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Opening a Flower Shop – What I Wish I Knew!

June 19th, 2018 Posted by Florist Marketing, Florist Point of Sale, Florist POS, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, Opening a Flower Shop 62 thoughts on “Opening a Flower Shop – What I Wish I Knew!”

Opening a flower shop, like any new business, requires lots of hard work, love, and dedication. And some good information.




What do you wish you knew when you decided to open a flower shop? Here are some things we have learned. Let us know your tips also!

Florist Marketing

  • Online reputation is critical – Stay on top of Yelp, Google Places, and other review websites. Customers are turning to online outlets to express their praise/frustration – stay in control.
  • Low cost/No cost marketing – is often the best – community activity gets free marketing.  
  • Email marketing – send out coupons and discounts at least every month. Make sure your florist website supports this.

Florist Wire Services

  • Avoid Wire Service Lock-In – Don’t get stuck with long-term commitments for florist POS and florist websites. Flexibility is key for any small business.
  • Wire Services Ads – your money is going to fund ads running against your business in your local area.
  • Statements – Review your statements with an accountant or bookkeeper to see if you’re actually making money.
  • Codified Products / Containers – Know your options.  Sometimes the minimum purchase of these expensive containers far outweighs the earning potential.  Many florists team up to split a box or you can choose to not buy the codified container and instead purchase something similar from your trusted vendor.  In that case, you can still fill wire-in orders that allow for a keepsake substitution without breaking the bank.

Florist Credit Card Processing

  • Big Costs – Credit card processing is an unexciting but critical part of your business. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by choosing the right merchant account. Compare processors.
  • Statements – Compare your statements to be sure you’re getting a good deal.
  • Contracts – Contracts can be okay, but avoid early termination fees and similar lock-ins.

Feel free to contact Floranext for input on florist credit card processing.

Florist Software

  • Floral POS pays for itself – Good floral software increases productivity and has built-in marketing – you will save on time, labor and get more orders.
  • Independent solutions – think independent for your floral software, florist POS, and florist proposal software – you will get lower prices and more flexibility.
  • Florist websites – Make sure your florist website looks unique – it’s a critical part of your brand.

Starting a Florist? Get our FREE florist eBook


Flower Shop Operations

  • Delivery Confirmations – are practically expected by customers these days as a part of basic customer service.
  • Check your work – Have a checker on all designs that leave the store.
  • Handling complaints – create an action plan for your staff so everyone feels empowered to help that occasional sour customer with a smile and grace.

Holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)

  • Record keeping – it’s essential to predict future years – keep notes on sales, prices, weather.
  • Planning – Make a game plan weeks before any holiday for staffing, buying, and marketing.
  • Be aware of your competition – See what the wire services and other florists in your area are offering and offer up something unique and/or comparable.

Flower Care

  • Keep buckets clean – change water and recut any flowers that haven’t sold within 3 days of arriving.

Florist Staffing

  • Do not overstaff – use part-timers for flexibility.
  • Staff smart – Experienced designers will require a higher wage than a General Shop worker.  Schedule designers enough hours to fill orders and create some designs for the display case then let the general help take it from there.  

Working with Vendors

  • Share information – don’t be afraid to ask other florists who they get their supplies from.
  • Check invoices – to be sure you are paying a reasonable price for your supplies and check each delivery to be sure you have received everything you paid for.  Mistakes happen!
  • Know what you are paying – and what you need to charge with your markup.  Be sure your staff knows this too!
  • Communication – with vendors is key. Let them know when you receive an unsatisfactory product or when they deliver in a timely manner.  These relationships will help you stand out against other shops.

Florist Community

  • Florist Advice – Lean on other florists for advice with free Facebook florist communities. Some are invite-only, so be in touch with other florists to find the most popular communities.

Want more info on getting started in the flower business?

Check out our articles on increasing florist profits and our florist survey on opening a flower shop



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Florists’ Thoughts: Three Generations of Flowers

September 27th, 2017 Posted by Blog, Florists for Change, Florists' Thoughts, Flower History, Opening a Flower Shop, weddings 7 thoughts on “Florists’ Thoughts: Three Generations of Flowers”

Family-owned floral businesses rarely survive the transition from the first generation to the second. As a matter of fact, in this day and age, they are becoming more and more obsolete.

Many studies have shown that there is a high impact on family-owned and run businesses on our economy. In the floral industry, there was a time when this was the norm: a local flower shop stayed in the family, resulting in a local staple, while the whole family was able to live comfortably from running the family-owned flower shop. There was never a question of whether their children would continue the business after their parents’ retirement.

On our quest to find a third-generation family-owned flower shop, we came across Lighthouse Flower Shop in Mesa, Arizona. We thought it would be illuminating to have a brief Q&A with Lisa Miller, the third-generation owner of Lighthouse Flower Shop. This extraordinary accomplishment of running a successful flower business for 58 years definitely beats the statistical odds. We hope you find this interview encouraging, informative, and a piece of floral business history.


