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Five Florist Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Posted on April 9th, 2013

Mother’s Day should be among the most profitable days for a flower shop. Some good preparation and targeted marketing can add 5 – 15% to your sales.

Marketing early and often is the way to go. Here are some ideas that have worked for our shops. Feel free to add your own ideas below as well!

Five Florist Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

Five Florist Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

1. Restaurant Marketing

Partner with local restaurants to offer package deals of dinner and flowers.

Also give away a free arrangement every week for the restaurant in the month before Mother’s Day – make sure that it is prominently displayed with your shop name.

2. School Marketing

Create a special discount for students.

Put up posters and flyers promoting flower shop student specials for high schools and college campuses and at local coffee, ice cream and yogurt shops where students hang out. Make sure these are targeted at students specifically. If you have a website that allows special coupons, create a unique one for this group to make them feel special.

Partner with high schools where senior class or a club make a % of sales. Give them flyers with three easy flower choices and low-cost price points.

3. Email Marketing

Send weekly emails with big discounts to customers, far in advance of Mother’s Day.

“Save 15% on Mother’s Day roses when you order today.” Lots of limited time only offers to prompt an early action for flower buying.

If you’re not doing so already, have an email sign up sheet on your front counter.

4. Coupons in Every Arrangement

Starting 5+ weeks before Mother’s Day, add Mother’s Day coupons to every arrangement that leaves the shop.

5. Online Marketing

Get a Google Adwords campaign ready now for the two weeks before Mother’s Day. Google Ads are great for getting customers just as they are about to spend money.

If you’re new to Google Ads, call their toll free number – they will help you target ads at local buyers. Include a coupon or mention of a special in the ad.

Make sure when users click on your website that it answers all questions in less than 5 seconds – your location, phone number, guarantee policy, years in business – and products with discounted prices.


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