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Florists Thoughts: Hilarious Messages Written on Floral Arrangements

Posted on October 4th, 2017


Florists, have you ever been taken aback by a floral card message?

With the overwhelming response to our Most Ridiculous Things Said in our “Florists’ Thoughts” blog series, we thought it would be fun to launch another survey to ask florists about the most bizarre and hilarious messages they have ever had to write on floral arrangements.

With a tremendous response from our readers, we will list our top 10 answers in this blog. Thank you to all who participated on these Florists Thoughts!




10.  An elderly woman came to send flowers to a friend who just had her leg amputated. She wanted a get well balloon to go with it. After she browsed through the selections, she chose a “cute” one but overlooked the message on it which read, HOPE YOUR BACK ON YOUR FEET SOON.

I assured her we’d take good care of her order but without her knowing, attached a more “appropriate” balloon…



9.  A Customer picked up flowers to take along to his colonoscopy. “Thanks to the girls of the rear guard.”

-Shearers Florist


8.  “I know that you are blushing, now everyone is looking and wondering who has sent you the flowers. You can’t tell them it’s your lover, but I thought that if the husband is not sending, then I will. Happy Valentine’s Day. From, ????????”

-Wildflowers Of SC


7.  Set the stage. Valentine’s Day! Big snow storm in Maine. The guy is a snow plow driver. “Dear Susie, the driveway isn’t the only thing that is going to get plowed tonight! Love, Your Snow Plow Guy.”

-B Bridges


6.  “I love you b**h, your the best b**h, can’t wait to see you b**h.” Man to his girlfriend, very classy…

-Amber Roses


5.  “I think a while of love, and while I think, love is to me a world sole meat and sweetest drink. Close connecting link ‘tween heaven and earth. Derek.” This order was sent over the wire and that’s word for word how it read, grammatical errors and all. We posted it and whenever we needed a little laugh all anyone had to say was “I think a while of love” and we’d get to laughing all over again.



4.  I did a funeral piece for a man whose best friend died, they were friends for like 50 years and were practical jokers. He wrote on his card message ” good luck getting in!”



3. “I love you so much I could sh*t.”



2.  “You are the bacon bits on my salad of life.”



1.  “I love all your pink parts.”



Florists, share your most hilarious card messages with our readers in the comment section below.


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8 thoughts on “Florists Thoughts: Hilarious Messages Written on Floral Arrangements”

  1. Russ says:

    Husband sent flowers to his wife that worked at a local office. He said, those girls are all so nosy. He asked us to write “Sorry I slept with your sister” in black sharpie on the card.

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      This got me – lol

  2. sandie says:

    A message I had one Valentines from a guy to his girlfriend – Roses are red, violets are blue, what’s growing in my pants, is just for you

  3. Generally, we use to write message whatever customer wants to their lovable ones. But recently one of my customers told me to write some message on my fiance for her birthday than I wrote “May your birthday be as bright, cheery and full of life as these fragrant blooms”

  4. G C says:

    In defence of No 5, he was quoting Thoreau – archaic/poetic rather than incorrect grammar.

    1. MJ says:

      Exactly. A beaufiful, correctly. written poem – except “a while”, should be “awhile”)

  5. hoa says:

    I like No 7, read funny and no less romantic. Flowers attached to this content is too interesting

  6. Portland Maine Forist says:

    We model what we do after you at Portland Maine florist thank you for everything.

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