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9 Ways to Get More Visitors Into Your Flower Shop

Posted on August 3rd, 2015

How can you get more customers into your flower shop? Here are nine ways to help get your florist front door swinging and help stand out above the crowd!

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Make sure to promote these on your outgoing deliveries – every delivery should have information on your weekly special or offer.

1. Free Coffee Monday – every Monday bring out your favorite brew and offer a free cup to whoever stops in. Everyone loves a fresh FREE cup of coffee. Not into coffee, how about tea? This drink is definitely the new up and coming beverage. Or how about a themed beverage, hot chocolate in the cold weather, pumpkin spice for fall, change it up to keep people guessing and coming back each week! Don’t forget to promote this with store flyers, emails and on social media #FreeCoffeeMonday.

2. Weekly Flower Special – Each week on the same day have a special on one flower. Buy 40 and 50 Centimeter roses because they can be sold for cheaper. Or you can do a different seasonal flower each week. Promote, promote, promote on social media, email and flyers with a photo of the flower and an interesting description. People will start to look forward to this weekly treat! Try #MondayPick #MondaySpecial #TuesdayTreat #HumpDay #FlowerOfTheWeek or any other hashtag you can think of. Always use it consistently!

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3. Flower Design Classes/Workshops – DIY (Do It Yourself) is BIG so jump on the bandwagon and let your customers design something themselves, with your help, of course. Back to School is just around the corner, why not have a back-to-school workshop the first week of classes and make a late summer wreath or design? Once people realize how much fun working with flowers are and how you, the expert, can help them make something beautiful, they will be back for more. Be sure to have a whole list of monthly workshops available and list them on social media, email and your website.

4. Book Club – Why not think outside the box and hold a monthly book club at the store? Focus the books you read around flowers or beauty and then bring your knowledge of flowers and design work into the discussion. How about making a design that goes with the theme and raffle it off at the end of the evening?

5. Locally grown – farmers market – Host a “farmer’s market” with locally grown flowers from local growers or sourced through your wholesaler. Locate locally grown honey, maple syrup or eggs to help bring people in the door. You might want to become a weekly drop-off for locally grown meat, eggs or CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture).

6. Children Contest – Everyone loves to see their child/grandchild’s artwork on display and what a perfect way to display them at your shop. Have an art contest and when the child drops off their art, give them a thank-you flower and then display the art throughout the flower shop. Take photos for social media and be sure to alert the press! Give the contest a distinct name and use it with your hashtags. Ask parents who take photos to also use the same hashtag for more publicity.

7. Bizarre Funny Holidays – There is a holiday for everything, look for something fun and go with it. Advertise it on social media and in your shop and don’t forget to alert the press! One website to find different holidays is https://www.daysoftheyear.com/

8. Kids Clubs – Work with local boy/girl scouts or clubs in the schools. Is there a badge they can earn by coming to your shop and learning or making something? This makes great photos and stories for your social media and the press!

9. Themed Events – Utilizing the different seasons is always an excellent way to get customers in. Trick or Treating for Halloween or a Halloween costume contest; Santa on the weekends or during your Holiday Open House are always a good draw to get new people in your shop.

These 9 tips are just the beginning of what you can do to get more flower shop foot traffic. What ways have you gotten more people into your flower business? Have other great ideas – let us know!


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    Nice text and inspiring thanks..

  2. Su says:

    With your point of sale product – How are the credit card charges handled? What percentage and other charges are deducted ? Would you handle PCI compliant charges?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Su – Floranext is flexible when it comes to credit card processing. You can continue using your own provider or we can give you a referral to our partner company who provides credit card processing services if you’re in the market. Floranext doesn’t charge any per-order fees or percentages.

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  3. Nata says:

    Thank you very much for your tips guys. We will definitely implement all 9 of them in our store.
    I really like the idea of a Flower Design Classes/Workshops and Classes for kids!

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