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Is it the End of the Good Old Wedding Consultation?

August 22nd, 2018 Posted by Idalina Bertone events, Florist Websites, wedding trends, wedding/events, weddings 1 thought on “Is it the End of the Good Old Wedding Consultation?”

Wedding eCommerce collections are crushing it with wedding customers online!

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So what does this mean for the classic wedding consultation, where florists meet with a client and go over every detail of the special day. It’s not likely wedding consultations will go extinct, however, its good to point out that there is a new type of wedding client that prefers online shopping to taking their time with a meet and greet.

If you are a floral professional then I’m sure you’ve seen websites offering premade wedding collections, “just add water.” Regardless, if you love the idea or not, the fact remains that wedding collections websites are making money, they are also trending on social media with tons of non-floral visitors following and engaging with wedding floral showpieces.

So what can you do to keep up? Well, how about starting a wedding collection of your own to upload to your floral eCommerce. We will break down how to do this easily and grab the attention of wedding clients who want easy-peasy wedding flower ordering.

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Create a Floral Wedding Collection

The first thing to do is plan your wedding collection what are your offerings, including names and color scheme. Customers respond well to color and a bit of whimsy, so all collections should be specific to the feel and color scheme.

Keep in mind that this is your simplified wedding collection, the main focus is the customer who essentially orders the combinations and items they need.

Here is a list of suggestions…

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Floral Wedding Offerings

  1. Bridal bouquet (offer a small option)
  2. Bridesmaid bouquet (offer a small option)
  3. Flower crown
  4. Hair flowers
  5. Flower girl basket/hoop
  6. Boutonnieres
  7. Wrist corsage
  8. Centerpiece (cylinder or cube offer a small option)
  9. Ceremony arrangement
  10. Cake topper flowers
  11. Garland (you may sell this by the foot)

Once your color schemes are set, now you can choose the names of each collection, this is your opportunity to really put your own stamp on your floral wedding collections, add some whimsy, and also be sure to include timeless designs.

Image via Shutterstock

Designing Your Floral Wedding Collections

Wedding collections do not usually deliver next day—some websites allow for 7-business day delivery, keep in mind when creating your collection you want to be sure to offer flowers that you can obtain easily and readily—if seasonal flowers are used, please add that to the description when uploading to your floral website.

Invest in future sales by setting aside a day to arranging your wedding collections for photographing to upload to your floral eCommerce. This is actually a really fun process and we encourage you, if you can, to use your own floral wedding work.

This process may take a bit longer but the rewards are amazing and once done you won’t have to update for a while.

Image via Shutterstock

Floral Wedding Images

If you are set to create a floral wedding collection then we need to really think about the images, your masterpieces need to be showcased correctly.

Please set aside a budget for hiring a photographer to take these floral wedding images. You can hire a freelance photographer or student photographer there are less expensive options however the quality of the images must be on point.




We really hope that this inspires you to display your beautiful floral wedding designs online, we get it and understand that this does not give you a chance to get to know the customer, however its different for some customers nowadays.

Customers want to get to know you before they even meet you and that is why some gravitate online so show them your brand and style and do not miss the opportunity to gain new clients.


Florists, are you currently offering a wedding collection on your website? Please let us know how it’s working for you and post any feedback or related questions in the comment section below!


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Starting a Wedding/Event Floral Company

February 14th, 2018 Posted by Idalina Bertone Become A Floral Designer, Blog, Design Prepping, events, Floral Design, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, florist-software, Opening a Flower Shop, seo, wedding trends, weddings 8 thoughts on “Starting a Wedding/Event Floral Company”

You are a creative and passionate florist, but have you ever considered specializing?

More and more, floral professionals are opting to focus their love of flower design into only catering to wedding/events flower arrangements. Specializing as an event florist can be very advantageous as it allows you to fully build your brand and perfect your craft. If you are currently a full-service florist then perhaps you may want to consider maximizing your wedding/event profits. In the US alone there is an average of 2.3 million weddings, and approximately $72 billion is spent on weddings each year.

