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“Pokémon Go” & Florists

Posted on July 19th, 2016


Get customers in your flower shop with”Pokémon Go”!

If you are not playing “Pokemon Go,”more than likely you know someone who is. Players use their mobile phones to capture Pokemon animals in different real-world locations – parks, fire stations, and even your flower shop.

For florists, there are ways you can use this to your advantaged — you can actually get players to go to your flower shop location and potentially convert these players into patrons. Customers will love it and local media will too!


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How does Pokemon Go work?

Users with the Pokemon Go app installed can search different physical locations around their towns and cities for “points of interest” which are places you can capture Pokemon animals.

When users arrive in game locations they hold up their phone app, which uses their phone camera’s to see and capture animals hiding in that spot.



Pokémon Go Stop – Image Via Pokémon


Lure In Users to Your Flower Shop

Sometimes Pokemon game locations may not be where your flower shop is located. So to join in the fun, here are some ways your can use “Pokémon Go” to gain income for your flower business.

Lures are what attract wild Pokémon and players to that specific location.  Lures can be purchased in the Pokémon Go game.

  • Lures increase the number of players around the PokéStop in that area.
  • 30 minutes is how long a lure will last.
  • Businesses have benefited using lures to attract potential customers.
  • Lures can only be used if your location is already a PokéStop.

Luring is an affordable marketing for your flower business. With just a $100.00, you can increase traffic to your shop within a total of 84 hours.



Pokémon team symbol via Pokémon, background by

Get Florist Customers by Hosting a Pokemon Tournament

Pokémon Gym Tournaments are where users can battle their Pokémon against other user’s Pokémon for  Prize money, special items, badges, and to be the very best!

Being close to a Pokémon Gym will bring a high amount of potential customers to your floral business.  Here are some creative ideas for marketing a Pokémon Gym Tournament.

  • Host a tournament, Advertise that you will be hosting and offering discounts to the gym tournament winners.
  • Give team leaders a discount on game day.
  • Teams consist of multiple players, which in return gain you more potential customers.
  • Badges are rewarded to tournament winners. These badges can be customized for your business.

Tip – Use your flower business ‘s social media to post screenshots of  games and use hashtags like #pokemongo to get the message out to customers.



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Start a Pokémon Hunt in Your Flower Shop

A Pokémon hunt is where users go out and search for Pokémon to collect and use in their Pokémon Go Tournaments. So why not host a Pokémon hunt to help generating some extra income.

  • Start a Pokémon Go hunt that starts and ends at your flower shop business.
  • Have you or your staff join in the fun, participate in the hunt, get to know and experience the game with potential customers.
  • Have players return to your business after the hunt for a after Pokémon party. These parties are great for your business, especially for florists who are Flower shop /Bakeries.



Logo Via Pokémon, Social Media Symbols Via Google.

Post on Social Media to Promote Your Flower Shop

A great way getting those Pokémon Go users into your flower shop business is to market on social media.

  • Show off the valuable Pokemon are in your area.
  • Have staff start Pokémon Go and capture Pokemon they have captured in your flower shop and post images online.
  • Run a program for paying or asking to use screenshots of rare Pokemon that appear near your business.
  • Promote and reward players who find rare Pokémon at your flower shop business.

Tip – Create a Pokémon Go Facebook ad using your location radius. This will quickly spread through PokémonGo users and customers in your area who are likely to go to your flower shop.

These are just a few great marketing tips on how to get paying customers into your flower shop business by taking advantage of Pokémon Go. If you are currently using Pokémon Go as a marketing outlet in your flower shop,  please share your tips with our readers.


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3 thoughts on ““Pokémon Go” & Florists”

  1. How can we become a Pokestop ?? I read you have to be one of those before you can buy lures?? Any advise would be great.
    Thank You

    1. Idalina Floranext says:

      Hi Harts Florist –

      You are correct you must be a Pokestop in order to purchase Lures. Pokestops are predetermined and at this time it is very difficult to become one if you are not already. Some businesses have had success becoming a PokeStop by submitting a request for a new PokeStop here This works mostly for smaller cities however worth a try for every business.

      I’m thinking in time this will change and businesses will have the option of adding themselves as PokeStops – fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. excellent put up, very informative. I wonder why the opposite specialists of this sector do not realize this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base

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