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11 Florist POS System Features Every Florist Should Have [Infographic]

Posted on October 5th, 2018

The iconic cash register was the dependable POS system of its time when the proverbial ‘ka-ching’ sound was heard every time it mechanically served both retailers and customers alike during its heyday. But just like all the enduring devices we have today such as the television, telephone and computer, it has gone through a major transformation. This rudimentary machine is now old news and replaced by a series of more advanced systems to serve the buying public.

The POS system has evolved over the years and with the introduction of credit cards, it now featured a cashless method of payment to make purchases easier for consumers. With technology paving the way for more advanced upgrades, even this is fast becoming outdated and being replaced with the cloud POS system. Among the businesses that have integrated this technology is the floral industry.

A florist POS system is a helpful tool in realizing the goals of a flower shop. With e-commerce now disrupting the floral industry, stores need to adapt. A seamlessly integrated POS system can address the changes that come with modernization. With a cloud-based florist POS in place, you can now keep up, boosting both speed and efficiency in running the store through it.


If you are quite uncertain if a florist POS system would improve your business of selling flowers, here are a few things you should know about to help you decide:

The more advanced florist POS system has a host of features that leave the old reliable process in the dust. The most significant advantage is its move to mobile, allowing it to run remotely using a cloud service. All data is stored online, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. This has opened multiple doors to make running a flower shop more dynamic and flexible. To let you in on the major advantages of integrating one in your flower business, here are five that may convince you further:

1. Integrated Systems



A florist POS is a well-structured cloud-based system that allows your business to connect to an easy-to-use accounting system, inventory network, and various online suppliers. You have real-time data within a few taps of a button.


2. Data Accessibility


Due to its cloud-based nature, a florist POS system can be accessed using a smart mobile device through the internet. This is useful for immediate access to all the information you need from your customers.


3. Cost-Efficiency


A florist POS software is generally cheaper than the most recent and comprehensive traditional systems. This is essential for small flower shops that need a more extensive solution with low monthly fees.


4. Innovative Hardware


Service providers of floral POS systems are tasked to supply the latest equipment so your business won’t be left behind in using the newest technology.

5. Regular Updates



Cloud-based software is updated frequently and remotely. Digital payments are made more secure while giving customers more options to pay for a more flawless transaction.



The cloud-based POS service has revolutionized the whole customer experience, exposing the traditional POS systems’ lack of features in helping the business grow and expand its customer base faster and more efficiently.

The more advanced florist POS system can help flower shops go beyond payment and focus on the more important facet of running a business: boost engagement with their customers. Florists who recognize that customer engagement is a continuous cycle including the steps leading up to and after payment are those who will need a robust florist POS system to establish sales and loyalty.

If you are still using even the latest traditional POS system to run your flower shop, wake up and smell the flowers. It’s time you switch things up and reap all the incredible benefits of a cloud-based florist POS system.

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