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Know How to Design Blooms

If you are reading this blog, then chances are you are already know how to arrange flowers. If becoming an event florist is something new you’d like to explore, the most important thing to do before jumping into floral arranging for events is to learn your craft. Although an exciting career, floral event design can be very demanding. We recommend finding a mentor or working with a local florist or wedding/event floral professional. As easy as floral designing can look, there are principles and techniques that are necessary to follow. Know your basics, know your flowers and develop your skills.

  • Find your special design style
  • Know your flowers and how to prep them
  • Get comfortable with floral tools, knives, wire, tape, etc.

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Establish Your Floral Brand

Marketing is the #1 criteria for your success, so think long and hard about your floral event company name, domain name, and logo. You will need a website—remember, websites are not for just selling products, they build your brand and make your wedding/event company relevant on search engines. Opt for a non-eCommerce floral website to use as a portfolio.


  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Domain name (be sure to purchase your own domain name) 
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter
  • Sign up for Google business
  • Business cards/marketing materials (t-shirts, totes, pamphlets)
  • Clearly consider what type of events you are going to cater to and emphasize all individually on your floral portfolio website (weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, sweet 16, quinceañera, corporate events, weekly hotel or business floral arrangements)

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Keep Your Floral Event Company Organized

Whether working out of a studio or storefront it is important to have organization! Your floral event company starts with supplies, you will not need flowers until the day you are ready to design your booked events, however, you will need basic flower tools, flower cutters, tape, glue, wire, and a floral wedding/event management software to help keep you professionally organized and allow you to estimate and understand your profits.

Make sure your wedding/event proposals include the following:

  • Date
  • Location(s)
  • Color scheme
  • Descriptive flower information
  • Payment terms
  • Cancellation policy
  • “Act of God” policy
  • Customer signature(s)

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Create an Event Network of Professionals

There is no marketing campaign that compares to word of month, but in order to acquire word of mouth you do need to book some floral events. You can start by creating a network which will recommend your services, perhaps for a discount. Professionals working in conjunction is very convenient for potential customers, and profitable for you with establishing a new floral event company it is a must do. Grab your pamphlets, you professional sassiness and go out and get your self a network of professional business owners which will recommend your services and vice versa.

Consider these Businesses as Network Partners

  • Photographers
  • DJs/musicians
  • Bridal and tuxedo shops
  • Hair, makeup, nail salons
  • Venues
  • Hotels

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Invest in Affordable Paid Marketing

The cost of starting a floral event company is minimal compared to other businesses, however, do set aside some cash for paid marketing. Unless you have potential customers waiting for you to open so they can flood you with bookings, you must invest in some paid marketing campaigns to keep your brand visible and profitable. Results may be immediate depending on location and competition, or may take some time.

The process of marketing is about connecting the dots. No one marketing tool is going to maximize your floral business, however multiple marketing strategies such as social media, word of mouth, brand awareness, professional networking, your personal website, and blogging and paid marketing is sure to result in a successful floral event business (or any business, for that matter).

Consider these low-cost paid options:

  • Google AdWords (consider running these during peak times, and keep a budget)
  • Join The Knot or Wedding Wire
  • If you cant write a blog, hire someone who can (prices range from $100 to $250 per blog, but these are your blogs which can be posted on your website to generate potential customers)
  • Facebook ads (Facebook allows you to target a specific demographic)
  • Participate in Wedding/Bridal shows
  • Post an online video

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Did You Know…

  • Most weddings take place in June, with May, September, and October trailing close behind
  • Holiday parties take the #1 spot for corporate events
  • There are more birthdays in September than any other month
  • Most popular wedding flower is the rose


Florists, do you have any important advice or feedback on starting a floral event design company? Please share your feedback, tips or any floral event related questions in the comment section below.


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