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Building a More Eco Conscious Flower Shop

Posted on February 24th, 2021

Eco-friendly, sustainable, and going green seem to be just buzz words but they are also ideas that seem to have some staying power. With Millennials and Gen-Z concerns over the environment, there is a lot of selling power in “going green”. So how can you be a more conscious floral shop that not only increases sales but also helps the environment?

Shop Local

All small businesses need a little boost nowadays and supporting local businesses helps you build critical relationships within your community. If you have a local candy or coffee store, consider using their products for your box of chocolates. If you have a local craft shop it may be the best place to get ribbon, tulle, and other wrappings. Does a local farmer produce flowers that you could use in your designs? While social media and online marketing are important the old-fashioned ‘word of mouth’ can still be just as important. If you send business their way, they are likely to send it yours.

Mindful Sourcing

It may be hard to be critical of sourcing your materials since it feels like you don’t have many options especially if you live in a smaller area. Knowing your supplier and your options is a major hit or miss when it comes to creating an eco-conscious and sustainable store. Does your provider gather your product in a fair-trade manner? Is there a potential for unsafe working conditions on the farms where your flowers come from? Are the growers protecting the land and not damaging it? There are many ethical questions and concerns that you as a shopper should be aware of.

Recycle When Possible

There is a lot of waste in the floral world from the plastic the flowers come in, to the cardboard they are shipped in. There are also any plastic containers you send your product out in and the glass containers you build in! If you want a more eco-friendly shop it may be time to put some procedures into place like being mindful of how much wire or paper you use, returning the boxes your flowers are shipped in to be reused or offering return discounts for vases that come back to your shop.


Turn Off Non-Essentials

As florists, we often get into a routine of flipping on various tools as soon as we enter the store but find ourselves rarely using the item we turned on. Consider whether these tools are essential and whether or not you can replace them with something else. Try opening windows instead of using your A/C or rely on natural daylight rather than overhead lights. These may seem like smaller steps, but they can make a big difference.

Sustainable and green floristry is just like everyday floristry but is more experienced with the wellbeing of the environment, growers, and flower recipients. Sustainable florists provide their customers with products that don’t leave a destructive carbon footprint in their wake. Is this the type of florist you want to be?

Florists, are there certain things you do at your shop that make your business eco Conscious.


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5 thoughts on “Building a More Eco Conscious Flower Shop”

  1. Alexandra Georgiou says:

    Interested in more information for website and pos system

  2. Melissa McPherson says:

    Interesting articles and stories by some beautiful people xx

  3. Lani Lam says:

    Can the software integrate with Wire services: telefora, FTD and Bloomnet?

  4. Patty says:

    I would love to see the floral industry do SOMETHING about all the plastic wrap used on fresh flowers shipped in. It is outrageous the amount of plastic on EVERY bunch of pomp’s or carnations..putting more bunches in a bunch would cut this in half! 3 bunches of pomp’s in one bundle instead of 5 stems would be a huge improvement!!

  5. gianni says:

    we have taken steps to give our customers the best experience.

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