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5 Steps for a Summer Florist Shop Revival

Posted on June 17th, 2014

It’s officially Summer Time and you deserve a chance to sit back and relax. But don’t relax TOO much because there is a lot to do at your flower shop before the summer is over.

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1. Your Flower Shop.

Walk outside your flower shop and then enter again through the front door. Now take a serious look around. What do you honestly see? What can you do to make it better, more inviting? Do your shop walls need a new coat of paint? Need more lighting? Cooler needs to be updated or cleaned? How about giving all your flower buckets a good scrubbing? What is the one thing you said all last winter that you were going to do in your flower shop when the summer came around? Make a point to do it now!  Giving your shop a redo or summer clean will invigorate your staff, customers and yourself!!!

2. Your Florist Website.

More and more customers are getting their first impression of your flower shop through your store’s florist website. Take a moment to look at it through their eyes. Or ask someone who will be honest with you to take a look and see what they think.  What kind of shop does it depict? Is it the kind of flower shop you want to be?

Summer is a great time to rejuvenate a stale flora website. If you haven’t added new designs in a while, do it now. How about getting a new look with a change to your site’s template? Changing your Floranext website template is an easy way to give your site an entirely new look!

Check your florist website on a mobile phone. How does it look? Your website needs to be mobile ready as more and more customers search via mobile devices.

3. Your Florist Social Presence.

These lazy days of summer are the ideal time to review your flower shop social media appearance. When was the last time you looked over your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. up to date? Do you have new and unique content you can upload now? If you haven’t touched your business page in awhile, now is the time to add a new cover and profile photo and review your information. Is your business phone, hours and directions correct? You would be amazed at how many companies do not have the correct information.  Though it might be slower in summer, you still want to keep up your social media presence so don’t stop posting and sharing!

4. Your Flower Shop Marketing.

Summer is the time to do something completely different so brainstorm with your staff and come up with ideas that will get your customers talking. How about a fun contest? It could be a way to get people into your flower shop or you could do it all on social media with posting pictures and commenting and more. Is there a festival or fair in your town that you could help with? They will love you for it and it will get your flower shop’s name out to the public.

5. Use the summer to your advantage.

How about having a sidewalk sale or in-store farmer’s market? Check your sources for locally grown flowers and promote them in-store and via your social media and email marketing. Locally grown is all the buzz and the perfect way to get people into your florist shop!

Don’t keep your flowers inside. Summer is the time to bring your flowers outside to your customers.

Summer Time Florist

This is a great idea from a florist in Belfast Ireland who put this picture up across their social media saying “The weather looked nice and dry today so we thought we would put some of the flowers on show outside. Here we have 2 types of Delphiniums, one a gorgeous two-tone blue and the other a lovely purple shade and plenty of bright yellow sunflowers! I will put up photos later of the arrangements that these wonderful flowers are made into” What a great idea to showcase your flowers and get people to come back and see what designs you post!

Summer is the time for regrouping and revitalizing your floral shop, your staff and yourself.

What do you plan to do this summer?


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  1. We plan on doing all the above suggestions plus we are hitting the local garage sales for christmas trees and wreaths to redo and use the christmas trees for wreaths and garland at chirstmnas time.

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