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5 Ways to Get People Into Your Flower Shop

Posted on August 22nd, 2023

Running a successful flower shop is about more than just arranging beautiful bouquets; it’s also about drawing in customers and creating a welcoming environment that encourages them to explore your floral offerings.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five effective strategies that florists can implement to entice people into their flower shops. From eye-catching displays to engaging workshops, these ideas are designed to elevate your flower shop’s appeal and boost customer engagement.


1. Captivating Floral Window Displays

The first thing potential customers notice about your flower shop is its exterior. Use this opportunity to create a captivating window display that stops passersby in their tracks. A well-designed window display showcases your creativity and gives customers a sneak peek of the beauty that awaits inside. Here are three examples of captivating window display themes:

Seasonal Splendor: Decorate your window with flowers and arrangements that reflect the current season. For instance, spring could feature an array of tulips and daffodils, while winter might showcase elegant poinsettias and evergreens.

Color Themes: Create displays based on specific color palettes. You could arrange flowers in varying shades of a particular color to create a visually striking effect.

Event-Inspired: Tailor your displays to upcoming holidays or events. Valentine’s Day could feature romantic rose arrangements, while Mother’s Day might highlight cheerful spring blooms.


2. Interactive Floral Workshops and Classes

Engage your community and offer more than just flowers by hosting interactive workshops and classes. These sessions not only provide value to your customers but also create a unique reason for them to visit your shop. Here are a few workshop ideas:

Flower Arrangement Workshops: Teach customers how to create their own stunning arrangements. Offer different levels, from beginner to advanced, to cater to a wide range of skill levels.

Terrarium-Making Classes: Capitalize on the growing trend of indoor gardening by offering workshops on creating captivating terrariums.

Floral Design 101: Take customers through the basics of floral design, helping them understand the principles behind aesthetically pleasing arrangements.


3. Floral Loyalty Programs and Special Offers

Rewarding loyal customers and enticing new ones is essential for any business. Implementing a loyalty program or offering special deals can provide the extra push needed to get people through your door. Consider these examples:

Frequent Buyer Program: Offer a loyalty card that tracks customers’ purchases, providing discounts or a free bouquet once a certain spending threshold is reached.

Bundle Deals: Combine different flower arrangements or add complementary products like chocolates or candles to encourage larger purchases.

Seasonal Discounts: Run limited-time offers tied to specific seasons or holidays to attract customers looking for special deals.

Online Engagement and Social Media

4. Online Engagement and Social Media

In this digital age, an online presence is crucial for any business. Use social media platforms to showcase your floral creations and interact with your audience. Here are a few ways to leverage online engagement:

Instagram-Worthy Moments: Create arrangements that are visually stunning and encourage customers to share their in-store experience on social media.

Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks: Give your audience a glimpse into your creative process through behind-the-scenes content.

Interactive Polls and Contests: Engage your audience by running polls about their favorite flower arrangements or hosting contests with flower-related prizes.

Community Involvement and Partnerships

5. Community Involvement and Partnerships

Becoming an integral part of your community can significantly boost foot traffic to your flower shop. By partnering with local businesses and engaging in community events, you can build a strong presence. Consider these ideas:

Collaboration with Cafes: Partner with a nearby café to display your flowers, enticing café-goers to explore your shop.

Event Sponsorship: Sponsor local events like farmers’ markets or art fairs by providing flower arrangements for decoration.

Workshops in Schools: Offer flower-arranging workshops in local schools, fostering community connections and introducing children to the art of floral design.

Remember, it’s not just about selling flowers; it’s about providing an experience that keeps customers coming back for more. So, put these strategies into action and watch as your flower shop blossoms into a thriving hub of floral inspiration and community engagement.

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    I’m an Elwood, IN florist and I found this very helpful!

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    Great Tips. Other way to get people in to your shop is also by letting them allow to order flowers online. Once I met a flower shop Danisa Flowers Shop in US. They offer around 800 different varieties of bulk flowers like Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangeas, Carnations, Baby’s breath, Mini Callas, Calla Lily etc. They also offers bulk fresh and long lasting flowers at really discounted rates.

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    Promise same day delivery
    Be unique – source only locally, or use different packaging such as recycled paper, or hat boxes
    Instagram + Local celebs
    Online store and coupons

    Just some ideas which we’ve found work well 🙂

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      Thank You for these Tips 🙂

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      what type of offers/coupons do you suggest for attracting new customers for the month of December? Thank you

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    Amazing content. Thank you for sharing your insights on getting people into your flower shop. It’ll be indeed useful to many who come across this blog.

  6. I like the idea to find a florist that connects personally with each individual customer. I really want to surprise my wife for her upcoming birthday to make her day a little more special. I definitely think that I should send her some flowers that could help to show how much I care.

  7. Great tips. It’s difficult to combat the online giants, but getting people into your flower shop helps establish that relationship that will keep them coming back. Plus it inspires word of mouth which is the best local business promotion. And it’s free!

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  10. Great idea. I like your five-way amazing tips it useful for a florist, One of the best tips mentioned in your blog is to grow up business through social and communication with the customer. Thank for sharing the very useful article.

  11. My friend is trying to look into getting the right flower services. She wants to make sure that she knows how to choose a good service. It might help if she knew to look for someone that holds events at their shop to introduce people to their products.

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    Many people talk about holding evants in your shop may someone did this before tell us how to do it ?

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    Thanks for sharing these great tips. It is really hard to have walking customers, especially with a brand new shop.

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    I have another issue about the big wire services like Teleflora and FTD and all the order gatherers that they let be part of their services. I believe if all florist would ban together and stop taking the order gather orders and refuse to fill them we could eliminate them. They do not have floral shops they just send them. In Jackson, MI. we have 12 Florist listed to use to send local Flowers and we only have 4 Flower Shops in the County of Jackson, MI. The other 8 are order gatherers but they present themselves as Family owned or local businesses. STOP filling their orders and they would hae no business!!!

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