Lisa, Age 5


What year did your grandmother Hope Griffin open the flower shop, and do you know why she decided to open a flower shop?

Her first flower shop was in Presque Isle, Maine, and Grandma Hope saw that people getting married at the local church needed wedding flowers, so she decided to open a flower shop.

Tell us how the name Lighthouse Flower Shop came to be.

It was originally called Griffin’s Flowers in Maine and the first few years here in Arizona, but when my mother Ruth took over she renamed it Lighthouse Flowers as a tribute to Northern Maine.



Lisa’s mom, Ruth


When did your mother take over the Flower Shop and why?

My mother Ruth—my Grandma Hope’s daughter-in-law—took over the flower shop in 1974. My mom took over because she didn’t have anything else lined up, and she did have a knack for the floral business.

What is the earliest memory you have at Lighthouse Flower Shop?

Besides being there every day after school and on weekends, I remember making Mother’s Day corsages when I was in elementary school. Once for show and tell I even taught the class how to make corsages. Not bad for a little girl, wiring flowers together!


Lisa and Linda

As we see in the picture above, you have a sister (Linda Tomblin). Did she ever participate in the flower shop business?

She doesn’t have a creative bone in her body, but she went on to become a kindergarten teacher.

When did you take over the family business?

Four years ago, when my mother decided to retire.

Do you still see her around the shop often?

Yes, every day. She actually just ran a delivery for me with my daughter.

What would you say has made your floral business so successful for 58 years?

We are still the original family who owned the shop, and we have customers who are multi-generational. Also, we can have competitive prices because we own our building.

Did your grandmother, mother, or yourself use a wire service? Do you still?

My grandmother no, but Mom used to have Redbook and Carrick—I remember the flip book with the 5×7 pictures we kept on the counter.

We tried a major wire service for about a month. All their arrangements were short and tiny and we got too many complaints.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in the success of your flower shop?

Customer service, honesty with our customers, and high-quality product. I only take on orders I can handle, that I know will represent my brand—even if it means turning business away sometimes.

What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve encountered while building the family-owned floral business, and how did you overcome them?

Learning to work with social media, SEO, and getting into advertising for the first time. My grandmother and mother did not believe in advertising, so their business all came from word-of-mouth. It was a simpler time to start a business, and there was a smaller variety of flowers and colors to sell in general.

Running a family-owned business can have its pros and cons. What would you say are some of the pros and cons?

Pro: I can set my own hours and have creative control over all projects I choose to take on.

Con: Long hours, and it’s hard to find experienced part-time help around the holidays.

By your measures (or from what you can remember) what year would you say you sold the most flowers?

When I started branding/marketing this created an explosion. This year has been our best year ever. Last week was actually one of my most profitable weeks, it was like a little Mother’s Day week.

What is one change to the floral industry that you didn’t see coming? Is there anything that you did predict?

Pinterest is by far the biggest change. Everyone comes in with the same picture—they don’t allow me to be creative, and everyone asks for burgundy dahlias.

I did predict that people would spend less on events like weddings. A lot of couples are spending less on wedding flowers, but I have noticed that everyday arrangements sales have doubled in price over the last two years.

Do you have kids? Are they going to continue the legacy of Lighthouse Flower Shop? 

I have two children, Zoe 17 and Logan 20. At this point in time, they do not want to continue the business.

Does that make you sad?

It does, and I love this business. Nobody else in the family wants the shop. It’s been here for so long, but I’m holding out hope for a fourth generation.



Lisa’s grandmother, Hope


What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started running the flower shop?

My shop is much more profitable when we do fewer weddings. Last October I did 40 weddings, but they were smaller, and I’ve had to turn down other work to keep up with weddings.

What tip would you give someone that wants to be successful with weddings?

Be brave and charge for your work, and charge up front.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone who is opening a flower shop? 

Be prepared to compete with large grocers and wire service websites, and taking the time to educate customers about the difference between these sites and stores and a real brick-and-mortar shop. Your quality will always speak volumes for your brand, never skimp on quality.



Lisa’s Wedding, 1995

If you could do anything besides own and operate a flower shop, what would it be?

I would love to be an auto mechanic because I love cars. I also tried to get into the army, but they told me I was too small, so the flower business it was 🙂


We all want to know what your grandma’s, mom’s, and your favorite flowers are.

My grandmother loved amaryllis and bearded iris. My mom doesn’t have a favorite. I really like hyacinths and red heart garden roses.


In closing, there are many young new florists. What advice would you give them?

It takes so much hard work to be a good florist and a lot of patience. Everyone who wants to own a flower shop should apprentice at a flower shop. You must keep your flower shop updated on the outside—every year I update my flower shop to keep it feeling fresh.


One thing we learned in interviewing Lisa is that you can’t start a flower business with the intent to keep it for your family, your goal should be to run a successful business for yourself, and if your family follows your example, that’s icing on the cake. As technology encroaches deeper into our lives, it’s important to remember how Lisa ended our interview: “Robots will never be able to arrange flowers.” We couldn’t agree more.

