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Florist Thoughts – Most Ridiculous Things Said

Posted on April 5th, 2017


Florists, ever been at lost for words by what a customer has said to you?

Floranext has launched a new series in our blogs called “Florist Thoughts”.  With the help of our readers, we are emailing surveys to florists all around the world for some fun and helpful tips on the floral industry’s day to day adventures.

In this blog, we will share “Most Ridiculous Things Said To Florists”. We could have actually written several blogs with just this one topic! Thank you to all who participated and submitted in feedback – we received a tremendous amount of responses.


 Most Ridiculous Things Said To Florists:


16. “You’ll make it nice… won’t you? “

– anonymous

15. Day of wedding – “Can we change the flower colors to this, we are paying for what we want.”

– anonymous

14. “Is there going to be someone who will stay at the wedding to watch the flowers?”


13. “I love the look of these flowers, but can we remove the scent, it makes my eyes water?”

– anonymous

12. “Is this all you have?”

– anonymous

11. As I handed a man a bouquet of beautiful flowers he asked, “So when this gets old I can eat it right?” I have since gotten this question so often that I have had to make a notice under my wedding contract that the flowers are not for consumption.

– anonymous

10. Upon entering the shop, before even coming close to the flower box, the comment is shouted out “Those flowers look tired”. It happened a few times in my 35 years and it’s coming from a one time customer.  You will never see them again. it’s a trick used to get a few bucks off the price. Don’t fall for it, stick to your price.

–  Jeanne- Floral Expressions, Sparkill, New York

9. “I can get cheaper flowers at a grocery store.”

– anonymous

8. “Flowers are a waste of money, they’re just going to die anyway.”

– anonymous

7. “Why should I pay for green leaves? Don’t you get them from the fields outside?”

– Brigitte- Brigitte Designs , Montreal, Canada

6. “Can I have your dead flowers for our church?”

– Erica –North Dakota

5. “The flowers that I would like in my bridal bouquet are peonies, ranunculus, several garden roses and large white hydrangeas. The most I want to spend on this is about $50.00.”

– anonymous

4. “I ordered flowers a month ago and they are already dead, can I get a refund?”

– anonymous

3. “Can I get an arrangement of Blue/Black flowers?”

– anonymous

2.”Do these take water?”

– anonymous

1. “I always wanted to be a florist. You just play with flowers all day. What an easy job! You are so Lucky!”


Note: Florists, we encourage you to fill out our surveys and add your name/flower shop name so that we can give you credit in our Floranext blogs. (Psst! This is great for your SEO!)

Florists, share your most ridiculous things that have been said to you with our readers in the comment section below.


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31 thoughts on “Florist Thoughts – Most Ridiculous Things Said”

  1. Now will that be a real humming bird on the casket spray. I would like it to be real…. I say, you want a real taxidermied humming bird? Him no I want a real live humming bird….. Hmmm I am so sorry, not sure I can do that for you, but here are my fake ones for $1.99….

    1. Angela Davis says:

      Oh my gosh, I would LOVE a flower arrangement with a real hummingbird on top! 😀

  2. Just too funny (although it isn’t funny ha ha sometimes…)

    “Do these take water ?” has to be my favorite.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Devin says:

    Us: We need a phone number for delivery
    Client: Why?
    Us: Because we think it’s in a gated community 45 minutes away, and the guard will not let us through without prior authorization.
    Client: Oh, yeah, it is in a gated community.
    Us: Okay, can you get us their number?
    Client: I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so no.
    Us: Then we can’t take it.
    Client: Okay then here’s the number for delivery. (gives us phone number)
    Time passes. We’re ready to take the arrangement, so we call the “recipient”.
    Client: Do you need anything else?
    The client has given us an alternate cell for themselves instead of their recipient’s actual phone number. Since apparently the surprise is more important than their recipient actually receiving anything.

  4. Tamar Green says:

    About our shop cat: “Is that his real hair?”

  5. Rebekah says:

    Flowers are pretty pointless these days – they don’t have a scent. You’ve killed them all! You’re just selling bouquets of death!

  6. arlee barr says:

    “When i pulled the flowers out of the vase when it was delivered, i got water everywhere! Why didn’t you tell me they were going to be delivered in water?”

  7. Elderly customer shuffles in on a walking frame.
    ‘Do you sell pudding bags?’
    Me ‘Sorry, no we are a flower shop’
    ‘And they tell you to buy local!’

