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Popular Florist Podcasts Every Florist Should Listen To

Posted on October 19th, 2021


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Podcasts are a great tool that are not only fun to listen to, but they could be helpful from a floral business perspective as well. We’ve gathered a list of all the best florist podcasts to listen to. Each of them will either help you be more business-minded, expand your floral knowledge, or give you a much needed break from the day-to-day!


The Best Florist Podcasts 

There are several great floral-centric podcasts that are worth checking out. The first that we want to highlight is The Hotel Florist. This florist podcast focuses on ensuring consistent income and landing partnerships with hotels. The Host, Francessca, shares her experience working with virtually every major hotel in the world. Her focus on the impact of flowers in these spaces and the strategy you can use to work with hotels in a sustainable way is inspiring.

Our favorite episode: Setting Your Sales Goal (aired 7/7/2021)

Next up is Botanical Brouhaha. This florist podcast helps bring guidance and education to florists, and assists in connecting florists with other people in the industry around the world. Founder and Creative Director Amy McGee is a former florist who runs the podcast, sharing her passion for the business and using it as a platform to support good causes.

Our favorite episode: Natalie Gill on Finding Your Mojo (aired 6/24/2020)

We also love Flower Clique. Run by Vonda LaFever and Lori Wilson, the two hosts share advice, insider knowledge, and fun tips on anything and everything floral related. With a focus on sharing industry trends and where the modern floral shop is headed, this florist podcast is full of knowledge that will help take your business to the next level.

Our favorite episode: Hiring and Training Solutions for the Modern Florist (aired 8/3/2021)

Looking for more, here are a couple of other great florist centered podcasts:

florist-podcast-plantGreat Small Business Podcasts for Florists 

It’s also useful to listen to small business focused podcasts to learn how you can better run your floral business and meet your goals. The podcast My Small Business & Me is one that’s sure to pique your interest! Rona Wheeldon hosts this podcast. While she started her career in the corporate sector, she left it and pursued a passion for flowers when she started her own floral-centric blog. As a small business owner, her podcast revolves around her desire to help individuals become successful and happy entrepreneurs. 

Our favorite episode: Creating a Distinctive Brand for Your Small Business (aired 5/18/2021)

A couple of other great florist business podcasts are: 


Educational Social Media Podcasts for Florists 

Social media is so important for any business, and floral businesses are no exception to that rule. The Savvy Social Podcast is a show dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs and business owners learn to use social media as a tool to grow their business. Hosted by Andréa Jones, she conveys her commitment to helping business owners understand the how and the why of social media marketing. From there, you’ll be equipped with the tools to create connections, build community, and make a difference in your industry.

Our favorite episode: How to Grow & Manage Your Social Media Community (aired 7/6/2021)

Some other great Social Media Podcasts




There is a whole wide world of florist podcasts out there, and each one serves a different purpose. Whether you’re just looking to casually listen or if you want to really learn about your industry, there’s a podcast for that! Do you have any podcasts you’d recommend? Share them with us below – we’d love to tune in!


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