Florists, are you a second- or third-generation flower shop owner? Please share your feedback below in the comment section.


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Top 6 Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration

May 18th, 2017 Posted by Blog, Florist Resources, Opening a Flower Shop, Survey 1 thought on “Top 6 Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration”


Inspirational Stories From Real Florists

We surveyed florists all over the world and gathered our Top 6 floral inspirational stories. It was not an easy task and we thank everyone who participated. So, with the busy Mother’s Day now over, why not grab yourself a cup of coffee, your favorite snack and take a moment to read these real florists short stories.



image via

My Grandmother And Her Garden –  Tarah

Every summer at Gramma’s house all my life has been full of ‘Purdy Flowers’ – as she pronounces it. Not a single corner of her yard is without a flowerbed and there are always hummingbirds and songbirds from dawn till dusk.

Every summer has always lead up to fair time. Gramma has competed in the local fairs for decades. I must add that Gramma almost always takes home Grand Champion prizes in every department she enters; crochet, canned goods, baked goods, photography, poultry, rabbits, goats, potted plants, vegetables, and my very favorite… cut flowers and floral arrangements! (she competes in the expert division). I just loved going out in the morning the day the flowers had to be entered and searching for the prettiest most uniform blossoms of each variety, cutting them in threes (for the holy trinity she said) and filling her kitchen with every kind of flower you could imagine surviving in Montana.

We filled jars and cups by the dozens with special cut flower elixir she made with soda pop, picked the best of every category for the cut flower division and prepared them for fair.
Then the fun part, bouquet making! All of the flowers left that had been cut that morning (Gramma calls them the ‘reject flowers’) went into our bouquets, we got to use the pretty little vases she keeps in her curio cabinet for these.

Every year Gramma would set aside a beautiful old Victorian boot shaped porcelain vase, I’d always make a monochromatic arrangement with it in pink just specifically so I can put her chenille flowers into cascade down the side of the boot. One of Gramma’s favorite flowers is a petunia so there are always plenty in any pink or purple, double or single. We’d always make an ‘arrangement in white’ in her milk glass and hobnob vases, a great place for lots and lots of her adorable feverfew flowers! We had so much fun making our little bouquets, it’s always a day full of laughter!
By far my fondest summer memories are during fair time with Gramma; spending the day playing with flowers and eating the ‘reject cookies’ that didn’t make the cut for fair.

She is my hero, my favorite person in the whole world, such an inspiration in every way in every part of my life. My little shop features many of her handcrafted treasures from her crochet work and beaded jewelry to her fresh baked goodies, and her canned jams and pickles (everyone loves these pickles!)

The biggest drawback to my shop ironically is that for the last handful of years since I opened I haven’t been out at my Gramma’s making bouquets in her kitchen for the fair…. So, I want to thank you for you’re putting this survey in your newsletter. I needed to remember why I wanted a shop in the first place, who’s garden started this. I think I’ll make a bouquet and take it to my Gramma’s and get our fair schedule set for this summer.



image via

Designers Choice – Harlins Renaissance -Shinese Harlins, Owner

I started my business at the moment in my life where a choice had to be made. I was laid off from a job. No money, no choices – so I took my savings and went to Phil Rulloda Floral University and received my floral certificate.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Being a florist allow me to use my creativity side. There is no color line – just balance, and harmony. I love when a customer loves the outcome. They come back. And when they say “designers choice”, my heart skips a beat!



image via

Flowers Touch Lives – Val Voigt- Detroit Lakes Floral 

A young man calls and would like to know prices on roses. He is going to bring his girlfriend some flowers. He places an order to be picked up. He arrives at the flower shop. He is so excited to bring his girl some beautiful roses.

In two weeks, he calls again and places another order for roses. He arrives at the flower shop. This time I ask him what is the name of this special girl? He smiles from ear to ear and tells me her name and how they met. She loved the first order of roses and now he says she will be very surprised and happy with the second order. He thanks me over and over for our service and says he will be back in two more weeks for some more roses.

That’s why I love the floral business. It touches people’s lives. We meet people and get the privilege of being a part of special events and moments in time.


image via

My Dream – Cynthia Dearnbarger – Flourish Flowers & Gifts, Old Town, Lewisville, TX

A dream in the making….

Years and years ago, I dreamed of opening a flower shop. I had completely forgotten about that dream, so many other things had taken priority and it was gone. Recently I have begun to dream again. God brought back this specific dream!

I am currently in the process of opening a storefront! The building is under construction and we are currently at our local farmers market, getting our name out to the community! Our hope is to bring life, love, compassion and hope to every person who gets an arrangement, bouquet or gift!



image via

 Love Conquers All – Cheryl Bakin-Parkway Florist

I was hired as an after-school high school helper during my junior year in high school. Because of the values instilled in me by my Dad, I knew that I had to be on time, and do my very best each day. I walked to the flower shop, which was inside the first Indoor shopping mall in the Pittsburgh area.

