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Six Things Every Florist Should Sell in 2019

Posted on November 28th, 2018

 It’s sometimes surprising how many florist sell only flowers in their shops!

This is not to say that only selling flowers is passé, however we want to encourage all florists to carry various items that demand little-to-no design time and offer a long shelf-life to boost retail sale profits.

Another point is that owning a flower shop gives you a huge advantage in the retail business market. Florists can carry and sell various gift items in their stores while maintaining the flower shop nostalgia.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the products customers are gravitating to and list six of 2019’s must-sell retail items in your floral business.


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6. Greeting Cards

Most customers write messages when purchasing a floral arrangement and we all know how much content customers sometimes try to fit on the little floral cards. Here are some tips:

  • Set up a small greeting card display with a variety greeting cards for holidays and occasions.
  • Choose trendy or artsy cards. The key is to sell something unique and only found at your flower shop.
  • Have various greeting card designs. Floral is great, but it’s perfectly okay to have greeting cards without flowers on them. See what attracts you and offer various looks, consider going for a more current look.
  • Keep your greeting card display close to checkout, preferably next to the free flower message cards.


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5. Home Decor

Statistics show that consumers spend approximately $65 million a year on home decor items. The great thing with home decor is that consumers love browsing these items and most will generally purchase something after browsing.

We do not want to have home decor items take over your flower shop. Create a small display with various items. Leave enough room for consumers to look and pick items up and move around.

So what kind of home decor can you sell?

  • Bowls, Ceramics, and Vases
  • Toss Pillows
  • Throw Blankets
  • Luxury Candles
  • Art
  • Faux Flowers


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4. Fragrance

The number of women who receive perfume as a gift is 50% and approximately 80% of both women and men buy fragrance. So why not sell fragrance at your flower shop? Find a fragrance supplier in keeping with your look and feel. We want to make sure that your fragrance items are quality and smell enticing.

  • Offer a fragrance line that is not carried in competitors stores.
  • Make sure to offer gift bundles which include your fragrance. Flowers & Perfume – watch them sell!
  • Decorate an area designated to your fragrance items.

Tip: There are so many suppliers of retail fragrances. We encourage you to select a great line which may be a tad more pricey. Consumers know quality and with fragrance its all about the alluring scent.


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3. Chocolates

Although chocolates in a small business do not gravitate to consumers as much as other items mentioned, we still feel as if chocolates deserves the #3 spot. Chocolates and flowers go hand and hand and most important is finding the right supplier of your chocolates. Flower shops who offered high-end chocolates and marketed them correctly actually made substantial profits.

  • Offer high-end quality chocolates. Small and large beautifully displayed chocolate boxes.
  • Have various individually wrapped chocolates for purchase. Your patrons are very likely to indulge in one sweet chocolate morsel than a whole box. Keep these by your checkout area.
  • Sell bundles which include a great deal for flowers and chocolates. It’s a good idea to include other items you sell such as perfume.


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2. Unique Planters

Planters are all the rage now! Take beautiful green plants and add some to unique planters. Unique planters could have a place under home decor, however, they are so huge we thought it fitting to give them a place all by themselves.

  • Zinc wall hanging planters – wow these are absolutely spectacular and such a presence. These will surely attract customers and impulse buys bringing in huge profits.
  • Ceramic animal planters in fun modern colors. These are super fun and believe it or not, so popular. Most purchased are llamas, foxes, hedgehogs, and turtles. These have a modern flair to them.
  • All white accents have been popular for a while now however with these planters pay close attention to flowing shapes and odd organic looks.
  • Hanging planters – we are talking higher end hanging planters with colors of yellows, teal, whites, and grays.
  • Wall scape planters allow the customer to make plant art. This is a new trend we see sticking around for a long time. Grays and whites are the most popular colors.


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1. Succulents Terrariums

Succulents get the #1 spot because they are purchased by such a large demographic of consumers. While shopping at a high-end home decor/furniture store, there were succulents and succulent terrariums for sale. Besides the fact that this home store is now selling live plants, was the many customers hovering over them and putting them in their carts.

Ranging in price were tiny terrariums at $48.00 and way up over $150.00+. No wonder home decor stores are jumping on the succulent bandwagon and selling succulents and making a huge profit.

  • Offer various individual succulents for sale.
  • Have succulent terrariums displayed around your flower shop showroom.
  • Pay close attention to the vessel customers are gravitating to.
  • Succulents make great gifts for men and women alike and are a huge hit with businesses.
  • If possible, bring your succulents outside, to lure traffic into your flower shop.
  • Offer hanging terrariums. Besides being a great selling item, they look so beautiful when displayed in your flower shop.

Florists have a retail item in your store that is a great seller? What are your customers gravitating to? Please share any retail items you feel are important to sell in a flower shop in the comment section below. If you have any questions please post below as well!


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    Great advice we have them all!

  3. while this idea resonates, a florist cannot forget that people want our flowers and extras should only be sold as add-ons and not compromise the shop’s core business.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Balloons & scented candles are great sellers in our shop.

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    Thanks for the idea. We just started a flowershop business and I am loooking for ways to continue improving it.
    I think I will start with scented candles:)

  8. Renee says:

    What is a good price point to price nonfloral products in your shop.?? Candles, and other home decor. Should you x2 or x2.5 ….what is the average markup on retail?

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      I’m surprised that stuffed animals don’t make the list?? Are they something we should supply?

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    I have jewelry and soaps in my shop.

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