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Credit Card Surcharge – Now Available!

Posted on March 1st, 2024

Now Available on Websites & Point Of Sale

Free for customers on POS Advanced & Website package

Floranext’s newest feature to Websites & Point of Sale allows the option to transparently transfer credit card processing fees on to your customers. 

Credit Card Surcharge – Get Started Today! 

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Credit Card Surcharge FAQ

Floranext only provides surcharging within the United States.

However, your business must confirm that surcharging credit cards is permitted in your area.

Floranext supports surcharging on the Advanced Points of Sale and Website checkout.

Floranext does not currently support surcharging on Proposal payments, House Account payments or our iPad applications.

Please check with Floranext to confirm that you are eligible for Surcharging.

Some common requirements include a max surcharge rate of 4% and in-store signage. Additionally, Visa and MasterCard do not allow for surcharging on Debit or Prepaid Credit cards.

For additional information you may review these references or seek more information from Visa or MasterCard directly.



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