My boss was an older lady who was impressed that I showed each day on time, and tried to do and get done everything she assigned me to do. She kept me on after the Christmas holiday and began to teach me things, bow making, botanical, common names of flowers and plants and many other items large and small.

She instilled in me (or maybe brought out in me) a love for the beauty of flowers, and a desire to help others realize their dreams thru weddings, pretty everyday bouquets, and funerals. She taught me that education was very important, and to try to think out of the box.

After leaving the flower business at age 19, and going to work for corporate America for the next 20 years, I still kept my hand in the flower business and attempted to gain all the education — both flower and business — that I could. In 1987, I bought my flower shop. October 2017 will record a 30-year milestone of shop ownership.

That early training, as well as the fulfillment of my own dream of owning my own business, has helped me to mentor other people and get them onto a path where they can fulfill their dreams. Sometimes it is thru educational opportunities; Sometimes thru mentoring and being a good listener; sometimes it is being a trainer…….or just a role model.

In all cases, I try to always remember what my Dad and my first flower shop boss taught me……..”Kindness never goes out of fashion. Lead by example. Listen to all comments and critics. Be hardworking in all areas of your life, and you will succeed. And finally, Love conquers All”.



image via

A Final Goodbye – anonymous

During my late teens, I had a Yorkie  that meant the world to me. After a couple of years, I was forced to give my beloved dog up due to family members allergy. A family friend had found a good home for him in town about 40 minutes away from where I resided.  I was, to say the least, devastated and would have done anything and everything to keep him.  As time went on and now me in my mid 20’s, already set in my floral career I often thought of ways to kidnap my beloved dog from the family I gave him too. The issue here was I only knew what town he was in and not so much the house. I knew how irrational it was to try to kidnap my dog back, however, I just never felt a sense of closure or like I said goodbye.

As years passed  I never let go of the awful sadness of giving my dog away. Although the sadness was not as profound, it was always with me and made me feel like I failed him. After 10 years in the floral industry, I decided to open my floral business and was super excited to finally be a flower shop owner.  This was a great and overwhelming time in my life, I was very busy and focused.

Much to my surprise, I was also getting many bookings for weddings and one in particular which was referred by a customer. This customer was booking flowers for her daughter’s upcoming wedding in June. After 6 months or so her daughter’s wedding was finally here. I sent off the delivery driver to deliver the reception floral centerpieces and went to deliver the floral bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres to the bride who was at her mom’s house for pictures. Upon arriving I had, which was hard to explain a very airy feeling. I could not put my finger on it at this time. I was invited in and asked to stay and eat something. Which I did, not sure why, most of the time I just want to deliver the flowers and get out as fast as possible, but something kept me there.

After many conversations, the bride’s mother mentioned she had a lab who was at the groomers, then she proceeded to say she used to have a Yorkie who had passed a few years back.  At this moment it all came together for me. This was the family that took my beloved dog, Crazy, I know but I felt it way deep inside. I asked her where she got the Yorkie, “from a young girl who had family member that was allergic.” She then proceeded to take me into her bedroom to show me my beloved dogs ashes in a beautiful box which sat on her nightstand. At that moment she handed me the ashes and said this is him. I tried hard to hold back my tears I could finally say goodbye to my beloved dog.  I realized then he was so dearly loved and had family and no longer felt as if I had failed him or was a failure.

The lesson it taught  me was that not all decisions in life are ones we make, good or bad. The floral industry allowed me to mend my broken heart and finally say goodbye to my doggy. It definitely is a small world, and shows me that nothing happens by chance.

Florists, do you have an inspirational story to tell?  What keeps you in the floral industry? Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. If you have any questions please post below as well!


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The World Can’t Survive Without Florists!

May 10th, 2017 Posted by Blog, events, Florist Operations, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, Opening a Flower Shop, weddings 6 thoughts on “The World Can’t Survive Without Florists!”

Florists, did you know you make a huge difference?

The world as we know it would never survive without floral professionals. With potentially one of the busiest floral holidays here, it’s no wonder florists may be feeling frazzled and drained. It’s our job to remind you just how amazingly awesome you are and how your career choice makes such a difference. Not just for your community but in general for all humankind!

Yes, we know that sounds deep and profound but it’s true. Florists you create so much beauty, emotions and memories. Your passion for the floral industry is recognized and very much needed.



image via

Florists Have Been Around For Centuries:

Earliest known flower arranging dates back to ancient Egypt to 2,500 BCE.  Egyptians were the first to cut and place flowers to decorate and add color to their surroundings.

  • Florists were so sought after and so necessary that it was almost royalty to be a florist.
  • Back then (and even today) the most beautiful accessory, gift and decor accents are arranged flowers.
  • Flower arranging made these miraculous gifts from Mother Nature to evoke everlasting emotions.



Image via

Flower Arrangements Benefit Health:

Did you know that studies continually find that floral gift giving has a tremendous impact on our health? You would be surprised to know that lavish gifts, money, tech gadgets and clothing have little or no benefit to our general health.

