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Florists for Change – Committees

Posted on October 4th, 2011

The Florists for Change event is on in Atlanta, with over 100 florists from around the US and a few from canada.

One of the primary targets was to discuss and organize committees. Floranext participated in discussions, with a focus on technology solutions for the industry.

Here are the committees that were discussed:

Florists for Change Committees

Florists for Change Committees

– Organization – discuss the organization of the group itself: voting, membership dues, etc.

– Communications – official source for authorized docs, phone call/email trees, public relations, media interviews and write-ups, website and social media

– Technology/F2F Order Transmission- Look at existing platforms – compare to ideal, Evaluate tech companies as potential associate members

– Legislative – Define “deceptive order gathering”, Identify reliable info on “deceptive order gatherers”, Analyze existing consumer protection laws and legislation, Work in state legislatures

– Liaison – Interact with industry organizations including WS, Act in ombudsman capacity, Represent FFC with international organizations

– Membership – Membership costs, Member benefits, Database of member information

– Finance and Accounting – Pay the bills (there was no preliminary meeting of finance as it was deemed premature)

– Advertising and Marketing – Develop funding mechanisms, FFC website advertising, F2F order transmission (there was no preliminary meeting of finance as it was deemed premature)

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