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Keep It Fun – Top 10 For Florists

Posted on November 16th, 2016


Increasing and boosting fun/ humor in your floral business has many key benefits.

As the holiday’s approach and flower shops get busier it is also a good time to focus on your flower shop business morale. Humor in the workplace has shown to lead to increased productivity and longevity.

Humor helps Increase your floral business by:

  • Connection
  • Production
  • Boosts brain power
  • Engagement
  • Reduces stress
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Burns calories (we like this one!)

Top 10 Ways To Increase Your  Flower Shop Fun



image via pixabay.com

1.Wall Of Fame Game

Have a designated wall of fame, decorate it with thank you notes or reviews from customers. Every time you get a thank you note or review from a customer, donate money to the employee outing fund for fun activities or trips.



image via pixabay.com

2. National Dress Up Day 

Partake in a flower shop dress up day, many shops now have an ugly Christmas sweater day and there are many versions of workplace dress up, from Hawaiian shirts, funny t-shirt day, and more. Pick your own national dress up day. Create a little competition between employees and make your customers smile.



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3. Flower Music Playlist

Implement a flower music playlist, have employees participate in selecting their favorite songs. All should have something to do with  flowers (Kiss from a rose, Every rose has a thorn, Build me up buttercup, Lilac wine, etc), play these at the shop for your staff and customers. Print out the songs or write a flower song blog and post on your florist website or social media.



image via pixabay.com

4. Bring Your Pet To Work Day 

This allows your employees to experience the joy of having their pet or pets at the workplace. Some shops have even adopted a pet as their flower shop mascot.



image via pixabay.com

5. Tell A Joke 

Have an intercom? Try telling a joke or have a tell a joke day. Announce these over the intercom and get all employees involved.



image via pixabay.com

6. Exchange Gag Gifts 

There are many gifts that lighten up the mood and bring out the fun in the floral workplace. Pick a time of the year to exchange gag gifts with all coworkers and watch the laughter roll in.


Image via google.com

7. Flower Trivia 

How about some flower trivia, print  these on some card stock and get the customers involved while shopping at your shop. Offer customers a 5% off for all correct answers.  This is a great way to get fans on your social media involved as well, don’t forget to post on Facebook.



Image via pixabay.com

8. Lip Sync Contest

Divide your flower shop up into teams, have employees select songs a day in advance and let the show begin . This is super fun and silly and sure to make for a memorable day.



image via pixabay.com

9. Surprise Award

Reward your employees with random surprise awards for their hard work, make them funny.  This can be any kind of award from candy to lunch. Take pictures and announce on your social media.


image via pixabay.com

image via pixabay.com

10. Birthday Party

Acknowledge all employees birthdays with a birthday bash, have cake and gifts. You may even try a surprise party for them. This is a great way to bring all together in your flower shop.


These are just a few fun tips to implement in your floral workplace. We all know florists by nature are fun, witty and have a great sense of humor, I’m sure some of these fun tips are already practiced in your flower shop. If you have a fun tip we missed please share it below.


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