  • Studies find that patients in hospital rooms with colorful floral arrangements are in often a better, positive mood, need less pain relief medication and have overall lower blood pressure.
  • Flower arrangements also have a profound effect on your workspace and home. Making you more productive, able to think clearer and also calmer.
  • Surrounding oneself with flower arrangements helps increase your sex drive, evoking increased erotic feelings.
  • Flower arrangements boost senior citizen’s spirits. Researchers at Rutgers released the shared results of a six-month behavioral study on the health effects of flowers on senior citizens. The study shows that flowers ease depression, inspire social networking and refresh memory as we age.



image via

Why We Need Florists So Much:

Florists, could we ever imagine what the world would be like with no flower designing? The impact would be tremendous and we imagine a less cheery, more drab world.

  • No special way of adding color and beauty to one’s life.
  • No way of giving a gift of flowers which convey our deepest gratitude.
  • No way of marking memories in our life’s journey with the addition of floral arrangements.
  • Weddings would not be the same.
  • Life would just not be the same. People count on their florist professional. Remember that!

Your contribution to the world is so special, so enduring, floral designs run deep within the receiver’s soul.

Think of all the ways you as floral professional impact patron’s life changing events.

Adding special memories;

  • New baby
  • Child’s first play
  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • First date
  • Breakup
  • Showing love
  • New job
  • Birthdays
  • Get Wells
  • Mother’s day
  • Weddings
  • Holidays
  • Anniversaries
  • Offering beautiful floral arrangements for sympathy in helping to convey condolence and enhance the service.

Florists, during this busy holiday think of what a superstar you are and how your career choice impacts the lives of all and helps the world. We want to send all floral professionals across the world a special thank you for all you do in helping everyone’s life journey. We hope that you have a very prosperous Mother’s Day! Please share any feedback or questions in our comment section below.


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Florists & Funeral Homes

August 24th, 2016 Posted by Blog, Florist Marketing, Florist Profits, Florist Resources 6 thoughts on “Florists & Funeral Homes”


Florists we all understand the importance of selling sympathy floral work.

Establishing a good rapport with your local funeral homes is an essential part of the floral business and can double your funeral flower sales or more.

Lately florist express the concern that funeral homes are unsupportive of their flower business. Here are some simple ways to establish a partnership  with your local funeral directors.



image via

Visit Your Local Funeral Home

Stop and visit your local funeral homes and ask to speak to the director briefly. Make sure you have your floral business cards and leave them at the funeral homes.

Ask to see the “Flower Room” and take a glance around the funeral home. This will help familiarize yourself with the placement of the flower arrangements.



image via

Floral Look & Feel

Funeral home directors have flower standards and policies. Assuring them that you will meet their exact guidelines assures them confidence in referring your flower shop.

Funeral homes sometimes prefer presentation casket sprays, as they are smaller and show off the casket more. This may seem outlandish, however funeral directors do have preferences and may not share unless you ask.

Tip: Be sure to ask about pins, staples, pics and so on – some funeral  directors do not like certain supplies.



Image via

Percentage Of Sympathy Flower Arrangement

Offer funeral directors a percentage of all customer referrals. Funeral homes generally receive 10% to 20% cash back on all floral arrangements filled. This has proven very successful for many florists.



Image via

Simple Florist Thank You

Send a Postcard or note reminding the funeral director just how serious you are of establishing a partnership with his funeral home.



image via

Request A Backlink

Some funeral directors may not directly refer customers to you, however they may be willing to add your url to their funeral home website under services. Request they add your url to their website and emphasis to them you will do the same for them. This will help with increasing your SEO and theirs.



image via

Send A Floral Thank You

Send the funeral director flowers, this will show determination and also show off your design style.

Tip: Never be defensive or upset with the funeral director – these tactics never work and will impede any future collaborations. Be patient, friendly, accommodating, and persistent this works!


Florists what kind of relationship do you have with your local funeral homes?  Let us know any successful tips you have in obtaining a steady flow of referrals from your funeral directors.



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Mother’s Day 2016 – Survey Results!

May 24th, 2016 Posted by Blog, Florist Profits, Florist Resources, Survey 3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2016 – Survey Results!”


 Floranext Mother’s Day 2016 Survey Results

Thank you to all the Flower Shops that participated – your feedback is valuable in helping other florists and new upcoming florists.


Mother's Day Florist Survey


Overall the results were good – an up year for many florist! But many were closed on Mother’s Day and didn’t advertise?! Hope your flower shop was one of the many that had a booming Mother’s Day. 

Areas Surveyed


US & Canada-Florist-Locations

U.S. & Canada-Florist-Locations


Compared to Mother’s Day 2015, were your sales higher or lower?

Higher Same Lower
All Shops 59% 17% 24%

What category of Mother’s Day 2016 orders was most successful for you?

