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Mother’s Day 2016 – Survey Results!

Posted on May 24th, 2016


 Floranext Mother’s Day 2016 Survey Results

Thank you to all the Flower Shops that participated – your feedback is valuable in helping other florists and new upcoming florists.


Mother's Day Florist Survey


Overall the results were good – an up year for many florist! But many were closed on Mother’s Day and didn’t advertise?! Hope your flower shop was one of the many that had a booming Mother’s Day. 

Areas Surveyed


US & Canada-Florist-Locations

U.S. & Canada-Florist-Locations


Compared to Mother’s Day 2015, were your sales higher or lower?

All Shops,59%,17%,24%[/table]

What category of Mother’s Day 2016 orders was most successful for you?

All Shops,47%,22%,29%[/table]

Which category of Mother’s Day 2016 orders was the least successful

All Shops,49%,34%,17%[/table]

Did you rent/use extra vehicles this Mother’s Day?

All Shops,55%,45%[/table]

How many unsatisfied customers did you have this Mother’s Day (if any)?

All Shops,52%,39%,6%,2%[/table]

How many extra employees did you hire for this Mother’s Day?

All Shops,52%,17%,16%,15%[/table]

Were you open on Mother’s Day Sunday?

All Shops,62%,38%[/table]

What were your main advertising methods for Mother’s Day?

,Online,Email,None,Other,Local News,Coupons
All Shops,29%,22%,21%,17%,13%,1%[/table]

Was the weather a factor in Sales this Mother’s Day?

,No ,Yes - it Helped,Yes - it Hurt
All Shops,63%,26%,9%[/table]

If you could give ONE Mother’s Day tip to another florist what would it be?

(Write in choice – Top 7)

1. “Plan ahead work ahead.”

2. “Narrow selections- make it easier for customers to choose.”

3. “Make sure you have enough staff to handle all the orders & deliveries.”

4. “Create Mother’s Day Specials add-ons.”

5. “Be friendly.”

6. “Advertise and promote for Mother’s Day.”

7. “Train your staff – everyone should know their job.”


We hope you have enjoyed these results – If you see a tip we have left out that is important, please share it below.


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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2016 – Survey Results!”

  1. Lyn Ford says:

    Get organized, organization can make the difference on how many extra employee you hire and extra ,longer hours you put in. Effects the bottom dollar!

  2. KENT says:

    Hello this is great but can it be broken down by colored parts of the world
    rather than a whole in general.

    Id like to see what in my own state like Florida orange area on the map is doing
    or other colors of the map.

    Thanks, Knet

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