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Florist eCommerce Website Analytics

Posted on January 7th, 2021

Florist ecommerce

If you’ve created a florist eCommerce website, then paying attention to metrics can help you grow and improve.

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know when starting your own florist eCommerce website from setting up your dashboard to measuring your growth.

Setting up your dashboard

You can’t have a florist eCommerce website without having the proper analytics software. This software will give you the tools to measure all of the metrics. Here are some tools that you may consider downloading and using.

  • Google’s tools – Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console
  • Social media analytics tools – Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytics

How to understand eCommerce metrics to measure growth

The above analytics tools will help you track thousands of eCommerce metrics. But what do you actually do with them? Here are the ones you should spend your time looking at.

  1. Conversion rate

Your conversion rate is important because it tells you how many people are clicking on your product pages and making a purchase. Depending on the tracking tools you select, you’ll be able to set up conversion tracking so you can see this information and deduce the best way to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Traffic

In general, traffic is important because the more people you have on your website the more conversions you’ll see. If you measure your traffic month over month and year over year, you’ll be able to get an idea of how your florist eCommerce website is growing (or not growing). Both are equally valuable pieces of information!

  1. Repeat orders

Repeat orders increase your CLV (see #6) and show you that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. Because it’s less expensive (by 4 to 10 times!) to retain a current customer than it is to acquire a new one, increase your repeat customers will lead to more growth. You can obtain more repeat orders by…

  • Focusing on high-quality products
  • Having great customer service
  • Providing a customer loyalty program
  • Creating a solid user experience on your website
  1. Average order value

The AOV, or average order value, tells you how much your customers spend in a single purchase on your florist eCommerce website. Often, eCommerce websites will improve this number by adding popups that display related products once consumers add something to their cart or after they click the checkout button. It relies on the idea that it’s less expensive to get current customers to buy more than it is to acquire entirely new customers.

  1. Engagement

Engagement tells you how invested your customers and visitors are in your brand. you see engagement through social media likes and comments. You see it in email open and click-through rates. You see it in blog comments. You see it in social shares, shoutouts, and mentions. Because you can’t see these metrics measure on a single platform, you’ll want to look at your social media analytics frequently.

  1. Customer lifetime value

Also known as CLV, customer lifetime value may be the most important metric you can track in on your florist eCommerce website. CLV is the amount of profit a customer is worth to your business over the course of their/your lifetime. This is important because it’s expensive to acquire new customers, so looking at ways to increase the spending of your current customers if often the way to go. The value will tell you how much to spend to acquire and retain a customer.

Tracking important metrics on your florist eCommerce website can help you grow and expand your business. While you may see a lot of numbers behind the scenes, focus on the above components. They’ll help you cut through the chaos and figure out what really matters.

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