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What can your flower shop learn from a tween heartthrob?

Posted on March 18th, 2011


Whether you’re familiar with teen heartthrob and pop singer Justin Bieber or not, you are probably wondering what he could possibly have to do with your floral business.

Beiber made floral news when he made a promotional partnership with 1-800-Flowers, selling a bouquet named after his new hit single “One Less Lonely Girl.” The 1-800-Beiber bouquet includes 12-24 variegated red roses and also comes with a “One Less Lonely Girl Scarf,” a membership to his fan club, and a Justin Bieber CD.

In addition, a portion of the bouquets’ proceeds go to his charity, which focuses on building schools in developing nations.

When you recover from gazing into his dreamy tween eyes, you might wonder: why all the add-ons? In the latest consumer tracking study by the American Floral Endowment, the most frequent flower buyers are women over 35. Appealing to a younger target audience should always be a marketing goal, and this is their approach. What are you doing to reach your younger market?

Receiving flowers can be a clever way of reminding a market about giving flowers. Even if all the Beiber-bouquets are bought by women over 35, it is likely that they will be purchased for a younger market, introducing them to the joys (and hipness) of giving and receiving flowers. Looking for an easy, low tech way?

Find out about events going on in your community where you can remind those involved to pick up flowers for their special event. Advertising with flyers and word-of-mouth around dance studios, theaters, and performance venues of all kinds are a good place to start.

Consider using Facebook to get the word out to a younger group – and for the incredible price of… FREE, why not? One tactic we have used for our own shop is to find out about local high schools’ prom Facebook pages and get them to “like” your business.

Bieber recently made headlines again by calling a local florist and requesting that his reputed girlfriend and Disney teen-star, Selena Gomez’s, house be filled with flowers. Sources say the florist had to use every flower in the shop and needed to use multiple trucks to complete the order.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and who knows, maybe your efforts will inspire a customer to buy every last flower in your shop!

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