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Flower Shop Top 10 Flowers!

Posted on November 12th, 2015

What are your top flowers in your cooler week in and week out?  The ones you always go to that work for your everyday designs, bouquets and funeral work?   Here is a list of our choices, see if we match.  If not, tell us in the comments below what your top 10 flowers are!


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Top 10 Flowers = Less Stress in your Flower Shop

Why have your own “Top 10” flower list? It helps with planning. By ordering in advance, you can save money by saving on last-minute delivery charges and the chance of sub-par “that’s all we have in stock” flower quality. Talk to your supplier about signing up for a standing order program.  There are many different types of standing order plans available so talk about the one that would work best for your flower shop.

When you keep a stock of 10 types of flowers in your cooler each week, you definitely cut down on your stress level.  No longer do you need to worry about having the flowers in stock when you receive those last-minute orders or funeral work.  You have the flowers and are ready to design!

Top 10 Flowers For Your Flower Shop

Here is our list of the top 10 most important flowers to have in your shop from least to most important.

carnations10. Carnations, add fragrance they have a spicy beautiful scent. Yes they might be “old-fashion” but when placed correctly in an arrangement they look beautiful, are long lasting and add softness to the design. Try and keep the staple colors in stock including red, white and pink. There are so many different colors of carnations that you might want to try some seasonal varieties as well.  Don’t forget the mini-carnations, another ideal long lasting flower that adds interest to designs.



casablanca lily9. Casablanca Lilies can really make an impact on any design and work well with roses. Best part is you only need a few to make a statement! White is a great color to keep on hand.





mums8. Football Mums can be a great inexpensive way to add drama to funeral work. These large pillow-like flowers bring a punch to any piece. Keep white in stock for all occasions.







alstro7. Alstroemerias are inexpensive and work great as a filler. Keep a seasonal mix on hand to bring color and longevity to your design work. Try not to get white Alstromerias, they show the wear and tear of travel easily.





mums6. Kermit “Button” Chrysanthemums in green brings a bit of WOW easily to any design. A long lasting flower to have on hand and use them often to add color and dimension to any arrangement.






asters5. Matsumoto Asters are another perfect POP of color flower for all arrangements. Bring in some hot pink and purple to complement and excite your weekly designs.








4. Snapdragons – These blooms add dimension to any arrangement. Wonderful color variations and add height to all your arrangements for a pleasing to the symmetrical design. Provide cool color and balance other mid-sized flowers






daisies3. Daisies give you some great color and mass inexpensively. Vary the color with the season is fun but white and yellow are a must year round!






2. Gerberas are a favorite with customers and an excellent addition to your designs. By adding Gerberas, you increase the price point. Red and pink are perennial favorites.





roses1. Roses are a staple in a flower shop. 40 and 50 centimeter size can be purchased at reasonable prices at most times. Having them in the standard colors of red, white and pink will please anyone and they will class-up any design or bouquet.




Plus 2 – The Two Best Filler Flowers for your Flower Shop

wax-flowerWax Flower
in white or pink is the best filler flower of all time. The look brings freshness and life to heavy designs.




LimoniumCaspia or Limonium when added can totally change the feel to a more high-end design. Keep some on hand for variety.




Well, that’s our list of the top 10 flowers each flower shop needs in their cooler.  What do you think?  Do you agree?


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15 thoughts on “Flower Shop Top 10 Flowers!”

  1. Joey Riso says:

    I couldn’t agree less. The “Top 10” you propose are what may be found in any grocery store or Walmart.
    For retail florists to survive, we need to offer customers the varieties which are not as readily available, are not cheap, and are of superior quality.
    Your selections are (with a few exceptions) a dive to the bottom.

  2. Sadie says:

    I think the most important flowers in your store depend on your clientele. In our store our main staples are garden roses, regular roses, green hydrangea, clematis, germinis, dutch lilies, hypericum berries, thistle, stock, snapdragons and sweet William. I like to believe that if we show our customers a higher end product that still lasts and is beautiful we can differentiate ourselves from the local supermarkets etc.
    Every flower is special, but some flowers you can purchase everywhere and others only at your local florist.

  3. It’s a good top 10, but in Spain is necesary to include Gysophillas like filler flower and in the top of the flowers Gladiolus and Tulips.

  4. Shawn says:

    Trade out the snapdragons for liatris and solidago, and trade out the matsumoto asters for white hydrangeas and you’ve got our list…snapdragons don’t have the vase life we need, and the asters are two expensive for the “bang” they offer in an arrangement, otherwise you’ve described our cooler to a “T”!

  5. Pamela says:

    You are right on. I graduated from Michigan State Univ. Floriculture. 1964. This is my 37 the year in Phoenix Az. LoLobe my business more each. Day. Lucky. Me

  6. Marco groot says:

    I am missing “must haves” as hydrangeas, tulups, daffodils, hyacints, ranunculus, anemones, likac, viburnum. Just to name a few.

  7. Very nice post.
    Thank you for sharing tips for Top 10 Flowers For Your Flower Shop.

  8. So nice quality images dear.
    I hope to see such products on IndiaBizClub

  9. Hi Bill,
    This blog list is very useful for me. Thanks for Sharing this list.

  10. Thank You FloraNext, for such a beautiful interesting blog. But somehow, if you perceive towards the retail point of view than this list will be different. Majority of the demand is little different. Anyways, very nice interesting list. thanks for way2flowers team.

  11. Hi Petal says:

    It is really great articles! Hope to read more ?

  12. chetan says:

    Amazing pics, every pic giving a message of freshness, well maintained shops too

  13. Edgar says:

    I’m planning to start a small mobile flower shop. What do you all recommend me to star with?

  14. Bondita says:

    Wow, nice post. Finally, I got an idea for my wedding decor flowers.

  15. Really nice post!!! that was what i was looking for!! thanks for sharing.

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