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Don’t Stumble This Fall: Florist Techniques to Attract Walk-in Traffic 

October 23rd, 2019 Posted by Josh D Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Profits, Florist Resources 3 thoughts on “Don’t Stumble This Fall: Florist Techniques to Attract Walk-in Traffic ”

Let’s cover some techniques to attract walk-in traffic to your flower shop!

A majority of flowers grow seasonally—depending on your area and the time of year, this will affect the bouquets and designs florists can create at any given time. The ups and downs of a flower shop go along with the seasons. Summer means an abundance of blooms, and the promise of greater walk-in traffic. But that doesn’t mean fall is a lost cause!

Below are a few tips to keep your walk-ins up during fall.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Flower shops thrive on aesthetics, so it should show on your storefront. Put out your best face forward: show off your best masterpieces right at your shop window and focus on the pieces that feature autumn blooms. Some good flowers to feature for these arrangements are mums, dahlias, and amaranths. The clue to having aesthetically pleasing bouquets is to use fall hues of these flowers, making it fit for the days getting shorter and the ushering season.

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Have a Stunning Sign in Front

A big, attractive sign at your door with a witty or creative play on words about your shop will attract attention. Of course, it doesn’t have to be humongous, the idea is for your sign to stand out among those on the same block. Trying out the same fall hues or even a bold contrast against those colors can help you make a statement.

Show Off Your Florist Collection

Show off all available flowers at the shop! You can put them together with your bouquets, place them inside cute flower pots with aesthetically-pleasing designs. Hanging them around the store window, coupled with labels and information about them such as blooming periods, possible colors, and its meaning in the language of flowers.

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Roll Out the Red Carpet

Yes, we mean literally! There’s a reason red carpets are used on special occasions: bright red signifies elegance and extravagance, and putting out a red carpet gives the customers that impression when they enter your store. Letting customers feel luxurious can entice them to pursue the pricier options in your arsenal, and it makes them feel special about their purchases. 

Aside from that, bright red naturally attracts our vision easily, and weaving some red elements around your windows can help control their attention. If you want to focus on some specific parts of your storefront, you can add some red designs around it so that it can capture the people’s attention right away.

Theme Your Space

The beauty of running something like a flower shop with its dependence on the seasons is that you can run themes depending on the season. Putting effort on designing the outer and inner walls of your shop with things that match either the fall season or a theme that you might have chosen to run can go a long way of beautifying your space and have an aesthetic feel that can make customers enjoy their short stay at your store. Of course, it also showcases your own creativity, impressing walk-in people.

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Encourage People Online to Stop By

Of course, all your preparations for your shop can be all for naught if you don’t encourage people to visit your place. Since almost everyone is almost always on the Internet, you should also make your presence known there. Invite people through your social media accounts about some promotions you might have on your shop, and encourage them to take a look around.

For your blogs, you can provide readers with a discount code when they make a purchase right at your store. Post some pictures of your shop and storefront that you put the effort in, so that people are also interested to drop by your store. Show off some trendy bouquets there, too.


Florists, if you work hard enough to attract your customers to enter your shop, you can make it so that your flower shop sales don’t fall in fall. Please share your thoughts and comments below!


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Florist Engagement in the Community

October 16th, 2019 Posted by Josh D Blog, events, Florist Ecommerce, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations 2 thoughts on “Florist Engagement in the Community”

Social media marketing gets a lot of buzz, but don’t neglect marketing in your local community!

The local community is your main source of revenue due to its closeness and your ease of access to this audience. Local customers are your first customers, and the immediate intimacy of personal contact gives you instant credibility, trust, and familiarity, making it easier to engage with them. With a low barrier for marketing, converting customers into brand advocates for you will be easy under the right circumstances.

Fortunately, there are very few hoops to jump through, and many ways to engage with your community.

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Positive Floral Elements

There’s great power in associating your brand with positive elements. These positive elements can be anywhere in your community, so always be on the lookout with current happenings and public opinions of several things in the locality. Association is the easiest method to generate interest for your shop, but you also have to be smart about it. There are some sure ways to associate your brand with good examples, like events and shared passions among the community members.

Local Floral Events

Liven up the community by organizing and hosting local events. Possible events that you can run are workshops for flower arrangements and an open house that features rare or seasonal flowers. You can also collaborate with other businesses for local events and try to invite as many people as possible. 

Your space size doesn’t matter; being creative with the events can go big or small. You want the exposure from these events to showcase your business so capitalize on this high time. Aside from the close relationships you can foster, this also opens up opportunities to people who might have been new to your place and can become potential customers.

You don’t always have to take the initiative to organize local events, but be on the lookout for them. If there’s an event somewhere close, bring your brand there. Even a small stall can go a long way of promoting and engaging with the people. In the case of florists, you can even donate bouquets of flowers and help with the decoration of local events. A sash bearing your shop’s name should do the trick, but going beyond won’t be much harm.

