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Florist Checklist for Mother’s Day 2019

April 9th, 2019 Posted by Andrew Blog, Design Prepping, Floral Design, Floral Holiday Tips, Floral Supplies, floral systems, Mother's Day 1 thought on “Florist Checklist for Mother’s Day 2019”


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Is your business ready for this busy floral holiday?

Having a plan in place to make the most revenue during Mother’s Day is critical to earning the rewards of this bustling, blossoming occasion. Read on for an agenda to help you plan and organize your shop for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday.


1. Promote Your Floral Business!

Begin by using your floral website and social media profiles to start marketing your floral arrangements and your business. It’s not too late!

Images & Products

    • Post high-quality photos of your work or any specials you are offering during Mother’s Day on your website or social media platforms.
    • Don’t forget to link your social media posts to your website! You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase—this also means that advertising your social media heavily on your website can actually lead customers away from making a purchase.
    • Mother’s Day products should be prominently displayed and easily accessible throughout your website.

Hours & Policies

  • Clearly post your shop’s business hours on your website and social media.
  • Having clear policies on delivery, returns, and substitutions will alleviate any headaches for you and your customers and help head off negative customer experiences.

Promotions & Discounts

  • Increase traffic to your store by offering deals or discounts on pickups rather than deliveries.
  • List special promotions. This is a great way to encourage customers to shop early, before Mother’s Day week.
  • Don’t forget to update your product pricing to cover your costs!

Note: “Promoting” does not always have to mean offering discounts. Remind customers why they should order flowers through your business.


2. Staffing, Scheduling and Duties, Oh My!

Making sure you have enough coverage can be overwhelming during the holiday rush. Not to worry, take a deep breath and follow these tips!


  • If hiring extra help, have them come in on a day before Mother’s Day week to go over their responsibilities and training.
  • If hiring extra drivers, discuss with them whether you require them to use their own vehicle.
  • If you can, keep a standby driver at the shop to handle new orders for delivery.


  • Have an employee meeting and discuss what is expected of them during Mother’s Day.
  • Make sure to explain how important everyone shows up and does what is expected of them.
  • Encourage and praise your employees and floral designers. Its always better to be positive than negative.

Scheduling & Duties

  • Have your Mother’s Day week scheduled out two weeks in advance. That way there are no surprises to your staff and you have time to make adjustments and improvise as needed.
  • Go over job descriptions with employees—it’s always useful to remind everyone what their responsibilities are.
  • Assign sections for the delivery drivers in specific areas. Add finished flower arrangements to this area with the date of delivery that is bold and clear.


3. Don’t Forget your Flowers & Supplies

Making sure you have enough flowers and supplies to get through the holiday is important.


  • Start looking around for supplies, containers, baskets and vases weeks before Mother’s Day.
  • Visit your local supplier. However, don’t forget to visit discount home stores and dollar stores. You can find some great unique items.
  • Don’t settle! Shop around for the best deals on supplies and florals.


  • Start ordering your Mother’s Day flowers early to get the best value.
  • Don’t forget to shop around if you buy from multiple wholesalers.
  • If you are comfortable, get your flowers through a floral auction. A great opportunity to get some discounts when purchasing in large quantities.
  • Make sure to order flowering plants, orchids, and dish gardens. These are big sellers and require very little work.

Note: If you are new to the floral industry, Mother’s Day spans for a week, not a day. So order enough flowers!


4. Start Prepping & Showcasing your Flowers!

Stay ahead of the game with these prepping and showcasing tips during the busy holiday rush.


  • Prep your flowers when they arrive.
  • Teach your front of store staff how to wire flowers to help cut down the time.
  • Cut ribbon and make bows ahead of time.
  • Green any vases, baskets or containers.
  • No wastefulness! With the abundant supplies and flowers in the shop, it is easy to get sidetracked and be super wasteful. Everything thrown on the floor that can be used should be. Wasting or throwing out even a good pin or wire is considered money out of your pocket. Please be sure to express this to your employees.


  • Gather up all your add-ons and gift items and display them prominently in the store.
  • Make sure you re-stock your impulse buys on your front counter to sell in addition to flower arrangements.
  • Make sure your flower shop and displays are clean and have an inviting atmosphere.
  • Remember: If employees have time to lean, they have time to clean! Breaks are important but it doesn’t take much energy to tidy up.

Work Ahead

  • Work a day ahead. Fill any orders for next day the day before. Working a day or two ahead will allow you flexibility just in case there are any last minute orders.
  • Place premade orders in a cooler tagged with date of pickup or delivery.
  • Mark any time-sensitive orders and bring those to the front of your cooler.