Phone Walk-In Website
All Shops 47% 22% 29%

Which category of Mother’s Day 2016 orders was the least successful

Walk-In Phone Website
All Shops 49% 34% 17%

Did you rent/use extra vehicles this Mother’s Day?

Yes No
All Shops 55% 45%

How many unsatisfied customers did you have this Mother’s Day (if any)?

1-3 None 3-5 5+
All Shops 52% 39% 6% 2%

How many extra employees did you hire for this Mother’s Day?

None 3-4 1-2 5+
All Shops 52% 17% 16% 15%

Were you open on Mother’s Day Sunday?

Yes No
All Shops 62% 38%

What were your main advertising methods for Mother’s Day?

Online Email None Other Local News Coupons
All Shops 29% 22% 21% 17% 13% 1%

Was the weather a factor in Sales this Mother’s Day?

No Yes - it Helped Yes - it Hurt
All Shops 63% 26% 9%

If you could give ONE Mother’s Day tip to another florist what would it be?

(Write in choice – Top 7)

1. “Plan ahead work ahead.”

2. “Narrow selections- make it easier for customers to choose.”

3. “Make sure you have enough staff to handle all the orders & deliveries.”

4. “Create Mother’s Day Specials add-ons.”

5. “Be friendly.”

6. “Advertise and promote for Mother’s Day.”

7. “Train your staff – everyone should know their job.”


We hope you have enjoyed these results – If you see a tip we have left out that is important, please share it below.


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Florist at work. Woman making bouquet

9 Ways to Get More Visitors Into Your Flower Shop

August 3rd, 2015 Posted by Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, Opening a Flower Shop 4 thoughts on “9 Ways to Get More Visitors Into Your Flower Shop”

How can you get more customers into your flower shop? Here are nine ways to help get your florist front door swinging and help stand out above the crowd!

Florist Designing Flowers

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Make sure to promote these on your outgoing deliveries – every delivery should have information on your weekly special or offer.

1. Free Coffee Monday – every Monday bring out your favorite brew and offer a free cup to whoever stops in. Everyone loves a fresh FREE cup of coffee. Not into coffee, how about tea? This drink is definitely the new up and coming beverage. Or how about a themed beverage, hot chocolate in the cold weather, pumpkin spice for fall, change it up to keep people guessing and coming back each week! Don’t forget to promote this with store flyers, emails and on social media #FreeCoffeeMonday.

2. Weekly Flower Special – Each week on the same day have a special on one flower. Buy 40 and 50 Centimeter roses because they can be sold for cheaper. Or you can do a different seasonal flower each week. Promote, promote, promote on social media, email and flyers with a photo of the flower and an interesting description. People will start to look forward to this weekly treat! Try #MondayPick #MondaySpecial #TuesdayTreat #HumpDay #FlowerOfTheWeek or any other hashtag you can think of. Always use it consistently!

Florist at work. Woman making bouquet

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3. Flower Design Classes/Workshops – DIY (Do It Yourself) is BIG so jump on the bandwagon and let your customers design something themselves, with your help, of course. Back to School is just around the corner, why not have a back-to-school workshop the first week of classes and make a late summer wreath or design? Once people realize how much fun working with flowers are and how you, the expert, can help them make something beautiful, they will be back for more. Be sure to have a whole list of monthly workshops available and list them on social media, email and your website.

4. Book Club – Why not think outside the box and hold a monthly book club at the store? Focus the books you read around flowers or beauty and then bring your knowledge of flowers and design work into the discussion. How about making a design that goes with the theme and raffle it off at the end of the evening?

5. Locally grown – farmers market – Host a “farmer’s market” with locally grown flowers from local growers or sourced through your wholesaler. Locate locally grown honey, maple syrup or eggs to help bring people in the door. You might want to become a weekly drop-off for locally grown meat, eggs or CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture).

6. Children Contest – Everyone loves to see their child/grandchild’s artwork on display and what a perfect way to display them at your shop. Have an art contest and when the child drops off their art, give them a thank-you flower and then display the art throughout the flower shop. Take photos for social media and be sure to alert the press! Give the contest a distinct name and use it with your hashtags. Ask parents who take photos to also use the same hashtag for more publicity.

7. Bizarre Funny Holidays – There is a holiday for everything, look for something fun and go with it. Advertise it on social media and in your shop and don’t forget to alert the press! One website to find different holidays is

8. Kids Clubs – Work with local boy/girl scouts or clubs in the schools. Is there a badge they can earn by coming to your shop and learning or making something? This makes great photos and stories for your social media and the press!

9. Themed Events – Utilizing the different seasons is always an excellent way to get customers in. Trick or Treating for Halloween or a Halloween costume contest; Santa on the weekends or during your Holiday Open House are always a good draw to get new people in your shop.

These 9 tips are just the beginning of what you can do to get more flower shop foot traffic. What ways have you gotten more people into your flower business? Have other great ideas – let us know!


