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Google Big Search Engine Change and Your Florist Website

Posted on April 11th, 2015

Your florist website is about to be impacted by Google’s search engine ranking change. Starting on April 21, 2015 Google will begin weighting mobile-ready higher in their search ranking algorithm. Here’s some background and what you can do to make sure your flower shop is ready for the Google update.

Florist Website Search

What does it mean for your Florist Website to be Mobile-Ready?

A mobile-friendly or “responsive” website will automatically and dynamically change the sizes of the images, text, and website navigation so that it is easy to read on different devices including a mobile phone, tablet, and a full-sized computer.

Florist website vs mobile display

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How can you test if your Florist Website is is Mobile Optimized?

You can easily test if your website is responsive is to open it on a browser like Google Chrome and change the size of your screen. If parts of the website start to get cut off or move out of the field of vision, your site is not responsive. You can also open up your website on your phone and see if it is easy to read and navigate.

Google offers a great tool to test whether your website meets its standards for mobile readiness.


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How will websites show differently in Google search results?

Florist websites that are mobile ready may rank higher. Google looks at many different factors when deciding on search engine ranking – they plan to make mobile-readiness a more important factor.

Sites that are responsive will show a “Mobile-friendly” badge when you search for the site on your mobile phone.


Google Search Florist

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How to convert your florist website to a responsive design?

Getting your website mobile ready isn’t hard, but if you work with a florist website provider they can help make sure your website is fully mobile ready so that you can keep moving up in the Google ranking. Floranext has a variety of responsive website themes for flower shops, we are happy to advise you. Good luck with the coming change!


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