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2017 Cheat Sheet – Florals,Greens & Succulents Trends

Posted on June 29th, 2017


Floral stem trends have hit all time high with the use of social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Surprisingly people have taken an interest in the actual floral and greenery stems of the arrangement rather than the overall look and feel. Of course, the look and feel is just as important but picking the blooms and greens is equally as important.

Florists, we understand how this can be a catch 22, as some florals and greens may not be readily available or could even be impractical. However, we must pay homage to the overwhelming interest in florals and their greenery counter-partners, as this has given florists the recognition they so deserve for their exceptional creativity and artistry status.

In this blog, we will list the hottest most sought after trending floral, greenery and succulent stems. Most florists will be familiar with these blooms however for those that are new to the floral industry, this will be your go to blooms cheat sheet.



2017  Greens Floral Trends:

These are the hottest trending greens right now and are here to stay for a long time.  Using these greens will beautifully accentuate any floral arrangement. Try incorporating a new go to green at your flower shop to any floral vase, or design piece you make to add that updated look and feel.

  1. Trick Dianthus
  2. Amaranthus
  3. Poppy Pods
  4. Seeded Eucalyptus
  5. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  6. Baby Blue Eucalyptus
  7. Gunni Eucalyptus 
  8. Parvifolia Eucalyptus
  9. Jasmin
  10. Tree Fern
  11. Ming Fern 
  12. Maidenhair Fern
  13. Sword Fern
  14. Myrtle
  15. Italian Ruscus 

Tip: Mixing eucalyptus varieties in floral garlands looks absolutely breathtaking and offers that vintage look that is so in right now.



2017 Succulent Floral Trends:

Let’s face it, succulents in floral arrangements are here to stay. Strategically placed succulents in any floral design offer high impact. We also love the fact that succulents are so resilient and long lasting.

  1. Burros Tail 
  2. Echeveria Desert Rose
  3. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg
  4. Echeveria Green Prince 
  5. Hens & Chicks
  6. String of Pearls
  7. Trachyandra



2017 Herb Floral Trends:

If you are not using herbs in your floral arrangements yet then just wait, these are so current and will get even more popular in time.

Using herbs in floral designs are very popular because of the special  meaning behind each herb, which provides a specific good fortune. Try incorporating some of these trending herbs in your floral arrangements and wedding designs.

  1. Sage, Wisdom & Long Life
  2. Rosemary, Loyalty & Fidelity
  3. Thyme, Courage & Bravery
  4. Basil, Love & Goodwill
  5. Mint, Virtue & Honesty 
  6. Parsley, Merriment & Joy 



2017 Flower Floral Trends:

These flower stems offer that bohemian modish style that is so alluring and captivating for all. Paired with greens, succulents, and herbs these blooms make for a show-stopping presentation.

  1. Dahlia
  2. Ranunculus
  3. Peonies
  4. Juliet Rose 
  5. Astilbe
  6. Electra Spray Rose
  7. Lisianthus
  8. Agapanthus
  9. Anemone
  10. Protea King
  11. China Mum 
  12. Craspedia 
  13. Allium 
  14. Scabiosa 
  15. Forget-me-knot
  16. Thistle 
  17. Limonium
  18. Queens Anne’s Lace 
  19. Veronica
  20. Sweet Pea 
  21. Wax Flower 
  22. Baby’s Breath
  23. Hydrangea
  24. Delphinium


We hope that this list will be helpful in providing knowledge of the top trending blooms, greens, and succulents. Florists are there any floral blooms, greens, or succulents not listed? Please share an essential flower, green, succulent or herb that you feel every florist should utilize in their flower shop.


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