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Swoon-Worthy Flower Shop Interior Designs

Posted on September 9th, 2021

It’s always fun to draw inspiration for our own business from others, and today, we’re doing exactly that! Across every corner of the world, no matter what language is spoken, what type of cuisine is eaten, or what the way of living is like, flowers are universally beloved. 

The flower shops shown below inspire florists worldwide to create their own beautiful spaces, bursting with blooms. Achieving a swoon-worthy floral space in your own shop may seem intimidating, but it’s actually not that hard to do when you put your mind to it. Let’s take a look at some of the defining characteristics of the inspiration photos and learn what makes them so inspirational.


Floral Shop Interior Design Inspirations

Photo via Haute Boheme

There are so many things to love about this space! From the hanging flowers that provide an interesting and beautiful statement piece to the contrasting black and white floors, it’s a shop that immediately catches your eye.


Photo via The Farm Chicks

Next up we have this bold and bright look as posted by The Farm Chicks. Between the beautiful, bright flowers arranged in different-sized bouquets and the beautifully done chalkboard menu, this space is most definitely swoon-worthy. 


Photo via La Menagare

This space, as shared by La Menagare, is a little bit rustic and very beautiful. The wooden apothecary cabinet and wire light fixture are juxtapositioned with the plants and flowers. We love the use of greenery in this shop to provide more depth and the beautifully styled shelves behind the main piece to add some more to the aesthetic.


Photo via Ashley Sharma

The above image shared by Ashley Sharma is moody and different, but that doesn’t make it any less swoon-worthy! The hanging dried flowers create a unique aesthetic and act as the perfect statement piece for this minimalist shop, which proves that making something aspirational doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go over the top.


Photo via Swallows & Damsons

Swallows & Damsons did such a beautiful job creating a dreamy space, as showcased. The gallery wall of art that plays on the floral theme has a vintage feel to it and it definitely catches your eye as soon as you enter the space.


Photo via Instagram – @_s00__

The space shared by @_s00__ on Instagram is similar to the one we showcased by La Menagere, but it includes more bursting blooms from the apothecary cabinet as well as the use of baskets around the piece. This photo has a moody feel and does a good job incorporating a range of materials to make one cohesive look – wicker, metal, wood, glass, and ceramics.

The aesthetic is something along the lines of organized chaos. The apothecary cabinet with flowers bursting out of some of the drawers, light fixtures resting on top, and bags and containers framing the area is a busy area but a beautifully designed one. It’s likely that the shop owner had to perform some trial and error in order to get that perfectly styled “organized chaos”, but the end result looks absolutely amazing.


Photo via Gardenista

Finally, another example of a swoon-worthy shop that is bound to inspire. The different layers of flower arrangements in textured vases make quite the statement. It’s also fun to see how the flowers are organized by color to create a rainbow of blooms.

What Makes a Swoon-Worthy Floral Space?

One of the things that makes these spaces so swoon-worthy is the shop owner’s obvious commitment to their aesthetic. In general, some shops have a more bright and airy aesthetic while others include bright and bold colors. Other shops have a more moody aesthetic that features earth tones. The intended aesthetic is immediately understood the moment you see the space, which shows the owner’s commitment to that overall look. 

Another way to create a swoon-worthy space is to use statement pieces. In the photos we featured, several of them have statement pieces that immediately draw your attention when you enter the space. Items like these set your shop apart and are impressive to shoppers, too.

Photo via Pinterest

This is the outside of a beautiful space, and wow does it make a statement! This flower arch over the door is so inviting in an ombre pink design. The wicker baskets with plants and overflowing vines and big planted arrangements in the middle are like the punctuation on either end of the arch, making this an absolutely beautiful display of flowers and plants.

How to Draw Inspiration from these Shops and Photos

Sure, these shops are inspirational and these photos are fun to look at, but how can you draw on this inspiration to make your own space even better? 

One way to do so is to recognize the elements of the inspirational photos that speak most to you and your brand. While you don’t want to completely emulate the setup that another shop has, you can definitely recognize what makes a particular photo stand out to you. Finding different elements you love from multiple photos can help you piece together different aspects of your shop to bring the entire thing together into a space you love and that customers adore. 

Finally, question how each of these elements could fit into your own space. Perhaps you’d be able to add a statement piece chalkboard to your shop or maybe hanging art that plays on the floral theme is more your style. Whatever it is, recognize the elements you can easily add to your shop and find a way to make them your own!

Which of these inspirational corner shops do you love the most? Do you follow any “dream” flower shops that have heavily inspired your space? We always look for inspiration that florists love, so feel free to share below.

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