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Don’t Stumble This Fall: Florist Techniques to Attract Walk-in Traffic 

Posted on October 23rd, 2019

Let’s cover some techniques to attract walk-in traffic to your flower shop!

A majority of flowers grow seasonally—depending on your area and the time of year, this will affect the bouquets and designs florists can create at any given time. The ups and downs of a flower shop go along with the seasons. Summer means an abundance of blooms, and the promise of greater walk-in traffic. But that doesn’t mean fall is a lost cause!

Below are a few tips to keep your walk-ins up during fall.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Flower shops thrive on aesthetics, so it should show on your storefront. Put out your best face forward: show off your best masterpieces right at your shop window and focus on the pieces that feature autumn blooms. Some good flowers to feature for these arrangements are mums, dahlias, and amaranths. The clue to having aesthetically pleasing bouquets is to use fall hues of these flowers, making it fit for the days getting shorter and the ushering season.

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Have a Stunning Sign in Front

A big, attractive sign at your door with a witty or creative play on words about your shop will attract attention. Of course, it doesn’t have to be humongous, the idea is for your sign to stand out among those on the same block. Trying out the same fall hues or even a bold contrast against those colors can help you make a statement.

Show Off Your Florist Collection

Show off all available flowers at the shop! You can put them together with your bouquets, place them inside cute flower pots with aesthetically-pleasing designs. Hanging them around the store window, coupled with labels and information about them such as blooming periods, possible colors, and its meaning in the language of flowers.

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Roll Out the Red Carpet

Yes, we mean literally! There’s a reason red carpets are used on special occasions: bright red signifies elegance and extravagance, and putting out a red carpet gives the customers that impression when they enter your store. Letting customers feel luxurious can entice them to pursue the pricier options in your arsenal, and it makes them feel special about their purchases. 

Aside from that, bright red naturally attracts our vision easily, and weaving some red elements around your windows can help control their attention. If you want to focus on some specific parts of your storefront, you can add some red designs around it so that it can capture the people’s attention right away.

Theme Your Space

The beauty of running something like a flower shop with its dependence on the seasons is that you can run themes depending on the season. Putting effort on designing the outer and inner walls of your shop with things that match either the fall season or a theme that you might have chosen to run can go a long way of beautifying your space and have an aesthetic feel that can make customers enjoy their short stay at your store. Of course, it also showcases your own creativity, impressing walk-in people.

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Encourage People Online to Stop By

Of course, all your preparations for your shop can be all for naught if you don’t encourage people to visit your place. Since almost everyone is almost always on the Internet, you should also make your presence known there. Invite people through your social media accounts about some promotions you might have on your shop, and encourage them to take a look around.

For your blogs, you can provide readers with a discount code when they make a purchase right at your store. Post some pictures of your shop and storefront that you put the effort in, so that people are also interested to drop by your store. Show off some trendy bouquets there, too.


Florists, if you work hard enough to attract your customers to enter your shop, you can make it so that your flower shop sales don’t fall in fall. Please share your thoughts and comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Stumble This Fall: Florist Techniques to Attract Walk-in Traffic ”

  1. Tina says:

    I like to keep up to date with modern trends

  2. gary seitz says:

    i had a shop at the burena park mall many years ago and am looking to reopen here in vegas i no longer have my telaflora and other design display /example books where could i find some of the old binders of the old fav woire services??? thanks !

  3. Noreen says:

    Hi, I am new in the floral business, and I find this blog very informative. I would like to know some tips to discuss during a meeting with clients to make them willing to sign the Floral contract

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