March 26th 2019 asking us to remove our blog post about FTD’s most recent news. 

We offered to FTD as a compromise to instead post a direct quote from their own recent communications. They suggested this would still result in legal action.

We have removed all commentary about FTD’s recent news from our blog.

It saddens us that in America in 2019, the power of lawsuits are such that it can stop truthful dialogue about issues that matter to people. 

We at Floranext are fans of this quote by Senator and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black – “The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution.”

We hope that all florists are getting truthful information about their business. 

– William O’Shea, Co-Founder/Floranext





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22 thoughts on “On FTD’s Recent News”

  1. Terry Hooper says:

    sorry to have missed it

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey, FTD Lawyers! Tell your clients that if they would not have been so greedy, and would have tried to work WITH florists, instead of against them, then they might not be in such a pickle! FTD dug it’s own grave by cutting out the florist. It’s a shame that their greed is destroying them.

  3. Tom Barnstable says:

    Attorney’s in America today are our biggest problem (This is why the government and Washingrton DC is such a train wreck). Everything is about a law suit and how much money they stick in their pockets. Every law on our books has some type of repercussion where they benefit. I take my hat off to Floranext for whatever was posted and hope that I can get another chance to read it. Thank’s William.

  4. Elaine says:

    Thanks for keeping florist informed. Some companies don’t want the truth told. Keep up the good work FLORNEXT

  5. Mel says:

    Sad I didn’t get to read it. Did you say anything that wasn’t already in the Chicago Tribune? Hopefully after they are done you’ll be able to post it back up again it’s so sad that in the land of the free and brave our freedoms are taken left and right, and you can only have free speech if you agree with the mob.

  6. I am still surprised how companies such as FTD are still in existence. Each florist is liable to educate their clients about this type of companies and how important to support local, authentic, creative and self supporting businesses that care for their flowers as they were their children.

  7. rick whyte says:

    Ditto to Tom Barnstable. I too hope to someday read it.

  8. Scott Jones says:

    They are in a self-caused tailspin…and grasping at straws…Lashing out. They are that bully that just got his ass kicked, only to go home and beat up his little brother. Good riddance !

  9. Bridgette Wilk says:

    I was with FTD for their so-called trial membership. Which is only to be 6 months. I canceled in the appropriate amount of time. 2 of the sales reps that I worked with at the time, we’re never available. I later found out both of them no longer work there. Both of them blatantly lied to me. Both of the Reps misrepresented themselves, FTD and my options as a florist in a town with less than 2500 people. After I cancelled, using all of the instructions that it took to do so, they sent me a bill. a bill for nearly $13,000. I didn’t even make $13,000 with them. That’s what the last statement I received from FTD says I still owe them. FTD is stealing florist’s money. They have done it to me through omission, lies and they’re carefully worded contracts. Hoping no one will figure out the Clearing House statements that let them almost legally steal. Almost legally. They threatened to take me to court, and I welcomed the chance. I hope they are finally held accountable for stealing from every florist they have duped into a contract. Hopefully they will need to pay back all of the money that they have stolen. I would really like to see that they will be held accountable for the business lost with local flower shops throughout the years that FTD has been in business.

  10. Daisy says:

    I pray they go under, FTD is a leach on our industry . They have sucked the finances from not only florists but from the public for far too long. They partner with funeral homes and force florists to become members or else the funeral home won’t do business with them anymore. I’ve seen my own florist fulfill thousands of dollars worth of orders a month only to turn around and write FTD a check month after month. Karma is a bitc_!

  11. Gosh … I too have written about it … the official release was passed to them and approved with a quote … but my blog is my opinion … how can they react this way! Should I be quaking in my boots?!

  12. The Florist site in the UK still had this up this morning should you wish to read it:-

    Either clink the link or copy into your browser.

  13. Terry says:

    In 2009, my business was audited by the IRS because of FTD. They said the florists were making more money than they were showing… funny…the auditor could not figure out how FTD was losing money because of us… they did cost me $2000. No more FTD!

  14. Victor West says:

    This has always been the FTD modus operandi. They bullied florist into having FTD as a negative in pay per click advertising and other things. Sad that a once proud Association is now this. By the way, i voted NO way back when.

  15. John King says:

    IMO, there’s no “news” worth suing over. Anyone in the floral industry knows that wire services in general will soon be dinosaurs. Even the “older generation” is getting ‘net savvy, and look up local florists & their reviews before ordering (direct). The “younger generation” googles everything and is quite comfortable buying online.

  16. Wonda says:

    Glad we quit FTD over a year ago. Now they’re feeling the burn. FTD hurt so many florists with their multi-services and cheap orders. They really played a wrong move last year trying to push their Mother’s Day profits. They obviously care more about their profits than the florists’. Shame on them… (that is free speech).

  17. Robert Sims says:

    Have they threatened the Chicago Tribune in the same way?

  18. I remember when FTD was member owned… cared about the members.
    We gave up our FTD and TELEF a few years back and never regretted it.
    Those orders for 29.99 were shameful!

  19. Rizzo Leung says:

    I didn’t have a chance to read the article about FTD either. Believe everyone knows they have done to the floral industry and their members. Being a victim of paying them back (I mean I paid FTD…) in some months because of the high technology fee, membership fees, something called educational fee. The amount of orders are not even to cover these fees. It is not a joke… Though I have terminated the membership since November, I still have to pay until end April with about 3-4 orders/month. So at the end, we have to pay them approximate $900 back for the termination…

  20. Bibi Alonso says:

    Hello there FTD and other companies out there have destroy the floral industry, I went to battle with FTD back in 2008, high fees and I felt we did all the work and we got no profit back, just worked for them and they collect all the money for the clients. I’m glad to see them going down. I got a law sue for thousands and thousands from FTD had to closed my business. Karma is a good thing. That is all I have to said. Now I’m so happy doing business without any big fish trying to eat me.

  21. Branko says:

    I hate lawyers they take out your soul.FTD will see that on the end

  22. Chedder says:

    I would put it back up. FTD can’t even afford to pay their lawyers anyway. They are a greedy lying, deceitful and manipulative company with a terrible reputation.

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