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The Power of Subscription Flowers

Posted on August 21st, 2019

Florists, are you offering subscription services?

Subscription flowers, or floral subscriptions, include a variety of services where customers can have flowers delivered to a place of their choice in a specified frequency. Depending on the service, customers may choose the bouquets that are sent or receive a random bouquet of seasonal flowers.

Some services also allow flowers to be sent at specific dates or on holidays (eg. Valentine’s Day or anniversaries). While it’s commonplace for customers to send flowers to mark a special occasion, the general reason floral subscriptions are gaining traction today is a growing appreciation for having everyday flowers nearby.

The natural beauty everyday flowers bring to homes and offices invigorates and calms the area. Plus, the convenience of having flowers sent frequently without the hassle of ordering them beforehand is a major selling point.

Who is Offering Subscription Flowers?

It should be noted that not only are florists offering subscription services, but cut flower specialists too.

Floral subscriptions are a growing market and can also help with your inventory. These advance orders let you plan ahead and place orders for unique flowers and stock only what’s needed, cutting down on waste.

You can even use surplus flowers from other orders as part of the bouquets, managing your waste even more.

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Benefits of Floral subscriptions

As a bonus, flower subscription services may allow you to provide better flowers to the customer as well. Using seasonal blooms keeps your bouquets in higher quality that your customers will definitely appreciate.

Of course, the corollary to the nature of subscriptions, you get to develop your long-term relationships with your customers. You can learn about your customers’ preferences as you interact with them in each delivery, and you can customize their future bouquets to match those preferences. This can definitely let you gain their favor, and ultimately improve your relationship.

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There are so many advantages to floral subscriptions that it may feel like you’re missing out on an entire industry not riding the trend. If that describes you, try offering a subscription plans and see how they work!


Florists, are you offering floral subscriptions to customers? What are some things that work or didn’t work for you? Please share your comments down below!


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