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Flower Arranging 101 – Centerpiece Design Basics

Posted on November 2nd, 2016


Tis the season for centerpieces be for holiday’s or events.

Following some basic principles will allow you as the designer flexibility with your own creative touches helping execute your masterful floral work of art for any table showcase.

Floral designing is a form of architecture, be sure to follow these floral arranging  principles with all your flower design work.

  • Proportion
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Color
  • Texture

It is important to stay current and know the floral trends and incorporate these in your floral designs. Trending this season is gathered wildflower, loose, chic, flowy look with massive large flower stems and lots of foliage. Do not forget the special Wow touches, whether it be blackberry vines, twigs, or even fruit, be creative, these will make your flower arrangement rememberable.


florist preperation

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  • Snips and tape
  • Container- Any vessel that fits the center of a dining table is fair game, think of incorporating a wood plank, or any container that speaks to you.
  • Oasis – Green Floral Foam
  • Foliage – Both warm and cool based greenery
  • Flowers – Colors also play a big part this season think blush and burgundies, eggplant.
seeded eucalyptus

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Some of our favorite foliage this season

Israeli/Italian Ruscus, Bear Grass, Bulk Fountain Grass, Leucadendron, Gunnii/Willow Fresh/Willow Seeded/Eucalyptus, Broomcorn, Hanging Pepperberry, Hawthorn Berry, ferns, & Wheat.


king protea

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Some of our favorite flower stems this season

Anemones, Amaranthus, Cornflower, Dahlia’s, Scabiosa, Thistle, Nigella, Ranunculus, David Austin Roses, Garden Rose, Rice Flower, Protea, Yarrow, Mums, & Wax Flower.

Tip: Foliage is very important and tricks the eye, creating lots of visual  stimulation, just as important as your flowers. Sometimes more important than flowers, please take some time in selecting beautiful foliage.



image by Hannah Merritt via Creative Market


Add Oasis to your desired container, please make sure Oasis is thoroughly watered.

Tape Oasis to your container, make sure Oasis is peaking above the container.

Make sure all flower stems and greens are cleaned and prepped for arranging.


Image via Lush Flowers at

image via

Centerpiece Arranging  Basics

Step One: Start with your foliage on the outskirts of your container and work your way towards the center.

Think symmetrical but not equal – add some longer pieces foliage in various points. Fill all your foliage to the center, make sure you add plenty of foilage.

Step Two: Good general rule of thumb is to add the largest flower stem to the sides one or two here is all you need. Make sure to rest flower stem deeply within the foilage.

Step Three:  Add your special touches, like berries, more delicate foliage, or flower stems, we like to call these dainty stems.

Step Four:  Take a step back and be sure that your centerpiece has balance and continue adding all your other flower stems, use your eye for placement and less is more with your larger stems. All flowers radiate to the center point of your centerpiece.

Step Five: Add your most precious flower stems off from the center slightly – these will be your focal point.

Step Six: Take a step back, view your masterful centerpiece, check for voided spaces. voilà you are done, make sure you take a picture and place on social media.

Tip: visualize a triangle effect, consistently working on both sides of your centerpiece.

Note: If you are adding a taper or candle to your centerpiece be sure to add this first.

With the busy holiday schedule, it’s always best to plan ahead and use tricks of the trade to get these holiday centerpieces created. Florists, do you have any tips or tricks in helping our readers make a centerpiece, please share below.


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