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Floral Murals – Flower Shop Marketing Magic

Posted on June 18th, 2021

Flower shops across the country have started using floral murals and flower graffiti to bring attention to their business. They can offer a great tool to grab attention, show off a shop’s unique identity, and engage your community. 


Image via @hustonmuralspot – Instagram

Floral Murals – Floral Marketing That Pays for Itself

Firstly, paying for advertising can add up quickly in such a competitive industry. To stay ahead of the curve, many florists are adding murals to brighten up their businesses. Indoor or outdoor, these marketing tactics generate a lot of attention. This type of advertising is a one-time fee that will in return pay for itself. 


jessica-lauren-tattoo-floral-muralImage via @jessicalaurantattoo – Instagram



Instagram is one of the largest leading social media platforms that companies use every day to promote their flower shops. Murals have a way of creating a community around floral brands. Both customers and non-customers will gather around posting photos in front of floral murals.

As a result, the photos end up on social media, therefore, flower shops receive more traffic and business. With a tag and association to your flower shop, you’re golden. Keep the attention high and customers happy by adding a floral mural.


the-flower-cart-baltimore-floral-muralImage via @theflowercartbaltimore – Instagram

What’s Important to your Floral Business? 

Flower shops that choose to use a mural spend lots of time planning exactly what they want as their design. Although the goal of a mural is to grab attention, creating a visual that is unique to your business is vital. One should place a strong emphasis on the elements of design for a floral mural. In other words, use your brand message as the focal point to your mural!

Successful florists are using murals as a marketing tool to leverage their business. They are promoting what’s important to them in a colorful way. What is important to your flower shop? What are your values as a business? With a blank canvas, the sky is the limit.  




Floral Murals- The Reasons People are Flocking to Flower Shops  

Murals generate tons of attention. The best part about them, you can’t turn off this type of advertising. They’re colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching. Therefore, customers will see this as an excellent opportunity to take photos or stop on in! For an everyday commute or someone going for a walk, a mural is a great way to make your floral brand a memorable destination.


photographer - Jens Peter Olesen - floral-muralImage via @jenspeter-Unsplash

Creating Connections in Your Community with Floral Murals

Not only does a mural bring attraction to floral shops, but it can also create business-to-business connections. That is to say, if other businesses look to you as inspiration, you’ll build up a good reputation in the end. Florists may contact your shop in hopes to get a mural done by the same artist for their business! Establishing positive relationships with other businesses and assisting them to build their brand will make you stand out.

Neighborhoods also benefit from a floral mural, here’s why! With the traffic that they receive, more and more people will make a point to stop at your destination out of curiosity. At the same time, it will generate a creative environment for your community to enjoy.


blythe-flowers-ottawa-floral-muralImage via @blytheflowersottawa – Facebook

Reinforce Your Floral Brand 

The list goes on and on when it comes to the benefits of adding a floral mural to a business. In addition to making connections in a community, murals leave behind a statement. Above all, this statement reminds people how much you care about your business and the legacy you want to carry on. Florists find this to be an excellent opportunity to reinforce their floral brand in a bold way. 


becky-exploring-floral-muralImage via @beckyexploring – Instagram

Want to Find an Artist for Your Floral Mural? 

To sum up, floral murals are a wonderful way to turn your mission statement into a captivating visual. Florists are using social media to find local floral muralists near them. For example, Instagram is a great platform to use in order to find floral graffiti artists based on your location. If you search #murals you will find links to other artists who have shared their work. To clarify, this search will show a variety of artwork displayed with different tags attributing back to particular artists.

If you need additional help finding the perfect muralist to illustrate a floral mural for your business, check out


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