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Threads Social App – Right for Florists?

Posted on July 20th, 2023

Facebook (Meta) recently launched a new social app named Threads. Within the first hour alone, they received over 100 million sign ups. The app has been described as a “Instagram’s Text-based conversation app.” The app allows users to post 500 character text updates, images, and videos. Like Twitter, it also allows users to interact with other users through likes, reposting, and replying.

Since Threads is a new platform, the success of the platform is still uncertain. However, it may still be worthwhile for florists to test out to see if they can easily grow followers and engagement. Here are some ways in which you can take full advantage of this up and coming platform to create a bigger floral community.


Automatically Transfer your Instagram Floral Community to Threads

Since Threads is connected to Instagram, you have the ability to transfer your floral audience on instagram to Threads. Upon joining threads, you can send a follow request to all the people that you are following on Instagram to join you on threads.

This feature takes the fear out of starting from scratch and lets you build on an existing community.

Cross Promote Floral Threads on Instagram

On threads there is a feature that allows you to post a thread on your Instagram Stories. This feature allows viewers to click on the threads feature, prompting them to a threads app, and giving them access to the rest of your content.

Not only does it allow you to showcase your content for 34 hours, it lets you directly market your content in an easy user friendly way.

Engage with your Floral community in Real Time

As a florist, you can use Threads to engage with your audience in a way that is similar to the communities on Discord. You can focus on real-time conversations for your community of florist enthusiasts and encourage conversations about various aspects of the flower industry.

Hopping onto Fun Casual Trends with your Floral Audience

As mentioned before, you can focus on engaging with audiences in real time. However, you can also take advantage of the casual tone of this app. As a florist, you can use the platform to post more casual, quirky memes without having to worry about curating a perfectly aesthetic feed.

You can easily participate in trends started by other friends. A recent trend on threads was the “I am” thread. Popular brands such as Spotify would tweet “I am music” and Dunkin Donuts would repost it with “I am donut.”

This was a funny way for brands to relate to their audience because Threads also allowed them to re-quote and participate in the trend themselves.

Therefore, you can participate in trends with bigger brands as well as with your floral Trends.

As mentioned earlier in the article, Threads is still a very new platform. Therefore, it is difficult to say what direction the platform might take or if it will be successful. But in the meantime, enjoy building a wonderful community of florist enthusiasts on Threads! Happy Marketing!

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