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Floral Teams

Aside from events, you can also sponsor teams in the community. A great example would be sponsoring local sports teams that the community itself supports. Let your brand show on their shirts, or donate some materials like water bottles branded with your shop. It’s a win-win situation: you get to help out people who are passionate about something and let them take their chances to bigger and greater places, and you get advertising not just to your community, but also to the bigger and greater places that the teams will go.

Loyalty Program

In these days of subscriptions and memberships, people appreciate being an honored and special part of something. By implementing a loyalty program and offering memberships, you incentivize long-term customers and keep them to your shop, as well as entice new ones to stay with your shop. People under these programs can also become your strongest patrons and advocates once you do your campaigns right.

As a bonus, adding a referral system in your loyalty program can encourage new customers to try out your services and products by incentivizing their first purchases to be discounted, for example.

Under these programs, you can also have giveaways and special promos, helping to generate buzz and interest around your shop.

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Floral Talk

Word of mouth can travel fast, so gather up positive comments among your customers. Ask them what they prefer with your services, highlighting what they liked most. As long as you remind them and thank them for it, the impression lasts.

If you maintain a blog (which we recommend you do), then collate these testimonials and post them there. Since these are all comments from real customers, they are more reliable reviews and posting media that supports their comments (e.g. posting pictures of their bouquets when they liked the arrangement) can generate interest toward your shop.

Know your Customers

The end goal of all these might be to primarily generate interest around your brand, but there is one more thing that you can do while engaging the community: getting to know them. Getting to understand the community and their needs and wants can be crucial to the planning of your products and services. You might want to know when they are most likely to buy flowers and capitalize on that. You can even keep track of best-selling bouquets and flowers. Ultimately, trying to actively know your audience as you engage with them can give very good insights about them.


Engagement with the local community is incredibly easy because they’re just there. There is no need for heavy logistics and trying to make a great first impression. You only need to make the effort to approach the people, and once people get familiar with you, they’ll start to gravitate toward your shop. Eventually, your efforts will be repaid, and sales will boost greatly, simply because you treat your very first customers well, and this can ripple toward the rest of your customer base.


Florists, what is something you do to stay engaged with your community? Please share your comments below!


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A Florist’s Guide to Donating

October 2nd, 2019 Posted by Josh D Blog, floral system, Florist Operations, Florist Profits 2 thoughts on “A Florist’s Guide to Donating”

Florists interact with charitable donations in many ways!

Donating allows you to help other people in need and give back to your community. Businesses have more incentive to donate, too—charitable giving is good PR, and if your donations qualify, you can get tax deductions.

As much good as donating can be, you want to be careful about doing so. Here are some dos and don’ts of donating so that you can be sustainable and helpful to the community.

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Donating Based on Finances 

The first rule is a simple one: only donate within the limits of your business. Most businesses donate a small percentage of their gross yearly income, around 6%. You can follow that number, or adjust it accordingly. You can also just have a donation fund among your finances, specifically used for donations to charities.

If your finances are unstable or you are having trouble with making a profit, then don’t donate beyond what you can. If you want to save up, you can do volunteerism on charities rather than simply giving money. The disadvantage of this is that most of the time, you cannot use time donated for tax deductions, however, materials and mileage used towards volunteering can qualify, so keep track of these.

Floral Business Values

Donate to charities that align with your business’s values. Try to focus on local groups, because as florists, our brand and revenue benefit more from the vicinity. Getting more hands-on and involved with in your area helps in getting known and getting your name out.

Although you can also opt to donate to national charities, it might be hard to get your brand recognized, and staying near has more benefits on your community in the first place.

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Donating Smartly

Donating smartly means making sure that the charity you’re donating to is a legitimate 501(c)(3) registered with the Internal Revenue Service so that your donations will qualify for a tax deduction. There are some online services that you can use to validate a charity for this purpose.

Meanwhile, other services will help evaluate the impact of your donation—even some well-known charities may allocate funds less effectively than other charities, meaning a local donation for instance will have less weight in your community.

If you are volunteering, try to make some promotional events about them to get the word out, inspire some outside volunteers and earn some good PR.

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Tracking Donations

Keep track of your donations! This is by far the most important part of donating for a business. You need to know how your donations are considered according to the tax rules. You might need to file a tax return where you itemize all your deductions.

You’ll also need a proof of your donation so that you can file for a tax deduction. Material donations usually take on fair market value. Being diligent in keeping track of your forms will get you a long way with them.

Donating has always been a direct form of a humanitarian action, a way of helping out people and causes in need of aid. Not only is it good for PR and tax deductions, it also boosts employee morale, because it makes them feel that they are doing something good for the community as part of your shop. However, one of the biggest pluses of donating is that it shows that you care about the community, and you are trying to make it a better place to stay on, for everyone.


Florists, do you have any advice on donations? Please share your comments below! 


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