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Florist Marketing in Comumunity

Community Marketing and your Flower Shop

October 3rd, 2014 Posted by Blog, events, Florist Marketing, Opening a Flower Shop 4 thoughts on “Community Marketing and your Flower Shop”

Promoting your flower shop in your community can take on many different styles and your own creativity is the only limit to what you can do.

We asked a few of our friends in floristry what they’ve done to stand out in their community and build up a reputation for being a trusted business. Here are just a few of their ideas.

Community Marketing and your Flower Shop

Lending a hand

Val Armstrong at Flowers by Lorraine in Grand Junction, CO plays an active role in her community, helping bring cheer to those in need with her flower shop’s arrangements. In addition to regularly giving to local hospice organizations and the March of Dimes, her store works with schools and hospitals to make sure things are cheery. Not only are these kind deeds in their own right, but they help get her flower shop’s name out in her community in a very positive light. If you know of any charitable organizations or events happening in your town, you may want to consider reaching out and seeing how you can get active or if they could use some beautiful flowers donated.

Find your niche

From small local contests all the way up to the Miss Utah competition, Utah has an active pageantry scene, and what pageant could be complete without flowers? Dave Haws of Lehi Floral has spent lots of time and effort building relations with pageant promoters and participants. Beyond providing flowers for the actual shows, Dave has leveraged his network to generate more wedding and event business outside of the scene. Do you know of any pageants, fairs, or festivals that happen regularly near your flower store? These are great opportunities not only to secure one-time business, but also to promote your shop in your community.

Go green

Vase recycling is a very hot trend right now. Pat and Darcy Stottlemyer of All A Bloom & Doss Flowers in Plant City, FL, are leading the way in their community by inviting customers to bring in the dusty old stockpiles of vases that they have accumulated over the years. For every container brought in, All A Bloom offers a $1.00 credit towards any future purchase. This is a win-win situation. Customers get rid of clutter, All A Bloom gets to host a fun promotion and either reuse or recycle the old containers that customers bring in. Again, it’s all about bringing customers into the store and giving them a memorable experience. Vase recycling is not only earth friendly, but very business friendly!

Do it for the kids

One thing that Lynn Frost at The Tuscan Sunflower did was get kids in her area interested and involved with her flower shop. She sponsored a Kid’s Create an Ad event where school children could design an ad for her shop and one would actually run in her local newspapers. The ads that didn’t make the cut still got their moment to shine as Lynn hung them in her shop, posted them on Facebook, and invited the “budding artists” into the show for a free flower.

Community Marketing and your Flower Shop

Promote your efforts

Maybe by now you regularly donate flowers for charitable events, hold a few free workshops and have started a vase recycling program – don’t forget to let these efforts resonate.  List these on your website, social media and in-store so customers who are looking for the ‘florist that does vase recycling’ knows they’re at the right place when they find your website or walk in your store.  Ask those charitable organizations if you can link to their website and if they will link back to your website in return for the donation.


So how about you?

This is just a small sampling of some of the creative ways that flower shops make themselves a valuable part of their community. In return, they’ve seen their businesses grow and have become well-known and trusted businesses in their areas. What have you done, or what would you like to do, in order to raise your flower shop’s local profile? Let us know in the comments!



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Floranext makes great florist software. Florist websites, floral POS, florist wedding/event proposal software, and florist technology. Let us know if you want a free demo or try our software for free here!


Prep for Autumn: Don’t Let Big Box Stores Take Your Flower Shop’s Fall Sales

September 3rd, 2014 Posted by Blog, Florist Marketing, Florist Resources, Florists for Change, Opening a Flower Shop 3 thoughts on “Prep for Autumn: Don’t Let Big Box Stores Take Your Flower Shop’s Fall Sales”

The other busy season is almost upon florists again yet many may not even know it. We’re not talking about the Christmas through Mother’s Day rush that keeps us busy in the spring – this is autumn! Here are some tips on how to market your flower shop for fall!

Flower Shop Marketing - Fall

Are you showing off your Fall florals on the home page of your website?

The season that sends many potential customers rushing to big box stores, hardware stores, and even greenhouses when they should be rushing to your flower shop. This is an important three-month decorating season that florists have much to offer to. Below are some tips to make sure you’re taking advantage of the autumn sales that should be yours. Be sure to read them over and leave us some tips of your own in the comment section.

Flower Shops Can Offer More

Many people think of florists as a spot for gifts, special occasions, and indoor arrangements, but flower shops can offer so much more. Florists offer unique inventory that your customers won’t find and a generic home improvement shop. Your customers need to understand that your shop offers hand-crafted specialty items that will stand out from the cookie-cutter décor that many settle for.

Wreaths, table top gardens, entry pieces, and centerpieces are just a few of the opportunities that florists have to show off their craft and give your customers stunning new looks to experiment with. Don’t be afraid to emphasize that your small, local-owned flower shop is the place for your customers to shop. Shopping locally or shopping small is very popular at the moment (Small Business Saturday is just around the corner!).

