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Mother’s Day Survey 2020 Results!

Posted on April 23rd, 2020

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Floranext surveyed florists to learn more about what floral shops are doing and the outlook with COVID-19 as a backdrop.

To our Canadian/International customers, we still have limited data from those areas so apologies for the US-focus of the graphs! 

Will your flower shop be open for Mother’s Day?

With all the retail shutdowns across the world, the overwhelming majority of florists said that they plan to be open.  84% open in the US (in Canada all reporting provinces reported open except Ontario with 66% planning to be open). 


mothers day
Dark Blue = Open  /   Lighter Blue = Some Open and Some Not  /  Grey = No Data

Will your city/state allow floral delivery? 

Of florists surveyed, 89% will be legally permitted to open on Mother’s Day while 11% believe they’re not going to be permitted to operate this holiday.



What delivery/pick-up options will your shop offer?

84% of florists that reported are going to do delivery for Mother’s Day. 59% of flower shops are offering curbside pickup with only 19% are having store walk-ins.

survey-results-deliveryWhat Mother’s Day delivery/pick-up options will your shop support?  

deliveryDark Blue = Open  /   Lighter Blue = Some Open and Some Not  /  Grey = No Data

Dark Blue = Open  /   Lighter Blue = Some Open and Some Not  /  Grey = No Data

Dark Blue = Open  /   Lighter Blue = Some Open and Some Not  /  Grey = No Data

Will your flower shop be able to source flowers? 

An important in the industry right now is, what is the availability of flowers for Mother’s Day? 93% of the florists surveyed will be able to source flowers for this holiday, while 7% won’t. 

mother's day surveyWhat is your expectation of sales? 

COVID-19 Pandemic has many florists worried about floral revenue. 58% think sales will be worse, 24% believe sales are going to be better and 17% believe sales are going to be the same as 2019. 

survey-sales-floristsWe surveyed 380 florists. 93.83% are located in the United States while 6.16% are located in Canada. 


Thank you to all the florists who took the time to answer our survey. We hope this information provided by florists, like you, is useful for planning your Mother’s Day operations and gives you insight into what other floral shops are doing this holiday. We hope you have a successful Mother’s Day!

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Survey 2020 Results!”

  1. Patrick Hall says:

    We are going to open, but our designers are afraid to travel on the train to work, or even take an uber from Queens into the city and work solo: We received this direction last Friday, that allows us to deliver online orders:
    New York State issued additional guidance on Friday that allows non-essential retail establishments (as defined by the Empire State Development Corporation) to fulfill delivery orders placed remotely via phone or online. Please note that only one employee may be physically present at the business location to fulfill orders.

  2. What can I say, but Floranext is the best!!! We are working without any staff. Jennifer is at the helm only.
    Our expectations for Mothers day week is very high, but high in website business, not the brick and motor. After 23 years in business, I can only say, it is always a crap shoot! Whether the weather, the stock market, covid 19, there are always challenges. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, sales at the brick and mortar,3. E commerce sales, 10+++. Can’t wait to receive your questionnaire for how was Mother Day Week.

    down and e commerce sales up 150% with a higher GMROI. Look forward to your How was Mothers day week questionnaire.

  3. Kristine says:

    We are ready to make mom happy!!!

  4. For Patrick and others like you – take advantage of the pent up interest, and take an order for an open delivery date. Here’s an article written about the idea: https://safnow.org/2020/04/22/virtual-flowers-generate-revenue-help-forecast/
    the idea that other florists that are closed are doing – take the order for an open delivery date, send a card (I’ve got a GREAT app to share with you for that where you can upload your own flower pictures, a message about flowers being delivered later, and then a card is physically printed and mailed) or an email and deliver when you can. If I can help, please reach out – [email protected] – I’m here to help – have no agenda other than to help you and the floral industry.

  5. Cindy Davenport says:

    Karin, what a great idea! I am certainly interested in your help! Thank you!

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