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Free Facebook Beacon for Your Flower Shop?

Posted on June 10th, 2015

Facebook announced that they are offering free Bluetooth beacons for retail businesses – these devices will allow customers to see more information about your business when they log into Facebook at your shop. Should you sign up to get a free device?

Beacon Flower Shop

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What is a Bluetooth Beacon?

Beacons are a relatively new technology that allow for retailers to push messages and information to shoppers’ smartphones when they enter your shop. Larger retailers are beginning to use these to market to their customers and also to track who visits their shops, how long they stay, and what they do when they arrive.

What will Facebook’s Beacon Do Exactly?

Initially the Facebook Beacon will allow customers who open up the Facebook app while close to your store to see more information about your shop. Typical information would be friends’ check-ins, photos taken in your store, tips left by other users about your flower shop.

Facebook Beacon for Florists

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What are Privacy Concerns with Beacons?

Facebook’s beacons, unlike some others on the market, only push information to customers. They don’t collect location information from your users, so there isn’t the privacy concern attached to other types of beacon technologies.

Should I Get a Facebook Beacon for My Flower Shop?

Facebook Beacon

As long as the Beacons are available for users who open up the Facebook app, the Beacons are going to be more useful for businesses where customers spend a lot of time. These are going to be cafes, restaurants, and other similar establishments.

That said, Facebook Beacons could be an interesting addition to your flower shop, particularly if you have a group of customers that are highly engaged with Facebook. You can even let your Facebook followers know they can try out the technology when they visit your shop.

The beacons are simple to set up and there is no maintenance  required so they may be worth a closer look for a some of the more socially engaged flower shops.

Want more information about the free Facebook beacons? Click here for the Facebook information page.


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  1. Shane says:

    I would Like to get one of these beacons for my flower shop!

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