  8. Kelly says:

    Said to me recently by a bride; I need flowers for 30 reception tables. 2 types roses, peonies & greens in 6 inch squares. 12 roses in each. I can get the roses thru costco for $1000. Can you do it all for the same? “Sure lady, I’ll throw the rest in for free…”

    1. Carie says:

      I get that all the time too! Except Sam’s s the store they quote instead of Costco.

  9. Valerie says:

    If I buy flowers from the grocery store can you just arrange them for me for free? I did pay for the flowers already.

    1. Anna says:

      I would ask them, “if you went and bought a couple of steaks at Walmart and took them to a nice restaurant and asked them to cook them up for free, do you think they would do it?” People are so unbelievably freaking stupid. It makes me crazy.

  10. 17. Can you make an arrangement with resistant fresh flowers, so it will last forever?

  11. Joy says:

    My answer to number 8.”so do we so please enjoy your flowers for the moment ” or ” flowers last longer than a dinner or chocolates and font put on extra weight “4

  12. Jackie says:

    Great comments !!!!
    I have one more
    I want a big bouquet for $30
    How much will that cost ?
    Must get this at least twice a week

  13. Customer looking for Clematis Vine asks “Do you have any Clamydia?”.

  14. Mikayla says:

    “How many petals are in that?”
    Is a question I get asked several times a week for our bag of petals (advertised with 30 rose heads)

  15. Told to one of our designers in preparing a centerpiece for someone’s dining room..”Make what ever you like, but don’t use yellow, red or blue..and don’t use Daisies, Carnations, or those stinky Lilies, I don’t like Hydrangeas I find they die quickly, nothing tall, but don’t make it too short, no branches and nothing that looks like wild flowers, oh and yes, orange will not work with my decor it that room. I don’t really like anything Exotic or that Japanese style, but I leave it to you to make whatever you like. I am not fussy about it…whatever you think is nice”.

  16. Recipient opening door- “Oh! you get to deliver flowers all day?? What a fun job!”
    Tiffany: <smiles…thinking….If you only knew, the traffic I dealt with to get here, I'm like the UPS man!

  17. Mike says:

    Customer looking at a plant and asking “Is that all it does?”

  18. Madeline says:

    “I would like to spend $60.00, how many flowers will there be?”

    “I bought this plant 3months ago” (it was actually 9months)
    “I’m moving, have no use for this plant, can you take it and give me a discount on another purchase (meanwhile it’s half dead with bugs)

  19. Kali says:

    Got a phone call that all of the flowers were already dying in their bouquet even though she was watering them regularly. I looked up the order and informed her that the arrangement was made of silks so they couldn’t possibly be dying. She still didn’t believe me after I told her this. I just wonder how many times she watered that fake arrangement!

    1. Jess says:

      This made me snort with laughter!!

  20. Christine says:

    *Around Christmas time*
    “Can you make this arrangement more…nutcracker-y?”

  21. Laura says:

    Customer: could I get a bouquet please
    Me: yes of course, what price range were you thinking of?
    Customer: ooh I like something pretty for around 5€ please is this enough?
    Me: thinking ermmm no, then saying, our prices start from 15€ and go to whatever you would like.
    Customer: oh right well it’s only for a thank you gift for a friend and I don’t want to spend that much.

    Wow you must really like your friend hahah x

  22. Scott says:

    We get “Do you sell flowers?” all the time, and when I’m delivering bridal bouquets to a hotel I am always asked by people if they are for a wedding. Once in an elevator delivering a bridal bouquet to a bride a man asked me if someone was getting married. I replied “No there is a funeral service taking place in room 1203 and these are for in the deceased hands.” The look on his face was priceless as the elevator door opened and I walked out.

  23. Celia says:

    Is the delivery charge negotiable???

    Me: well yes if you would like to come pick it up.


  24. Alex Jack says:

    Awesome blog…it happen daily with a florist. They have to answer all the questions of their customers. Because customers are the first priority of any florist. I am also a florist…So I can understand better..hehehe…

  25. Very good blog. Customers are very important for any florists. They ask questions because they spend money on that product and as a seller, we have to provide them. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Kelly Witham says:

    Amazing blog !!!!!!! it happens day by day with a flower vendor. They need to answer every one of the inquiries of their clients. Since clients are the primary need of any flower vendor. I am likewise a flower vendor… So I can see better

  27. Chance Cook says:

    I don’t care if people can get cheaper flowers. They won’t have the same amount of care. They also won’t last nearly as long.

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