Note: It helps to have a system that works best for you. However, working on orders per day can feel overwhelming, so staying ahead of the game is always best.


5. Take Care of Yourself

It is important to take care of yourself during this busy Mother’s Day week.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid open-toed shoes, as this can be an insurance liability in some areas.
  • Make sure you eat! Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner are important—don’t skip meals!
  • Get enough sleep. No one is at their best with lack of sleep.
  • Take mandatory breaks.
  • Do not sweat the small stuff. Regardless of how hard you try, there may be a complaint here or there. Do not let this get you down. It’s the nature of the business. The world can’t survive without florists!
  • Try to enjoy Mother’s Day week by keeping a journal of all the funny things that happen or mishaps that take place to reflect on for next year.

Tip: Bring in extra shoes and store them in your cooler to remedy those aching feet. 


We would like to wish all florists a very successful Mother’s Day!


Florists, do you have any great Mother’s Days tips to share with our readers? Please post any of your Mother’s Day tips or feedback below.


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The Importance of Upselling

March 13th, 2019 Posted by Josh D Become A Floral Designer, Blog, Floral Design, Floral Supplies, floral systems, Florist Marketing, Florist Operations, Florist Point of Sale, Florist POS, Florist Profits, Florist Resources 0 thoughts on “The Importance of Upselling”

Upselling isn’t just a sales tactic—it’s a way to improve your customer’s experience.

The objective of customer service is to satisfy the needs and wants of your customers. With that principle as your guide, no sale will feel forced but will make you feel accomplished that you have pleased your customers by providing what they actually need. The key is to successfully identify the needs and wants for each person that purchases through your flower shop.

One of the ways you can deliver a quality sales experience is with upselling. 



What is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales technique aimed at getting a customer to spend more by upgrading their arrangement, or by adding another item to their order.

A good example is when you offer the customer a custom-arranged bouquet rather than one in the cooler or offering a box of chocolates to go with their dozen red roses.  Trying to properly gauge the right service for your customer can open up opportunities to upsell.

Existing customers are easier to upsell to because you may already know their purchasing habits, have a somewhat personable relationship and have a good idea of what they might need. However, new customers can be skeptical, which could mean you’re not upselling right.


How to Upsell To Your Floral Customers

The key is to accurately identify the customer’s needs. Find a product that satisfies that need, and give them a sense of urgency of the offer. Whether it may be a promo price on certain flowers or a limited-time offer, you should try to open such a possibility to the customer as soon as possible.

Avoid pushing too hard, or they might shy away from the offer. Offering too much can also confuse the customer. Try not to make the customer panic, but rather make them feel that the offer is compelling.


When to Upsell Floral Products

Well, it could be at any time! When you feel confident, you can try upselling to regular customers and see how it goes.

During a shop-wide sale, all your products have a higher perceived value because of the price slash. Customers new and old will flock to your flower shop to take advantage of that. This time is a very critical time to upsell! Sales don’t last long, giving that sense of urgency to the customers. All your products will look like perfect grabs, making them more likely to be picked up.



The key here is to offer better-value products to your customers. Upsell products in line with the customer’s purchase that is still part of the sales promotion, presenting just enough choices that they can consider. If done well, the chances for a successful upsell are higher than normal!

You should also incentivize upsells by offering more discounts and freebies, adding more value to the customer’s purchase, at the same time maximizes your profit.

The advantages of upselling during a sale can be numerous, but it all boils to two things: you maximize your profit, and your customer gets home with a satisfactory purchase. With that purchase, they see you as a brand to be trusted, making more likely to come back to you. Other than increasing customer stickiness, upselling is much easier and costs less. A win-win situation!


Sales experiences are not just about how much you earn, but how valuable of experience you can give your customer. When you put your customer first, your profit margin consequently improves, given the advantages of doing such things. However, don’t just stop on upselling, there are so many ways to improve each sales experience. Don’t be afraid to take all the opportunities presented to you!


Florists, what are some upselling tactics you use in your flower shop?


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Florist Holiday Confessions

December 14th, 2018 Posted by Andrew Christmas, events, Floral Design, Floral Holiday Tips, Floral Instagram, Floral Supplies, florist halloween, Flower Fun 0 thoughts on “Florist Holiday Confessions”

When will your flower shop be ready for the holidays? What month do you start preparing for the holidays? Which holiday is best for sales (hint, it’s Christmas). See the items most florists sell during the holidays and most-sought decorations and decorating services. Does your shop run an end-of-year sale?