Flower Shop Marketing - Fall

What to stock for your flower shop

Fall occupies a special place in many people’s hearts, so be sure to stock something special and seasonal for them! In addition to all of the materials needed for the items above, don’t be afraid to compete for outdoor space! Must stock fall products include hay bales, corn stalks, scarecrows, pumpkins and mini pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, fall door wreaths etc. There’s no reason to lose out to franchised hardware store for sales your shop could easily make.

Show your store off

Let potential customers know that your flower shop should be their one stop shop for fall decorating before they even pull into the parking lot. An eye-catching outdoor display in front of your flower shop will show people that you have exciting fall décor to offer. A fall window will give you a chance to show off your technical skills and draw in passersby.

Of course, now days your digital storefront has nearly as much impact as your actual storefront. On your website, be sure to show off your fall product category with new banners, products, or even backgrounds. If you’re already active on social media, now is a good time to begin teasing your customers with shots of new inventory as well as new fall designs.

Another way to go about this is to show off the fall items you have in stock each week or 2 on your blog, website, or favorite social media platforms. Your customers will appreciate the inside look at your business with these “What’s Fresh this Week” style posts. Shops that have been diligent in collecting customer emails will have an extra step up with the ability to send out email marketing and maybe even a coupon to promote decorating services and fall products.

Is your flower shop making the most of the Fall season?

Given all the advantages of shopping with a florist for fall décor, it’s surprising how many flower shops are missing out. Following the steps above will help ensure your business is capturing as much fall business as possible over the three month season. How does your shop rank? Let us know what creative ideas you’ve put in place to keep customers coming back to you as their one-stop-fall-shop.


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Floranext makes great florist software. Florist websites, floral POS, florist wedding/event proposal software, and florist technology. Let us know if you want a free demo or try our software for free here!

Flower Shop Marketing

5 Steps for a Summer Florist Shop Revival

June 17th, 2014 Posted by Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Point of Sale, Florist Resources, florist technology, Florist Websites, florist-software, mobile website, Opening a Flower Shop 1 thought on “5 Steps for a Summer Florist Shop Revival”

It’s officially Summer Time and you deserve a chance to sit back and relax. But don’t relax TOO much because there is a lot to do at your flower shop before the summer is over.

Florist Marketing

1. Your Flower Shop.

Walk outside your flower shop and then enter again through the front door. Now take a serious look around. What do you honestly see? What can you do to make it better, more inviting? Do your shop walls need a new coat of paint? Need more lighting? Cooler needs to be updated or cleaned? How about giving all your flower buckets a good scrubbing? What is the one thing you said all last winter that you were going to do in your flower shop when the summer came around? Make a point to do it now!  Giving your shop a redo or summer clean will invigorate your staff, customers and yourself!!!

2. Your Florist Website.

More and more customers are getting their first impression of your flower shop through your store’s florist website. Take a moment to look at it through their eyes. Or ask someone who will be honest with you to take a look and see what they think.  What kind of shop does it depict? Is it the kind of flower shop you want to be?

Summer is a great time to rejuvenate a stale flora website. If you haven’t added new designs in a while, do it now. How about getting a new look with a change to your site’s template? Changing your Floranext website template is an easy way to give your site an entirely new look!

Check your florist website on a mobile phone. How does it look? Your website needs to be mobile ready as more and more customers search via mobile devices.

3. Your Florist Social Presence.

These lazy days of summer are the ideal time to review your flower shop social media appearance. When was the last time you looked over your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. up to date? Do you have new and unique content you can upload now? If you haven’t touched your business page in awhile, now is the time to add a new cover and profile photo and review your information. Is your business phone, hours and directions correct? You would be amazed at how many companies do not have the correct information.  Though it might be slower in summer, you still want to keep up your social media presence so don’t stop posting and sharing!

4. Your Flower Shop Marketing.

Summer is the time to do something completely different so brainstorm with your staff and come up with ideas that will get your customers talking. How about a fun contest? It could be a way to get people into your flower shop or you could do it all on social media with posting pictures and commenting and more. Is there a festival or fair in your town that you could help with? They will love you for it and it will get your flower shop’s name out to the public.

5. Use the summer to your advantage.

How about having a sidewalk sale or in-store farmer’s market? Check your sources for locally grown flowers and promote them in-store and via your social media and email marketing. Locally grown is all the buzz and the perfect way to get people into your florist shop!

Don’t keep your flowers inside. Summer is the time to bring your flowers outside to your customers.

Summer Time Florist

This is a great idea from a florist in Belfast Ireland who put this picture up across their social media saying “The weather looked nice and dry today so we thought we would put some of the flowers on show outside. Here we have 2 types of Delphiniums, one a gorgeous two-tone blue and the other a lovely purple shade and plenty of bright yellow sunflowers! I will put up photos later of the arrangements that these wonderful flowers are made into” What a great idea to showcase your flowers and get people to come back and see what designs you post!

Summer is the time for regrouping and revitalizing your floral shop, your staff and yourself.

What do you plan to do this summer?


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