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Your Logo Here! – Florist Branding

Posted on January 1st, 2023


The floral retail business is not just selling flowers anymore!

Florists today use their wits to include much more in their retail and florist e-Commerce stores. Reasons why are simple, profits are high and labor is practically nonexistence.

We encourage all florists to sell more than just flowers, and you may already be doing so from plush, chocolates, candles and so on. Let’s take it a step further and add your business brand to these products and sell them at your retail and e-Commerce store.

Ok, so why you ask?  Why go through this much trouble?

What Competition!

When you sell your own product brand, there are no competitors. Regardless if someone else is selling the same exact floral scented chapstick,  your brand is your unique product, thus eliminating competition.

Make More Profit!

We all know and understand supply and demand, selling a product that is unique and “special” allows you to mark up the costs and make more of a profit.

Business Recognition!

The #1 way to market your business is with your business name, what better way to get your brand out there and recognized.  You have an abundant of material for social media communities. Think of what this will do for your SEO. It’s a win, win situation!

Distributing Your Brand!

Do no limit yourself to selling your product brands just at your retail locations. There are many retail stores that will gladly sell your products, thus building your brand in ways you could not even imagine. Of course, besides that, there are advantages of making a huge profit.

Products You Can Add Your Brand Too

Be creative and add flower names and  flower scents in addition to your logo, these resonate with customers and offer a unique product.



 Floral Scented Candles / Candles



Floral inspired Makeup, Makeup Tools, Etc



Wine With Floral accents



Jams, Jellies, Butters, etc



Chocolate, Candies, Coffee, etc





Floral Soaps, Body Wash, Lotions, Etc.



Flower Shop Branded Scarfs, Socks, Slippers, Home Decor, Etc



Florist Brand -Water Bottles



Floral Inspired Wallets & Bags






Floral Containers, Gift Boxes, Vases, Etc.



T-Shirts (Flower Sayings or Quotes)


These are just a few ideas, however, we encourage you to add your own spin, think outside the box and sell what you like.

Tip: Please stand behind your products, and do not sell overly cheap-looking products, this is just not good business practice, remember to offer a quality-looking product with your brand. 

No Name Brand Sites

No Name Brand Sites offer products to businesses that they can sell with their business logo or branding.





Florists, are you selling products with your brand? Let us know any suggestions or thoughts below.


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4 thoughts on “Your Logo Here! – Florist Branding”

  1. Lisa Miller says:

    I am not sure if it is true for all states but we can not sell any food products , including water, without having ADA compliant bathrooms. A store up the street from me got caught selling water and candy it ended up costing thousands for their remodel.

  2. Manny says:

    Please give us a call in regarding your software

  3. Manny says:

    Please give us a call regarding your software thank you

  4. May says:

    Very informative article. I hope I could utilize floranext at my country

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