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Mother’s Day Florist Results 2020

Posted on May 20th, 2020

Did Mother’s Day 2020 survive Covid-19? For most flower shops, the answer is a big YES! 

A huge congratulations on making it through the most unusual holiday ever. Here are the results of our annual Mother’s Day Floral Industry Survey. 

Mother's Day

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our annual survey. Once again we received a strong response from our readers and members.

Results were based on 245 retail florists surveyed by Floranext between May 15 and May 19. 

Were you open for Mother’s Day?

91% Yes 

9% No

Was this Mother’s Day …. (better, same, worse) than expected?

84% Better

9% Same

7% Worse

What percentage of orders (approximately) came from your website?

An average of 52% of the orders came from Florist Ecommerce. 

What Percentage of orders (approximately) came from Phone calls?

An average of 41% of the orders was made by phone. 

Were you able to get the flowers needed?

49.1% of Florists did get the flowers they needed but with some troubles.

39% of Florists got flowers without problems. 

11.9% of Florists couldn’t get the flowers they needed. 

What were your top-selling products?


What was your most popular gift item?


Other Gift


Stuffed Animal

What was your Average Ticket sold?

The Average Ticket was $75 USD. 

When did your floral business start receiving Mother’s Day orders?

Last Week of April

First Week of May

Mother’s Day Week

Where is your floral business located?

United States



Florists, was this holiday successful? What would you consider to implement that next year? Do you have any feedback on your 2020 sales season? Your fellow florists would love to hear about it—please feel free to share in the comment section below. 

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Florist Results 2020”

  1. Mike says:

    Great summary. We had similar results, but we had some oopsies because of delays in delivery due to adhering to the lockdown restrictions.

    Thanks for these survey results.

  2. Nayan says:

    That’s great work. Very useful for any florist to understand things in detail.

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